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Canada has a high quality of life, a strong economy, and beautiful scenery that attracts people worldwide. Many people want to live and work in Canada because of its diverse culture, inclusive policies, and the promise of a better life. Even though it might seem complicated for those living in India, thousands of Indians can find jobs in Canada every year, which helps to make Canada a genuinely multicultural society.

  1. Strong LinkedIn Strategy: Utilize LinkedIn to connect with hiring managers directly. Submit your resume and explain why you are an excellent fit for the role. Stand out from other candidates by reaching out proactively.
  2. Canadian-Style Resume: Structure your resume according to the Canadian format. Include an attractive cover letter. Make a strong first impression to position yourself as a serious candidate.
  3. Actively Apply on Job Bank Sites: Explore Canadian job bank sites specific to provinces. Use filters to find job listings matching your qualifications. Leverage websites like Job Bank, LinkedIn, and province-specific job boards.
  4. Target the Right Cities: Apply for jobs in smaller cities and towns with fewer applicants. Focus on areas experiencing specific labor shortages. Increase your chances by avoiding highly competitive major cities.
  5. Skill Up for In-Demand Positions: Identify and pursue education programs for in-demand positions. Acquire certificates and skills that meet the demand in the Canadian job market. For example, consider fields like web development with high demand.
  6. Apply for a Visitor Visa and Search for Jobs: Enhance your chances by visiting Canada on a temporary visitor visa. Personally visit company offices to make in-person connections. Demonstrate communication skills and familiarity with Canadian culture.
  7. Apply for Canada PR Visa: Increase your job offer prospects threefold by obtaining a Canada PR. Employers prefer candidates eligible to work without company sponsorship. Pursue permanent residency with a strong education and employment history.

Challenges of Getting a Job Offer from Canada in India

  • Employers often avoid the time-consuming and costly LMIA Process.
  • Employers avoid hiring foreign workers unfamiliar with Canadian business environments.
  • Employers prefer permanent residents over skilled workers with Temporary Work Permits because of their temporary status in Canada.
  • With so many international students, PR holders, and citizens available in Canada, it is challenging to get a job offer as a skilled foreign worker sitting in India.

7 Tips to Get a Job Offer from Canada in India

While the hurdles described above do present a challenge for Indian professionals, it is still possible to improve your chances of getting a Canadian job offer in India. Let’s review some tips on getting a job offer from Canada in India.

A Strong LinkedIn Strategy

You can get a leg up on Canadian job seekers by applying for jobs using LinkedIn. If you spot a listing for a job opening at a company, you can look up the company’s hiring manager on LinkedIn and connect with them directly.

This allows you to submit your resume to the person assessing it and explain why you believe you are an excellent fit for the role. If you’re lucky, the hiring manager will review your resume and profile instead of the dozens of other candidates’ resumes he is tasked with reviewing.

Canadian-Style Resume

Create a resume that impresses Canadian employers.

Most hiring managers spend an average of six seconds skimming each resume. This means they are less likely to go through a resume structured differently from the other resumes in the stack.

For this reason, you should ensure your Indian resume follows the format and style of a Canadian resume with an attractive Cover letter. This improves the likelihood that your resume is viewed and assessed as thoroughly as Canadian ones.

These papers are essential for generating an excellent first impression of the company and positioning you as a serious candidate for the open position.

Actively Apply in Job Bank Sites

Canadian job bank sites contain thousands of job postings from across Canada. Many job bank sites are specific to each Canadian province. Therefore, you can find numerous job listings for the Canadian province you are interested in working in.

These job bank sites also include numerous filters. This makes it easy for you to browse thousands of job postings and narrow down the ones in your field seeking professionals with your exact qualifications.

Target the Right Cities

Canada may be a large country, but most of its population resides in a few major cities. This includes places like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. Applying for jobs in these cities is often pointless because each job opening likely receives hundreds of applicants.

A better strategy is to apply for jobs in cities and towns like Kamloops and Yukon with smaller populations. The job openings in these areas likely receive fewer applicants, improving the odds that your job application will be considered.

Skillup for In-Demand Positions

Canada has one of the largest skilled labour pools in the world. However, the country still experiences labour shortages in specific industries and positions. Employers in these industries will bring in foreign workers to fill these “in-demand” positions.

For example, the demand for web developers currently exceeds the supply in Canada. So, if you can complete the right education programs and obtain the certificates needed to work in these “in-demand” positions, you will have a higher chance of receiving a job offer from a Canadian employer.

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Apply for a Visitor Visa and Search for Jobs

One of the smartest strategies to boost your chances of getting a Canadian job offer is to visit Canada and search for jobs in-person. You can do this by applying for a temporary visitor visa, coming to Canada, and visiting company offices.

This strategy is helpful because it allows you to meet the hiring manager in person. This in-person interaction will enable you to demonstrate your communication skills and familiarity with Canadian culture and professional business environments. All this will make the hiring manager feel more confident about hiring a foreign professional from India.

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Apply for Canada PR Visa

Your likelihood of obtaining a job offer will improve 3X if you have a Canada PR. The employer will search for applicants who are eligible to work in Canada without needing to be sponsored by the business. Applying for permanent residency in Canada is excellent if you have a decent education and employment history.

How to Get Canada PR Visa from India?

direct job in canada for indian

Solid Business Plans & Business Strategy For Entrepreneurs

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If you’re interested in applying for a work permit in Canada from India, please get in touch with Elaar Immigration. Our experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants are familiar with foreign professionals’ challenges when hunting for Canadian jobs. We can help you take a more successful approach to grab a work opportunity in Canada. Start your Canadian professional career with Elaar Immigration’s assistance.

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