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“How can I apply for Intra Company Transfer from India to Canada?”

The Canadian Government encourages business owners and foreign workers to come to the country using many different immigration programs. Intra Company Transfer Canada (ICT) is one of the unique programs to obtain Canada PR by investment.

Apart from that, it also helps foreign skilled workers to obtain permanent residence through the Intra Company Transfer to PR Canada route. Many Indian entrepreneurs and foreign skilled workers who work in Indian Multi-National Companies such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS ) and Wipro Limited are offered to immigrate to Canadian branches of these companies. Let’s examine how someone in India can use it to come to Canada.

What is the Intra Company Transfer Program Canada?

Intra Company Transfer Program Canada comes under International Mobility Program. ICT is a unique program that allows business owners and foreign workers to come to Canada and apply for an LMIA-Exempt Work Permit.

ICT works differently for entrepreneurs and foreign skilled workers. It allows business owners to expand their business operations from India into Canada and obtain permanent residence. Intra Company Transfer also allows foreign workers working at Indian companies to transfer to the company’s branch inside Canada and work there temporarily.

Intra Company Trasfer from India

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How does ICT Work for Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed Individuals?

Entrepreneurs who intend to use the Intra Company Transfer Visa Canada must first demonstrate their intended business will provide Canada with economic, social, or cultural benefits. Self-Employed individuals must demonstrate they will contribute to Canada in these areas.

Applicants eligible under ICT will be given a temporary ICT work permit. This document will allow them to enter Canada and set up their business or work in their self-employed role.

How does Intra Company Transfer Program Work for Foreign Workers?

Foreign workers from India will be issued an ICT work permit if eligible under this program. This work permit will allow them to enter Canada temporarily and work for their company’s Canadian branch.

ICT Work Permit from India to Canada

Obtain Canadian PR through ICT

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Eligibility Requirements for Intra Company Transfer from India

If you’re applying for Intra Company Transfer from India to Canada, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed individuals who want to expand their company from India to Canada or set up a new business in Canada
  • Key workers with specialized knowledge or those in executive or senior managerial positions also work for Indian companies with branches in Canada.

Intra-Company Transfer Requirements for Business Owners

  • The Canadian franchise of an Indian business needs to acquire physical premises in Canada.
  • In case only senior managers and executives are going to transfer, applicants can secure an address later and can use counsel’s address until the executive can buy or lease a building.
  • The business must present practical plans and strategies to staff the new operation.
  • The business must have the resources to launch operations in Canada and pay staff.
  • When transferring executives or managers, an organization must demonstrate that it will be large enough to support executive or management functions.
  • The company must prove that it is doing business and ensures that work is guided and directed by the Canadian management team.

Document Requirements for Intra-Company Transfer from India

  • A document to prove that the Indian national is currently employed by a multinational company eligible for Intra Company Transfer.
  • A confirmation letter that the Indian national has worked continuously, full-time, not accumulated part-time, for the company outside of Canada.
  • A  brief explanation of the applicant’s position in an executive or managerial role or one requiring specialized knowledge, including position, title, location within the organization, job description etc.
  • Evidence of “specialized knowledge” is required to prove that the person has the knowledge and position required in Canada.
  • A  brief explanation of the applicant’s position in Canada.
  • A document that indicates the duration of stay in Canada.
  • The description of the relationship between the franchise in Canada and the home company in India.
Intra Compant Transfer Requirements from India

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Intra Company Transfer from India to Canada: Application Process

Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed individuals from India who plan to use the ICT to come to Canada must follow the steps outlined below:

  • Register your Canadian business as a parent, subsidy, or affiliate of an Indian business
  • Obtain a valid support letter from a Canadian province or territory
  • Obtain a valid employment number or authorization from the Immigration Program Guidance Branch to submit the IMM 5802 form.
  • Pay the fee for employer compliance.
    Submit the work permit application

ICT Work Permit Duration

There is no fixed duration for the validity of the ICT visa issued to entrepreneurs and Self-Employed individuals, and First-time applicants are usually issued a two-year visa. However, the visa’s duration can vary based on the visa officer’s judgement.

The ICT work permit issued to foreign workers is usually valid for two years. However, ICT work permits issued to people employed at start-ups are valid for only one year.

After the ICT work permit is expired, the applicants can extend it further. Foreign Executives can extend their work permit for up to 5 years, and Senior managers & specialized knowledge employees can extend it for up to seven years.

Need help?

Many Indians have successfully used Intra Company Transfer from India to Canada to obtain Canadian permanent residency. If you plan to use Intra Company Transfer Visa to expand your business to Canada or to transfer to your company’s Canadian branch, book a strategy meeting with our ICT Visa Experts.

Mr. Keshav Sharma is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant who understands the requirements and application process for the Intra Company Transfer program and can guide you through every step. Our team has helped many Indian entrepreneurs and foreign skilled workers to permanently settle in Canada with their families via the ICT route.

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