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The Express Entry System is for skilled workers

3 Things to Know Before Starting Your Express Entry Application

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Canada’s Express Entry Immigration program has been thriving since 2015. This program offers immigration opportunities for skilled workers looking to move to Canada. If you are interested in using this immigration route, you should know that completing an Express Entry Canada PR application is a multi-step process that requires plenty of preparation.

This guide will help you learn about the various things you should know before starting your Express Entry application.

1.      Your Eligibility

Every applicant must meet certain eligibility criteria for Canadian immigration or a Canada Visa. Express Entry is no different in this regard. This program can be broken down into the following three streams:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program

  • Federal Skilled Trades Program

  • Canadian Experience Class

You can compare eligibility requirements for each program here. These programs typically require you to possess qualifications or experience in areas such as:

  • Language skills
  • Occupation type
  • Amount of work experience
  • Job offer status
  • Education

Language Skills

Applicants will be assessed on their language skills. This is based on a Canadian language standard called the Canadian language Benchmark and the scores you receive on the language test. For such tests, you will be assessed on your English or French writing, reading, listening, and speaking abilities.

Occupation Type

You will also be assessed on your occupation type. An applicant’s occupation typically falls under one of the categories outlined in the National Occupation Classification (NOC).

To apply through the Canadian Experience Class or the Federal Skilled Worker Program, you must have work experience in either NOC 0, A, or B

If you are a prospective immigrant applying through the Federal Skilled Trades Program, you will need to possess NOC B work experience.

Amount of Work Experience

The amount of work experience you require will also depend on the stream you are applying through.

For the Canadian Experience Class, you will need a minimum of one year of work experience in Canada over the past three years. This could be a combination of full-time or even part-time work.

For the Federal Skilled Worker Program, you will need one year of continuous work experience within the past ten years.

For the Federal Skilled Trades Program, you require two years of experience in the last five years.

Job Offer

You don’t need a job offer for the Canadian Experience Class or the Federal Skilled Worker Program. However, you can get extra points in the Federal Skilled Worker Program if you have a standing job offer.

You will need to possess a valid job offer for full-time employment that will last a minimum of 1 year to apply through the Federal Skilled Trades Program. Alternatively, you can meet this requirement by possessing a certificate of qualification in your skilled trade.


You will also need to meet specific education requirements to apply through the Express Entry system. However, these requirements only apply to the Federal Skilled Worker program, which requires you to possess a secondary education at a minimum.

2.      Numbers and Codes Associated with Your Express Entry Profile

As mentioned earlier, applying through the Express Entry System is a multi-step process. During this process, you will receive various numbers and codes associated with your profile.

These are:

  • Personal Reference Code

  • Express Entry Profile Number

  • Job Seeker Validation Code

  • Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score.

Each of the above numbers and codes serves a distinct purpose, so you should ensure you are familiar with each one.

Personal Reference Code

The personal reference code is a special alphanumeric code generated after applicants answer the various questions in the Come to Canada tool. This code typically resembles JM0987654321. This code is used to move your information from the Come to Canada tool to your immigration account.

Express Entry Profile Number

The Express Entry Profile Number is a code that Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada (IRCC) sends you after you have successfully completed your profile and are a candidate in the Express Entry pool.

It would be best if you held onto this number as it will help you register with the job bank, find immigration opportunities in different provinces, and submit a new Express Entry Profile when your previous one expires.

Job Seeker Validation Code

The job seeker validation code is a numeric code that helps identify you in the job bank and is based on your Express Entry profile. You will receive it once you have submitted your Express Entry profile. It is needed for both the job bank and provinces that wish to nominate you.

Comprehensive Ranking System Score (CRS)

The Comprehensive Ranking System Score or CRS Score is a points-based system for assessing and scoring your profile. It helps IRCC rank you within the Express Entry Pool of candidates. It is based on several factors that can be found here.

3.      Information Validity

Your Express Entry application won’t be valid forever. Many of the forms and codes included in it also expire after a certain amount of time. The expiration time for each of these is shown below:

  • Come to Canada tool information: Expires 30 days after receiving your Personal Reference Code.
  • Incomplete Profile: Expires after 60 days from when you started it.
  • Submitted Profile without Job Bank Registration or Provincial Nomination: Expires after 30 days from Express Entry Submission Date.
  • Submitted Profile after Job Bank Registration or Provincial Nomination: Expires after one year.
  • Invitation to Apply: Expires 90 days from the time you receive it.

Why Choose Elaar Immigration Consulting?

