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For those looking to obtain permanent residency in Canada, visa consultants provide an essential service in navigating the application process. New immigrants wanting to move to Canada are under no obligation to work with a visa consultant, lawyer, or any other immigration service – but many who choose not to often wish that they had.

What do Canada PR Visa Consultants Do?

A PR visa consultant manages each step of the visa application for you. There is a tremendous amount of paperwork required throughout the immigration process, and even the slightest error could lead to your entire application being rejected. Before a permanent resident visa consultant ever applies on your behalf, they will assess your current situation and ensure you apply for the right program – the one that offers the greatest chance of success.

Visa consultants will then work with you to collect all the required information and begin the steps for that program’s particular application process. Navigating the various immigration programs is no small task; there are federally administered programs, provincial programs, and programs that require submissions to more than one stream – confused yet?  A visa consultant is an immigration expert, and they have years of experience navigation the immigration process. They know precisely how each program is run, which programs are best for a given situation, and what to do if there is ever an issue with an application.

Situations Where PR Visa Consultants Can Help

Unless you truly enjoy spending hours filling out forms and collecting paperwork, working with an immigration consultant always makes the immigration application process easier, regardless of your application’s complexity. However, in some cases, working with a consultant may be the difference between your application’s success and its failure.

  1. You Have Been Refused Before

There are several reasons an application may have been refused, and most of them do not mean that you are inadmissible to Canada. If you have previously been refused permanent residency, you should have a letter from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) outlying why it was rejected. Often the problem lies with incomplete or missing documentation or errors with the application itself. Other times you may have inadvertently applied for a program for which you were not eligible, or Canada Immigration officials were not satisfied that you had met all requirements for permanent residency.

Whatever the case, PR visa consultants can help ensure simple mistakes do not occur again, avoiding unnecessary costs and lengthy delays in receiving your permanent residency status.

  1. You Have A Criminal Record

Canada has strict admissibility requirements when it comes to previous criminal convictions. It is not only serious offenses that may render you inadmissible to Canada; certain driving or drug-related infractions may result in admission refusal by IRCC.

However, a previous conviction doesn’t mean that you have to give up on permanent Canadian residency; there are ways to legally enter Canada while working to overturn or overcome criminal inadmissibility. PR visa consultants, or lawyers, are well versed in navigating criminal inadmissibility challenges and can help you surmount obstacles blocking your path.

  1. You Have a Medical Condition

Canada offers its citizens, and permanent residents access to universal free healthcare. However, due to the tax-payer funded system, Canada also limits the cost threshold for what it deems excessive demand. New immigrants with preexisting medical conditions could be declared medically inadmissible if the cost of their healthcare or social services exceeds $21,204 per year or $106,020 over 5 years.

PR visa consultants are not medical practitioners, but they can help you make a case regarding the potential costs for preexisting medical conditions that require ongoing care.

If you are looking for professional Canadian immigration assistance due to the concerns outlined here or any other reason, the experienced team at Elaar Immigration is here to help.

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