Alberta's Self-Employed Farmer Stream

Self-employed Farmer Stream is a permanent residency program for individuals.

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    Alberta's Self-Employed Farmer Stream

    Self-employed Farmer Stream is a permanent residency program for individuals who want to settle in Canada. It is part of the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) that nominates individuals who wish to operate a farm business in the province.


    Applying for Alberta’s Self-employed Farmer Stream


    Applicants who want to immigrate to Canada through the Self-employed Farmer Stream must submit a business plan and get a recommendation letter from the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. The Ministry will prefer business plans that show a high potential to achieve agri-food related targets.


    Once the Ministry approves the farm business plan, the applicant can apply for the immigration to Canada program. The applicant may also have to attend an interview with Alberta to clarify statements in the business plan.


    Remember that an applicant can send an application for only one AINP program. The applicant can apply for the Self-employed Farmer business visa only after receiving a confirmation email about withdrawal from the immigration authority.


    Eligibility Requirement for the Self-employed Farmer Stream


    Applicants must meet the requirements set by the Alberta immigration authorities at the time of the application. The applicant has to prove farm management skills by submitting the following documents.

    • Proof of existing farm business such as financial documentation
    • Work experience documents
    • Proposed business plan for setting a farm business

    Alberta Self Employed Farmer Business Visa Requirements


    Alberta Self Employed Farmer Business Visa Requirements
    Language skills No minimum
    Education No minimum
    Experience Experience in farm management
    Job Offer No
    Financial Requirements Personal worth: C$500,000


    Financial Requirements


    Financial documents should show that the applicant has the financial resources to support themselves and their family. The papers must demonstrate access to over C$500,000 for investing in a farming business in Alberta.


    Business Plan

    Applicants have to submit a business plan that details the investment process in the farm business in Alberta. The business plan should be detailed, containing information about staffing, procurement, and promotional strategies. Additionally, the plan should include proof that a financial company in Canada is willing to finance the applicant’s farm business in Alberta.


    Work Experience

    Individuals who want to apply for the self-employed farmer stream program must have relevant farming experience. Applicants must submit proof of work experience related to farm management.


    Ineligible Businesses

    The following applicants are not eligible for the Self-employed Farmer Stream.

    • Live-in caregivers who reside in Canada
    • International students and interns
    • Temporary foreign workers
    • Individuals in the federal removal process
    • Refugee claimants


    AINP reserves the right to deny applications that do not contribute to the economy of the province. Before applying for the Self-employed Farmer Stream, contact an experienced immigration consultant. A professional consultant will inform you about the detailed process of applying for the farmer business visa.


    An application for AINP Farmer Stream represents an expression of interest (EOI). The AINP reserves the right to deny the application for any reason. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the authority will process the application before others, even if the applicant has applied earlier.


    Applicants can file an appeal to reconsider the application. The appeal letter should be sent within 30 days of the date of issue of the decision letter. A request for reconsideration of the decision must:


    • Clarify the reasons in the decision letter
    • Show that the applicant made an error when applying for the program


    Note that even if the applicant meets the requirements of the AINP Farmer Stream, the immigration authority can deny the application. The availability of the AINP farm business visa depends on application volumes. Moreover, the requirements for farm labour will also influence the availability of the program. Contact a licensed Canadian immigration requirement to know how you can improve the chances of getting a visa through the Alberta Self-employed farmer stream.


    Post-Nomination for Self-employed Farmer Stream


    Successful applicants become a Provincials Nominee and receive a package containing further instructions. The package contains information on the process of applying for permanent residency in Canada.


    The applicant can apply for a permanent residency through the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The applicant has to attach a copy of the AINP nomination with the application and pay the required fees. IRCC may also ask the applicant to send a police certificate after applying for the program.


    Note that the nomination is valid for six months. Applicants must apply for a permanent residency before the expiry of this period. An applicant can request an extension before the expiry of the period. The decision to grant or reject the extension request rests with the Alberta government that depends on the following criteria.


    • The applicant continues to meet the requirements of the original Nomination to the Self-employed Farmer Stream
    • The applicant has sent a request within the expiry of the original Nomination
    • The applicant has paid all the required fees to the AINP


    The Alberta government will grant an extension only if the applicant gives a valid reason for the extension. Moreover, the applicant cannot request an extension in the nomination period more than once.


    Remember that the authorities will ban the applicant from reapplying to the program for up to 5 years if the application contains incomplete or incorrect information. Consult with an experienced immigration consultant to ensure that the application meets the requirements of the immigration authorities.


    Contact our licensed and experienced immigration consultants to know more about the program. We can help you throughout the process of making an application and also through the post-application process.