As you can see, prospective immigrants should be aware of many things before starting their Express Entry application in 2021. The best way to learn about the Canadian immigration process’s ins and outs is to get in touch with reliable Canada Express Entry consultants such as Elaar Immigration Consulting. Our team of experts is led by Keshav Sharma, a regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant with extensive immigration and business management experience.

The information you enter in the Come to Canada tool will expire after a certain period.
Please contact us to learn the right way to apply through the Express Entry System.
What Is the Federal Skilled Worker Program

What Is the Federal Skilled Worker Program?

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The Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker Program provides skilled foreign nationals with one of the quickest routes to Canadian permanent residency. Managed under the broader Express Entry System, the Federal Skilled Worker Program rewards specific educated and experienced individuals with streamlined Canadian immigration.

If you think you might have the skills, education, and experience to qualify, read on to find out more about this exciting opportunity.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply as A Federal Skilled Worker (Express Entry)

Immigration through the Express Entry System is merit-based and operates on a point-based ranking system. Applicants interested in the Federal Skilled Worker Program must complete an online expression of interest. Those profiles will be placed in a pool of all applicants and then scored, ranked based on the information provided. The highest scoring applicants may be issued an Invitation to Apply.

Before a profile is considered, applicants to the Federal Skilled Worker Program must first meet these three eligibility criteria:

  • 1-year of continuous, paid work experience in the same NOC listed occupation as you are using on your application. 1,560 hours are required. This time can be made up from one full-time job, more than one part-time job, or accumulated from part-time work over more than one year
  • Minimum language proficiency of CLB 7 in either English or French in all four abilities (speaking, listening, reading writing) from an approved testing agency
  • A certificate, degree or diploma from a Canadian secondary or post-secondary institution OR an internationally completed credential accompanied by an Educational Assessment Credential verifying its Canadian equivalency

Individuals who successfully meet these requirements will then have their applications evaluated on six selection factors that help measure a candidate’s eligibility for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

  • Language ability (up to 28 points) plus an additional 4 points for ability in a second official language
  • Education (up to 25 points)
  • Work experience (up to 15 points)
  • Age (up to 12 points)
  • A valid Canadian job offer (10 points)
  • Demonstrated ability to settle in Canada (up to 10 points)

The current passing score for the Federal Skilled Worker program is 67 points. Upon receiving a passing grade, candidates may submit an online profile within the Express Entry System.

Who Can Apply Under Federal Skilled Worker?

Only certain skilled workers are eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. These positions are generally those which require a post-secondary degree, special training, or managerial experience. Accepted NOC listed occupation include (a complete list is available here):

  • NOC Skill Type 0 Managerial jobs – Restaurant managers, financial managers, engineering managers
  • NOC Skill Type A Professional jobs – Doctors, lawyers, dentists
  • NOC Skill Type B Technical jobs and skilled trades – Plumbers, licensed practical nurses, real estate agents

How Long Does Federal Skilled Worker Application Take?

Each application’s processing time will vary; however, most Express Entry applications get processed within 6 months. Once submitted, your online profile is valid for 1 year.

How Much Money Do I Need to Immigrate to Canada?

Those wishing to settle in Canada should research living costs in the communities they are interested in living in. Some applicants must also prove they have enough funds to settle in Canada. The amount required will vary depending on family size and start at $12,960, increasing by approximately $3,400 for each additional dependant family member regardless of whether or not they are immigrating to Canada with you.

This condition is waived for those currently working legally in Canada and for those with valid job offers.

The immigration consultants at Elaar have helped many foreign nationals successfully immigrate to Canada. Our team works hard to make immigrating to Canada as simple and straightforward as possible by managing all the details of preparing and submitting your application. If you need help applying to the Federal Skilled Worker Program, contact us today to find out why more foreign nationals choose our services.

What is A Startup Visa Canada

What is A Startup Visa Canada?

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Do you have an innovative business idea that could create jobs and want to immigrate to Canada? If so, the Canada Startup Visa Program might be right for you.

Launched in 2013, the Canada Startup Visa aims to encourage entrepreneurial immigration to Canada by offering permanent residence to those who open qualifying businesses in any Canadian province or territory (other than Quebec).

What Is the Startup Visa Program and What Are the Eligibility Criteria?

The Start-Up Visa Canada helps foreign nationals establish their businesses in Canada by connecting them with designated Canadian investors. With support from one of these designated investors, immigration candidates can obtain temporary work permits to come to Canada and launch their start-up before qualifying for permanent residency.

