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Originally launched in 2017 as a pilot project to fulfil the demands for a tech talent pool in BC’s technology sector, BC PNP Tech has become a permanent program in 2021 in response to the consistent demand for skilled tech workers in the province.

British Columbia government’s primary goal with this program is to encourage the technology sector in the province to employ and retain an international pool of skilled workers. The program also facilitates a faster immigration pathway for tech professionals who are seeking permanent residents of province.

The BC PNP Tech program is open to skilled workers already eligible for the BC PNP Skills Immigration or Express Entry BC stream of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program. This program issues specific invitations to BC tech professionals every week.

For a job offer to be eligible for the BC PNP Tech Program, it must meet the following criteria:

  1. The job must be in one of the eligible occupations under BC PNP Tech.
  2. The job offer must have a duration of at least one year.
  3. At the time of application, at least 120 calendar days should remain on the job contract.

During the free registration process, the candidate must disclose the details of their supporting British Columbian employer. The candidate and their employer must fulfill all program conditions at registration to receive an invitation to apply. However, fulfilling these conditions does not guarantee that the candidate will receive an invitation to apply.

BC PNP Tech Program Benefits

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Tech offers several benefits:

1. Weekly Rounds of Invitations

Tech candidates receive additional opportunities through weekly invitations, increasing their chances of being selected for provincial nomination. British Columbia conducts targeted tech-only draws to ensure that skilled tech applicants have priority access to the program.

This means you have a better chance of getting absorbed by tech employers in the BC PNP Tech Eligible Occupations.

2. BC PNP Concierge Service

For tech employers, a dedicated BC PNP concierge service will provide customized information and navigation assistance for the immigration program.

3. Enhanced Work-Life Balance

Benefit: Emphasis on work-life balance, allowing tech professionals to enjoy fulfilling careers in a supportive environment while also savouring the high quality of life in British Columbia.

4. No LMIA Clearance

Your employment offer does not require LMIA clearance, which is a great help for both employers and candidates as it saves time and money. This expedites and lowers the cost of the application process. Nominees can apply for a new work permit or renew their current one and continue to work throughout the federal permanent residence process without requiring a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

The Complete List of BC PNP Tech Occupations

5. Faster Processing of Application

The BC PNP Tech Program applications are handled in a priority manner. Your application file will be allocated to a specific team within a day. Over 70% of British Columbia applications take two to three months to process. Applications for the BC tech program are often faster than general applications.

6. Integration with Tech Community

BC PNP tech program allows skilled workers to integrate into a dynamic technology sector in the province. The technology sector in British Columbia is thriving, and there is ample scope for collaboration, networking and professional growth.

7. Attractive Salary

In the last 15 years, BC’s tech sector has witnessed a stupendous growth with a rapid increase in technology products and services. Based on various reports, wages in the tech sector have increased significantly, which testifies to increasing competition for tech talents in the province. The recent arrival of various multinational companies in the province and, subsequently, development in the sector and ancillary industries have contributed to the increase in salary.

Are you confused about BC PNP Tech?

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