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Saskatchewan invited 460 candidates in the new draw.

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On November 28, 2019, Saskatchewan conducted a new draw in the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). This time, the province issued 460 invitations to apply for a nomination of Saskatchewan. In the Express Entry category, Saskatchewan issued 200 invitations and another 260 in the Occupations In-Demand category. The lowest score in both categories was 69 points, equal to the previous round. The provincial government invited candidates in 97 different NOCs. In total, Saskatchewan invited 9,085 candidates in 2019.

How to increase chances for admission to the top Canadian schools.

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Why do some international students with strong academic marks fail to be admitted to some of the top Canadian universities, while students with mediocre grades are able to secure an offer? McGill University, University of Toronto, Queen’s University, University of Alberta, University of Ottawa, and McMaster University are some of the well-known universities in Canada. Even though they like strong academics, they also prefer students with diverse backgrounds and experience. Grades and language proficiency are foundational, and the application is strengthened with other components such as award history, employment experience, and practical experience. Being involved in extracurricular activities related to the area of study is crucial. Canadian schools highly value students’ ability to use practical skills, especially in graduate program applications. If the applicant has interned or worked at a recognized company, the admission panel will think the applicant has gained sufficient work experience to understand the subject in a real-world setting. Other activities that will earn points and leave an impression include showcasing any research publications or any artistic portfolios especially for students interested in applying to art school.

IRCC has updated document requirements and exemptions for TRV applications.

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On November 27, 2019, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) published an update of the instructions on document requirements and exemptions when submitting a temporary resident visa application. All instructions have been merged into one comprehensive instruction guide. The update provides additional information concerning minors, exemptions, and the documents required when submitting an application for a temporary resident visa.

Top 5 Benefits of Studying in Canada.

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Did you know? Canada has more than five schools listed in the Time’s 2019 World University Rankings. This acclaimed ranking system rates Canadian institutes amongst the top 50 educational institutes in the world.

That means any international student will be lucky to enroll in one of the prestigious schools in Canada.

With that being said, these statistics aren’t the only reason why students from all over the world flock to Canada. The real reason for Canada’s popularity is its warmth, diverse society and potential career opportunities.

And let’s not forget the fact that, studying in Canada boosts your chances to secure permanent residency in Canada.

All these benefits are the major reasons why most international students opt for Canadian schools.

Still not convinced?

We’ve listed a couple of benefits for studying in Canada to prove our point:

1.  Welcoming Crowds

What’s the first thing you notice when you enter a new place?

Most of us look for a certain vibe when we pick a place to dine out or live. One should use the same strategy to choose their colleges. Apart from looking at the courses, rankings and reputation–you need to look at the social diaspora. That’s because studying abroad becomes a hassle if you select a country that’s completely foreign to you.

Canada is known for its courteous nature and accepting attitude. Latest reports reveal that almost 61% of the Canadian population consists of immigrants. That means that not only will this multicultural society provide you with a new experience. But you’ll easily find people from your diaspora here too. (This comes in handy when you’re craving food from back home.)

2.  Budget-Friendly Living

Admit it. The biggest hurdle in your plans to study abroad isn’t the visa. It’s the expenses!

Many parents put their foot down in matters of studying abroad due to it being a very costly experience. They are also uncertain about how their child will survive once they land there.

Now, you’d think that like the best colleges in America or the UK, Canadian schools will come with a hefty school fee too. But surprisingly, the academic fee structure of Canada is pretty economical. Additionally, there are plenty of scholarship programs available to international students who wish to apply here.

All things considered, studying in Canada proves to be a more attainable educational goal compared to anywhere else in the world. International students have also found it a lot easier to live here. The reason lies in the fact that rental rates and other facilities are cheaper than most college groves in the world.

3.  World Class Education

benefits of studying in Canada

The world’s biggest classrooms are waiting for you.

What about the education system?

Admittedly, many other countries might have a multicultural society and affordable education system.

But the question is: are they credible enough to secure your future?

The University of Toronto, McGill University and the University of British Columbia are some of the options.

They all enjoy exceptional rankings in the educational world. They offer internationally approved courses in a variety of educational branches.  You get to study with amazing professors, research with brilliant minds and hone your craft.

Then once you graduate, the doors to some of the best companies in Canada and the world will be open for you.

4.  Paving Careers

In a recent conference aptly named ‘Collision’, Canadian PM Trudeau credited Canada’s flexible immigration programs as the source for its tech innovations. He strongly favors employing immigrants and international students to the playing field. That’s because he trusts your talent and sees the potential in cultivating it for ‘better solutions’.

And it isn’t just the tech industry. You will see that many other established businesses value their international employees.  The nation is one of the hot spots for trading, commerce and research ventures. It’s also a great launching pad for start-ups and online services that could be the next big thing in the world.

That brings us to the final benefit of studying in Canada.

5.  Reliable Residency Pathway

Do you dream of living in Canada?

Applying for a student visa in Canada is the best way to start. There are various reasons why this is a practical option. For starters, the eligibility for a student visa has lesser restrictions than one for a work permit or permanent residency program. You’ll also get to prepare for career opportunities on Canadian grounds when you study here.

The biggest bonus is the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). This particular permit authorizes you to get work as soon as you complete your post-secondary education.

But it is important to note that PGWP is only available to international students who study in government approved colleges. So be selective and strategic when you’re applying to study in Canada. You don’t want the wrong choice to mess up your prospects of living here.

The permit gives you a chance to work in Canada for a set duration depending on your program. Then you require a minimum one year of work experience to qualify for the Canadian Experience Class program from the Express Entry system. You may also become eligible for other immigration programs like Provincial Nominee Program, Federal Skilled Worker Program and many other programs. The options are endless here and each offers lots of benefits.

After that, once your application and permanent residency process starts, you’ll become a permanent resident of Canada in no time.

Let’s Sum It Up…

benefits of studying in Canada

Study in Canada to kick-start your career plans.

Honestly speaking, mere words can’t sum up the kind of amazing experiences you’ll have in Canada.

Studying in Canada is economical, practical and educational.  When you weigh it all in, studying in Canada proves to be less stressful for both you and your parents.

In addition to that, not only do you graduate with lots of credentials, but you also step closer to securing permanent residency in Canada.

So studying in Canada also proves to be the simplest way to move to Canada.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start applying to Canadian college and universities right now!

Need some advice?

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