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Our team has the most friendly, experienced and licensed Canadian immigration consultants in Surrey BC (Metro Vancouver Area). We are helping students, skilled workers, entrepreneurs/investors, and individuals with our excellent educational and immigration consultation services.

Success Stories

Rithvick RaoStudent in Canada

Many thanks to ELAAR Immigration for such a hassle-free and professional experience. I was based out of the UAE, and ELAAR assisted me with my study permit application and guided my entire admission process with Universities.

Yukti KalraWorking in Canada

A huge THANK YOU to team Elaar for guiding me through each and every step of my immigration process, from university admission, securing a work permit and eventually a Canadian Permanent Residence.

Gulbagh SinghStudying in Canada

My study permit to Canada was like a breeze- Elaar Immigration not only helped me get admission into a good college but also handled the entire study permit application process very smoothly. They know their job well.

Sakshi ChandokStudy Visa Canada

Trusted them twice with my admission process & study permit application and they delivered both the times, BINGO! Keshav & Kawal Sharma helped with my admission and study permit approval. I would love to recommend ELAAR team.

Vidhi MahajanCanada Immigration

We are very fortunate to have found Elaar Immigration to work with for our Canada PR process. Keshav is extremely knowledgeable and highly professional consultant. He has been very cooperative and helpful. I highly recommend Elaar Immigration Consulting!

Jasmeen KamboStudy Permit

I had a study permit refusal before I was introduced to Keshav Sharma of Elaar Immigration Consulting by our extended family in Canada. A huge thank you to Elaar Immigration for guiding me well for getting my study permit approved.

Pankaj KalraCanada PR

It's been an absolute pleasure to be working with the entire team of Elaar Immigration, especially Keshav. Despite the time difference between India and Canada, he always took the time and initiative to go through all my immigration options in detail.

Sunil SachdewaCanada Business Immigration

Covid played spoiled sport in delaying everything and making us wonder if we shall be able to make it work. All is well that ends well. With Keshav having a listening ear and an empathetic disposure, it was indeed a very good experience to trust him with all the necessary paperwork.

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Immigrate to Canada Through Express Entry

Express Entry is the fastest way to move to Canada and get permanent residence. You can choose from Canada’s express entry programs mentioned below.

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW)

Have 1+ years of skilled work experience? Apply for FSW Program

Federal Skilled Trades Program (FST)

Have 2+ years of work experience in a skilled trade? Apply for FST Program

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Have 1+ years of Canadian work experience? Apply for CEC Program

Immigrate to a specific province with PNP

PNP is the pathway which helps skilled and semi-skilled workers and entrepreneurs to immigrate to a specific province relevant to their profiles.

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Keshav Sharma

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When you choose us, you’ll feel the benefit of 10 years’ experience of Canadian Immigration.

We’ve made the move to Canada and know that the immigration process is complex. But, with our experience and personalized, proactive approach, we can be the experts on your side, working to make your dream a reality.

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