To meet the conditions required to obtain a Canada start-up visa, interested candidates must:

  • Have an approved plan for a qualifying business
  • Submit a Letter of Support and Commitment Certificate from one of three qualifying designated entities:
    • Angel investor
    • Venture capital fund
    • Business incubator
  • Have proof of enough funds to settle in Canada. These funds must be unencumbered (free of creditor claims or liens) and can not be borrowed
  • Meet minimum language proficiency (Canadian Language Benchmark level 5) in either English or French

In addition to the Start Up Visa Canada criteria, candidates must also undergo a medical exam and provide police certificates. These documents are not required for the initial application process, but they are necessary before receiving approval.

How Do I Get A Startup Visa?

The first step towards obtaining a Canada Start Up Visa is preparing a viable business plan. The Canada Start Up Visa Program is superior to many other global entrepreneurial immigration initiatives in that the candidate has near-absolute freedom in their choice of business, provided the business meets the following criteria:

  • The immigration candidate must control at least 10% of the proposed business. Up to 5 applicants may apply jointly provided they will each hold a minimum of 10% of the company and no outside organization owns more than 50% of the business
  • The business proposal has secured the minimum required financial commitment from a qualified entity:
    • $200,000 from a venture capital fund
    • $75,000 from an angel investor
    • Acceptance into a business incubator program (no financial commitment required)

Once the business proposal has received approval, candidates may compile and complete their Start Up Visa applications subject to the other conditions mentioned above.

How Can I Get an Entrepreneur Visa for Canada?

In addition to the Canada Start Up Visa Program, each province and territory operates its own Entrepreneurial Immigration Program. Popular programs include:

  • BC Regional Pilot Program

  • BC Entrepreneurial Immigration Base Category

  • Alberta International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream

  • Manitoba Business Investor Stream

  • Ontario Entrepreneur Stream

  • New Brunswick Business Immigration stream

  • Newfoundland and Labrador The International Entrepreneur

  • Nova Scotia Immigration Entrepreneur Stream

These programs are separate from the Canada Start Up Visa Program, and each will have its eligibility requirements.

How to Apply for Canada’s Start-Up Visa from India?

Applicants that meet all of the criteria can then submit a paper-based application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Along with the application, a candidate must include the following:

  • Copy of travel documents
  • Proof of language proficiency
  • Letter of Support
  • Certificate of Commitment
  • Identity documents
  • Police certificate
  • Photo
  • Proof of settlement funds
  • Application fees

Once submitted, it can take between 12 and 16 months to process your application.

The team at Elaar Immigration provides a full range of immigration consulting services to clients worldwide. We have helped thousands of families gain permanent Canadian residency thanks to our industry knowledge, attention to detail, professional dedication, and long-term support. Wherever you are in your journey towards immigration to Canada, our consultants can help ensure your dream becomes a reality.

What is the Federal Skilled Trades Program

What is the Federal Skilled Trades Program?

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As part of an effort to streamline immigration for certain skilled foreign nationals, Canada enacted an Express Entry System for processing and approving immigration applications. The Federal Skilled Trades Program is among several programs overseen by the Express Entry System. While it is not the only immigration pathway for interested skilled trade workers, it can be the quickest way to permanent Canadian residency.

Like other Express Entry Programs, applicants interested in the Canadian Federal Skilled Trades Program must express their interest by completing an online Express Entry profile. Candidate profiles will be evaluated and given a Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS), which will determine their ranking in the Express Entry Pool of all interested applicants. Candidates with the highest CRS scores will be offered an Invitation to Apply for the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

Eligibility to Apply for The Express Entry Federal Skilled Trades Program

Applicants to the Federal Skilled Trades Program must have skilled trade experience in one of the following National Occupation Classification trades:

  • Major Group 72 – construction, industrial, and electrical trades
  • Major Group 73 – equipment operation and maintenance trades
  • Major Group 82 – technical and supervisorial jobs in natural resources, agriculture, or associated field
  • Major Group 92 – central control operators and processing, manufacturing, and utility supervisors
  • Minor Group 632 – chefs and cooks
  • Minor Group 633 – butchers and bakers

The Major Groups include various Minor Group subcategories.

There are several other conditions relating to language ability, work experience, and capacity to settle that must also be met to be deemed eligible for the Canadian Federal Skilled Trade Program. They include:

  • Minimum language abilities in either English or French
    • CLB (NCLC) 5 speaking and listening
    • CLB (NCLC) 4 reading and writing
  • A minimum 2-years full-time, or 24-month equivalent part-time work, in your listed skilled trade accumulated within the last 5-years
  • Meet the Canadian job requirements for your skilled trade as listed under the NOC, except for those requiring a certificate of qualification
  • A minimum 1-year term job offer for full-time employment in your NOC listed trade OR
  • A provincial, territorial, or federally issued certificate of qualification in your skilled trade
  • Proof of enough funds to settlement. This amount will depend on your domestic situation and the number of dependants.

