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Study visa refusal can be a nightmare for any international student applying from outside Canada. Thousands of international students receive admission to Canadian colleges and universities each year. Such students must acquire a study visa before coming to Canada and studying at these institutes. However, many students may fail to obtain this visa.

Study permit rejection rates have climbed in recent years, and it appears that they are becoming more strict these days.

This guide will examine the various reasons for Canada study visa refusal and how you can avoid this scenario from happening to you.

1. Demonstrate Your Intent to Leave Canada

Canadian immigration authorities issue international students study visas under the assumption they will leave the country once they have completed their studies. Students who fail to demonstrate this intention may have their application for a Canada study visa rejected.

Prospective international students can demonstrate their intent to leave Canada by including a personal statement with their application. The statement can mention the student’s family ties in their home country and their intention to work there once they return.

2. Insufficient Funds or Proof of Financial Support

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) may refuse to grant a student a study visa if they are unable to prove they possess sufficient funds to complete their education in the country.

International students are required to demonstrate they possess a minimum of $10,000 CAD plus their tuition amount for each study year. They can show this proof in the form of bank statements, bank drafts, or Canadian bank accounts. Alternatively, they can show proof they have paid their tuition and housing costs.

3. Incomplete Documentation

Prospective international students are required to provide numerous supporting documents with their study visa application. This includes copies of:

  • Letter of Acceptance
  • Diplomas
  • Educational certificates
  • Proof of funds
  • Scholarships and other financial assistance
  • Reference letters from individuals providing the applicant with financial assistance.

Study visa applicants should ensure they provide the necessary documents as well as any additional documents IRCC requests as soon as possible to reduce the likelihood of their application being rejected.

Learn more about Canada Study Permit requirements here.

4. Failing their Police Clearance

An applicant’s study visa application may also be rejected if they fail or cannot complete their police clearance. This police clearance requirement was put in place to ensure the people issued study visas do not have a criminal history.

Applicants who cannot obtain police clearance must show sufficient proof they attended to obtain one from the appropriate authorities. They must also write a letter that details their efforts to obtain one.

Applicants who opt to leave out their police clearance during the application process and do not provide an explanation are likely to get rejected.

5. Incomplete or Incorrect Information

Prospective international students who intend to apply for a study visa must ensure they complete their IMM 1294 form accurately. This form contains many sections such as:

  • Personal details
  • Spoken languages
  • Passport
  • National Identity document
  • Contact information
  • Details of intended study in Canada

Applicants should ensure they complete each required field with accurate and up-to-date information. Lying on your application or failing to provide all relevant details may result in your application being refused. In some cases, IRCC may bar the applicant from applying or entering Canada for a certain period.

6. Poor Language Skills

Student visa applicants are required to submit proof of their proficiency in English or French with their application. They can offer this proof by providing their IELTS score.

International students must score 5.5 or higher on their IELTS to be eligible for their student visa. Students who receive a lower score should spend time improving their language skills through classes or other means and retake the IELTS until they receive the necessary score.

Need help with Canada Study Visa?

As you can see, prospective international students may have their study visa applications refused for numerous reasons. Applicants can reduce the likelihood of being rejected by following the tips mentioned above. Get in touch with our student visa experts to ensure their application is optimized and complete.

Our exceptional team of Regulated Immigration Consultants understands the requirements and application process for the Canada study visa. Together, we can help you achieve your goal of studying in Canada.

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