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“I’ve got my invitation for BC PNP, all documents are ready except the BC PNP Employer Recommendation Letter”

Skilled workers applying for Canadian permanent residence through one of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Programs must include a BC PNP Employer Recommendation Letter with their application.

In this guide, we will share the sample format of the BC PNP Employer Recommendation Letter that you can freely use for your BC PNP application.

This letter describes key details such as:

  • Why the employer is recommending the applicant for Canadian permanent residence
  • Why their chosen applicant is suitable for the job position
  • How the applicant would contribute to the company’s operations
  • The recruitment efforts were undertaken before hiring the applicant

BC PNP Employer Recommendation Letter Sample

Subject: Recommendation Letter — Employment at “The Dosa Guys”
(11th October 2022)

To whom it may concern,

I, Rahul Kumar, owner of the South Indian restaurant “The Dosa Guys” in Surrey, BC, hereby certify I have hired Ramesh Achari as head chef at my company on 15th August 2022. Their position will fall under NOC code 6321. Mr. Achari will be working full-time with a workload of 48 hours per week. As head chef at The Dosa Guys, they will:

  • Plan and direct food preparation and cooking operations
  • Estimate food and labour requirements
  • Supervise chefs and cooks
  • Recruit and hire new staff
  • Demonstrate cooking techniques to staff

I intend to compensate Mr. Achari at a rate of $34 per hour for their service. This is in line with the average wage rate for head chefs in British Columbia.

I chose Mr. Achari for this position after failing to find a suitable Canadian citizen or Canadian permanent resident to fill the position. I created a job posting with the help of Best Headhunters BC, a Surrey-based headhunting agency and advertised the position on three online job boards for four weeks between 1st July 2022 and 1st August 2022.

We received thirty-four applications from Canadian citizens and permanent residents during this period. However, none of these applicants possessed the skills and backgrounds we sought.

The Dosa Guys specialize in authentic South Indian cuisines such as Dosas and Idli Sambar from the South India region. These foods have a rich history and must be prepared using traditional techniques passed down from families in South India.

We hired Ramesh Achari after receiving his application and learning about his background and skills. Mr. Achari was born in the South Indian city of Chennai and has worked as the head chef at his family’s South Indian restaurant, Masala Delight, since 2015. Mr. Achari demonstrated in-depth knowledge of various South Indian food preparation techniques and described many innovative staff onboarding processes he implemented at Masala Delight.

I believe Mr. Achari will be a great asset who will help The Dosa Guys improve and eventually expand its operations across British Columbia. For this reason, I would humbly request your approval of Ramesh Achari’s permanent residence application.

Please contact me at (555) 555-5555 if you require any further information about me, my business, or the head chef position at The Dosa Guys.


Rahul Kumar,
Owner of The Dosa Guys

BC PNP Employer Recommendation Letter Sample

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The employer recommendation letter BC PNP sample provided above should be useful for employers who intend to help foreign workers apply for permanent residence through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program.

If you need further assistance with this BC PNP application and its supporting documents, please contact our experts here. We have an experienced team led by Mr. Keshav Sharma, a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. We are familiar with the different requirements for each BC PNP program and can help your employer create the perfect recommendation letter.

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