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BC PNP High-Demand Occupation List 2021

By 31 August 2021October 27th, 2021Blog, Provincial Nominee Program(PNP)

There is no shortage of workers that wish to come to British Columbia and settle using the BC PNP program. This program serves as a viable pathway for thousands of prospective immigrants. However, such applicants must possess a valid job offer if they wish to use this program.

Applicants will be glad to learn that there are plenty of in-demand jobs that qualify under the B.C. Provincial Nominee Program.

B.C. In-Demand Occupation List

Let’s examine the various occupations in this category.

1. Retailer and Wholesale Trade Manager

Retailer and whole trade managers perform duties that involve planning, organizing, and controlling operations of establishments that offer merchandise and/or services.

2. Insurance, Financial Brokerage, and Real Estate Managers

These managers perform duties including planning, organizing, and controlling establishment operations or departments that offer insurance services.

3. Food Service and Restaurant Managers

Food service and restaurant managers conduct day to day operations at restaurants and establishments that sell food.

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4. Construction Managers

Construction managers perform duties that include planning, organizing, and directing construction company activities.

5. Corporate Sales Managers

Corporate sales managers carry out duties involving planning, organizing, and directing operations for establishments involved with industrial, commercial, or institutional retail and wholesale.

6. Banking, Investment, and Credit Managers

These managers help plan, direct, and organize activities for financial establishments or the departments within such establishments.

7. Financial Managers

Financial managers work to organize, direct and plan operations for financial and accounting firms.

8. Senior Managers for Financial, Communications and Other Business Services

These managers work in establishments related to finance, telecommunications, data processing, and real estate.

9. Computer Information Manager

Computer information managers organize, plan, and direct activities for information systems and networks.

10. Facility Operation and Maintenance Managers

These managers organize, plan, direct, and evaluate operations for commercial, recreational, and transportation facilities. They may be employed at airports, shopping centres, warehouses, etc.

11. Senior Managers in Trade, Broadcasting, Other

These managers are responsible for organizing, planning, and directing companies via middle managers.

12. Human Resources Manager

Human resources managers oversee activities in a company’s human resources department. They develop and implement new policies and evaluate existing ones.

13. Accommodation Service Manager

Accommodation service managers plan, organize and control operations for accommodation establishments such as hotels, resorts, motels, and student residences.

14. Managers in Social, Community Correctional Services

These managers plan, direct, and evaluate programs and activities related to social service agencies, correctional institutions, and counselling departments.

15. Managers in Transportation

Managers in transportation are responsible for planning, organizing, and directing operations for transportation companies. This includes those that offer transportation via airlines, railways, and municipal transportation systems.

16. Engineering Managers

These managers organize, plan, and direct operations for an engineering firm or the engineering department within a firm.

17. Administrator Post-Secondary and Vocational Training

Administrators for post-secondary and vocational training are usually faculty members or registrars for colleges and universities. They may also work for vocational training schools.

18. Financial Auditors and Accountants

Financial auditors typically study and analyze the financial and accounting records of establishments and individuals. They do this to ensure compliance and accuracy with defined standards.

19. Information Systems Analysts and Consultants

These analysts and consultants study system requirements and develop plans, procedures, and policies for information systems. I.T. consulting firms typically employ them throughout the private and public sectors.

20. Computer Programmers Interactive Media Developers

These programmers and developers write, alter, and integrate computer code for different applications, games, and training software. I.T. consulting firms typically employ them throughout the private and public sectors.

21. Colleges Other Vocational Instructors

These instructors teach academic or applied arts to students at community colleges, vocational institutes and agricultural colleges. They also include trainers employed by private training schools and companies.

22. University Professors and Lecturers

These professors and lecturers teach undergraduate and graduate-level courses to students at universities. They may conduct research and head the departments for their field at the university.

23. Other Financial Officers

This category includes professionals in finance not listed elsewhere. This includes financial inspectors, planners, examiners, underwriters, and investigators. They are typically employed at banks, investment firms, and by the government.

24. Software Engineers and Designers

These engineers and designers are involved with researching, designing, and integrating software apps, operating systems, and telecommunications software.

25. Civil Engineers

Civil engineers are usually involved in planning, designing, and developing projects related to construction or repairing roads, buildings, railways, airports, and transit facilities. They may be employed by construction firms and firms in other industries.

26. Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineers are involved with researching, designing, and developing machinery and other systems related to power generation, heating, ventilation, manufacturing, and processing.

27. Authors and Writers

These individuals are involved with planning, researching, and writing scripts, books, and storyboards for publications or for presentations.

28. Social Workers

Social workers perform duties that include helping individuals, families, couples and groups with resources and skills to enhance their social functioning.

29. Architects

These workers are involved with conceptualizing and developing designs for commercial and residential buildings.

30. Psychologists

These individuals are involved with assessing and diagnosing emotional, cognitive, and behavioural disorders. The private sector and government agencies employ them.

How can we help you get BC PNP?

You could be eligible to apply for the B.C. Provincial Nominee Program if you possess a valid job offer in the occupations mentioned above. If you require assistance with your British Columbia PNP Program application, please contact Elaar Immigration. We have helped numerous applicants settle in British Columbia through this program and guide you through this process.

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