Applicants must also be admissible to Canada under Canadian Immigration Laws.

How to Apply to the Canadian Federal Skilled Trade Program – Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1: Once you have determined your eligibility for the Canadian Skilled Trades Program, it is recommended that you assemble all the required documents. These documents may include but are not limited to:

  • Travel document or passport
  • Language test results
  • Verification of work experience
  • Proof of job offer or certificate of qualification (if applicable)
  • Confirmation of settlement funds
  • Police certificate
  • Medical exam results
  • Documents supporting your marital status and dependent children

Not all these documents will be required to complete your profile, but some may take longer to get.

Step 2: Complete and submit an online Express Entry Profile.

Step 3: After your profile has been submitted, it remains valid for one year. During this time, you are able to modify your profile, including adding or updating skills that may improve your CRS score (like adding a second language or educational qualification)

Step 4: Invitations to Apply are sent out bi-monthly. If you receive an ITA, you have 90 days to submit your completed application. You must answer all questions truthfully and to the best of your ability. Knowingly providing false information may result in your being deemed inadmissible to Canada.

Step 5: If you do not receive an ITA within the 1-year time frame, your profile is removed. If you wish to re-enter the pool, you may submit another profile.

Get Help with Your Federal Skilled Trades Application

A Federal Skilled Trades application is a lengthy document with precise requirements, details, and deadlines. If you need help completing the application, if your application has been refused, or are looking for ways to improve an existing application, the immigration consultants at Elaar Immigration can help. Our professionally trained Canadian immigration consultants have an in-depth understanding of Canadian Express Entry and the specific requirements under each stream, and we will ensure your application is complete and correct.

How to Extend a Post Graduate Work Permit in Canada

How to Extend a Post-Graduate Work Permit in Canada?

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A Post Graduate Work Permit allows individuals who have studied in Canada to remain in the country and work after completing their program or degree. Interested applicants have 180 days after receiving their final grades to apply to the program. The eligible duration of the permit will depend on the length of the applicant’s program of study.

Can Post Graduate Work Permit Be Extended?

The Post Graduate Work Permit Canada is a one time permit that cannot be renewed; however, in certain specific cases, it is possible to receive an extension:

  • You were eligible for a longer Post Graduate Work Permit but did not receive the full-time period due to your passport expiring sooner. You can apply for a PGWP extension with your new passport for up to the term of your original eligibility.
  • If you are currently in the Express Entry application pool for permanent residency, you may qualify for a bridging open work permit. This bridging permit allows you to remain in Canada and work legally until receiving your application decision.

PGWP Requirements

Before you apply for the PGWP, interested candidates must ensure that they have a valid study permit or visitor visa; OR have submitted an application to change their permit from student to visitor or extend a student permit AND have not yet received a response.

Eligible candidates must then meet the following criteria for the PGWP:

  • Graduated from a study program at a designated public or private learning institution that was a minimum of 8 months and led to a recognized degree, diploma, or certificate
  • Maintained full-time student status throughout your study except for your final semester, which may be part-time

Candidates will not receive a PGWP if they:

  • Have previously received a PGWP
  • Studied English or French as a second language, pursued general interest studies or self-improvement courses
  • Participated in some Global Affairs Canada funded programs, received certain scholarships or participated in specific exchange programs
  • Completed the majority of their program through distance learning
  • Studied at a non-Canadian institution located in Canada

What GPA Do I Need for A Post Graduate Work Permit in Canada?

Unlike a student work permit in Canada, which requires a minimum GPA of 2.0, there is no minimum GPA requirement for the PGWP.

Duration of Work Permit After Study in Canada

The eligible term of a Post Graduate Work Permit Canada will depend on the study program’s length. A program lasting a minimum of 8 months may enable an applicant to receive a Post Graduate Work Permit of less than 1-year, while a 2-year degree program may qualify for a work permit of up to 3 years.

COVID-19 Exceptions to PGWP

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, the PGWP program has been updated. Students may now be eligible for a Post Graduate Work Permit if:

  • You completed some or all your studies at a designated institution through distance learning either in Canada OR outside Canada
  • If you continued to study outside of Canada, you must be eligible for all other PGWP conditions
  • You had to pause your 2020 winter, spring, or summer semesters due to COVID-19

As of January 27, 2021, if your PGWP has expired or will expire soon, you could qualifiy for an open work permit of up to 18 months.

Elaar Immigration has helped many students live, study and work in Canada. Whether you are currently in a Canadian study program and are looking for permanent residency options or outside of Canada looking to immigrate, our dedicated immigration consultants can help you find your ideal pathway.

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