Alberta Provincial Nominee Program

Mountains, prairies and Alberta community.

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    While Alberta has two major cities – Calgary and Edmonton – the vibe throughout the province are that of a small town. The community is important here and no matter where someone chooses to live in the province they will generally find a sense of connectedness. From the mountains to the west, to the prairies to the east, Alberta is a province of unique and interesting sights from many small towns, to the world’s largest Easter egg and the world’s largest perogy.


    Natural resources (oil and gas) have been the driving force in employment and Alberta is now seeing growth in the hospitality market. This explains the need for new workers in food service, retails, finance, health, trades, and education. It is a top destination for immigration and offers a more affordable standard of living than some provinces. Plus, with Calgary consistently in the top 10 of best places to live, it’s a lifestyle that’s easy to adapt to.

    The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (Alberta PNP) is based on opportunities to help boost the province’s economic growth by attracting work-ready individuals to the region. There are three different streams within this program: Alberta Opportunity Stream, Alberta Express Entry Stream, and Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Stream.

    • The Opportunity Stream is a new program and will continue undergoing changes which will be announced between 2018 and 2021. However, for now, this program allows foreign nationals who are working in the province and international graduates of an approved Alberta post-secondary school a pathway to Canadian permanent residence. Basic eligibility requirements of residency status, work permits, language, education, work experience, and income level may apply and we are ready to help you determine if you qualify for the two pathways in this program. Because these programs have been newly introduced, we invite you to talk to us about how your immigration journey to Alberta could be realized.
    • The International graduate pathway is for those who have completed their studies and are employed in Alberta on a post-graduation work permit. Students must have at least six months of work experience in Alberta in a field related to their studies.
    • The foreign national worker’s pathway is for those who have a valid temporary resident status that allows them to work in Canada and have a valid work permit. Work experience must be in the current occupation (listed on the application) for a minimum of 12 months full-time in Alberta (within the last 18 months) or a minimum of 24 months full-time within the last 30 months. Plus, there must be a valid job offer for the applicant from an Alberta employer in the current occupation.

    Applicants must also have completed at least a Canadian high school diploma or the equivalent in their country of origin.


    • The Alberta Express Entry Stream is for those who are in the pool of Canada’s Express Entry system.
      • In this stream, the province of Alberta nominates qualified candidates from the national pool to submit an Invitation to Apply. These individuals are those with strong ties to Alberta and can help support the economic development of the province.
    • The Self-employed Farmer Stream allows individuals with farming experience and sufficient funds to purchase and establish a farm in Alberta and apply for permanent residency. Individuals with farm management skills, sufficient financial resources willing to invest in a primary production farming business in Alberta are best suited for this category.

    If Alberta is right for you, we can help determine if you are eligible for one of the three Alberta PNP streams within this program.

    Self-employed Farmer Stream