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The Regional Pilot within the BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration stream is designed to address regional communities’ economic development needs and attract foreign investors to the areas outside major population centers.

Communities play an active role in selecting the best candidates for a Canada business visa. They know the local business environment and can quickly identify the economic development priorities. They also provide support services to foreign entrepreneurs and encourage them to establish successful businesses and contribute to growing the local economy.

If you are interested in obtaining a Canada investor visa under the BC PNP program, get familiar with the list of participating communities published on the program website and learn about their respective economic priorities. Each city may refer prospective candidates to the BC PNP, so you must do your research and consider the chosen community’s business opportunities.


  1. Community Referral: You must receive a referral from a community enrolled in the BC PNP program. To obtain a referral, you need to learn the details about the participating communities and their prioritized industries to choose the one that is the best fit for you.
  2. Exploratory Visit: It is essential to visit the selected community to learn about their local market, business conditions, labour resources, and support services. During the visit, you should present your business concept to the designated community representative and explain how your plan aligns with their main industry sectors and how you can contribute to the regional economic development. After the visit, you can request a referral that you will submit to the BC PNP.
  3. Education and Experience: You will need to have a post-secondary educational credential or knowledge of at least three years as an active business owner and manager with 100% ownership. Alternatively, you can demonstrate experience of 4+ years as a senior manager in a business.
  4. Minimum Net Worth: You must have a minimum of $300,000 net worth, which can include all the assets you or your common-in-law partner/spouse have. You must present a full declaration of funds.
  5. Business Proposal: Since you’re going to apply for Canada PR as an entrepreneur willing to contribute to the economic growth of the province of British Columbia, having a solid plan to establish a new eligible business is a must to participate in this pilot program.
  6. The qualifying business must be operated for the primary purpose of earning profits by providing products or services. Additionally, the company must have a strong potential for sustained commercial success.
  7. Please note that under the Entrepreneur Immigration – Regional Pilot program, you can submit a proposal for opening a start-up only, not to improve an existing one. Also, remember to focus on the sectors identified as the preferences by your selected community.
  8. Eligible Investment: You must make at least $100,000 investment into your new business. It can include any expenses related to your business needs, such as equipment, furniture and office supplies, marketing and advertising.
  9. If you are opening a new business, the regular operating expenses, such as wages, rent, and utility payments, can also be considered by the BC PNP for up to 6 months.
  10. Job Creation: You must open at least one full-time job opportunity in your business for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident residing in the respective community.
  11. Language Requirement: You need to demonstrate a language proficiency level of at least CLB (Canadian Language benchmark) level 4. You must provide a valid test result from a designated testing organization.
  12. Active Management: Once you receive a Canada work visa and establish your business, you should prove that you can manage your business and be accountable for its day-to-day operation.
bc regional pilot program


To qualify for Canadian permanent residence under the BC Regional Pilot Program, you need to follow a specific application process and meet the requirements on each of its stages.

Stage 1 – Get Prepared for your Registration.

Researching your selected community, their market situation and economic needs and developing your business proposal is one of the most critical parts of the application. Since communities play a crucial role in selecting suitable candidates, make the most out of your visit to the region and meet with the designated representatives.

Your main task is to assess business opportunities, evaluate your suggested business plan, and make corrections to ensure it meets the community’s needs. You may be required to follow specific guidelines given by the community before they issue you a referral. The referral is valid within 90 days since the date it was provided.

Stage 2 – Submit your Registration

Create an online profile on the BC PNP program website and submit your registration. You will need to provide your detailed personal information together with your finalized business plan and community referral. You will also need to submit your language test results and some supporting documentation.

Within approximately four weeks after submission, the BC PNP will assess your registration and give you a total score. You must have the minimum eligibility score to enter the pool of qualified candidates.

Stage 3 – Receive an Invitation to Apply

If the BC PNP gives you a high score, you might be invited to apply for a Canada business visa among other high-ranking candidates. You will receive detailed instructions regarding how to proceed with your application and be given approximately four months to complete it.

If you do not get an invitation to apply, you may want to improve your score to increase your Canada investor visa chances. Revise your business plan and enhance your adaptability to secure a better score in the next registration.

Stage 4 – Have your Net Worth Reviewed

As part of your application, you will be required to submit a report verifying your personal net worth and accumulation of funds. This report should be created by an authorized accounting firm approved by the BC PNP.

Stage 5 – Submit your Application

Complete your application with a personal net worth report, comprehensive business plan and all supporting documentation. At this time, you will need to pay a non-refundable $3,500 fee for the processing of your Canada immigration application.

Stage 6 – Have an Interview

Once your application is assessed, you might be required to go to an in-person interview with the BC PNP. During the meeting, you will need to answer your business and work experience questions and provide more details about your business plan and your Canada PR application.

Stage 7 – Come to BC and Establish your Business.

As soon as your application is finalized and approved, you may be asked to sign a performance agreement that will determine your business operation’s terms and conditions. After that, you will get a confirmation letter that will enable you to apply for a Canada work visa for a period of two years.

Once you arrive in BC, you are encouraged to meet with your community’s designated representatives to discuss the details of establishing your business and request assistance in resolving any settlement issues you might have.

You will be given approximately 20 months to implement your business plan, actively participate in managing your business and submit a report to the BC PNP to demonstrate that you have met the conditions and the terms of your performance agreement.

Stage 8 – Obtain your Provincial Nomination

At this stage, you will receive the final report from the BC PNP. You will sign a Conditions of Nomination declaration that will set the conditions you will be required to meet while the IRCC is processing your application for Canada PR. When you’re confirmed as a provincial nominee, you can proceed with your permanent residence application.