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Canada’s Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has just announced the much-awaited Post Graduate Work Permit  PGWP Extension temporary policy. With the effect of this policy, certain PGWP holders can get 18 months of open work permits by extending their work permits or applying for a new ones.

These provisions will go into effect on April 6, 2023. They will enable Canada to retain highly trained workers by allowing PGWP holders who choose to stay longer to opt into a facilitative process to extend their work permits.

Before applying for the Post Graduate Work Permit Extension, you must understand the eligibility criteria, different scenarios and step-by-step application process. This guide will help you through the New PGWP Extension 2023 and how to get 18 Months Open Work Permit.

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PGWP Extension 2023

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Post-Graduate Work Permit Extension (PGWP) 2023

You can extend a Post-Graduate Work Permit with a new temporary policy which allows an eligible PGWP holder to work in Canada for additional 18 months. Before this policy, it was extremely hard to obtain a Post graduate work permit extension. Thanks to the excellent system introduced by the Canadian Government, which will help many applicants with expiring PGWP.

Normally, a PGWP cannot be extended. PGWP holders who wish to extend their employment in Canada are typically required to submit an application for a different kind of work permit as soon as their PGWP expires. For those whose PGWPs were about to expire, prior public policies from 2021 and 2022 offered the chance for an additional work permit.

Eligiblity for PGWP Extension 18 Months Open Work Permit

Candidates can submit an application for the extension on the IRCC website starting on April 6.
Individuals who submit an application will receive an email with a temporary work permit to present to their employers to continue working lawfully in Canada. As of April 6, these people can reinstate their status and obtain a temporary Open Work Permit simultaneously.

PGWP is expired already

The most amazing thing about PGWP Extension Temporary Policy is it just works for almost everyone with expiring or expired PGWP. All you have to do is apply online and wait for the IRCC’s approval. Since it is a temporary policy, you can expect approval within 2-3 months. You can apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit Extension if:

  • Your PGWP is expired/expiring  in 2023
  • You are out of status and past the 90 days deadline to restore your temporary resident status. Additionally, you can apply to restore your status at the same time while applying for an extension.
  • You are outside Canada. Applicants who have left Canada because their PGWP expired can also apply for a PGWP extension (18 months open work permit) and return after approval.

PGWP is about to expire

If your Post-graduate work permit is about to expire in 2023, but your address and passport validity is up to date, then you don’t need to do anything. Just wait for IRCC’s official mail (do not reply to this mail) for PGWP Extension Open Work Permit approval. You can receive this email from IRCC any time by mid-October.

PGWP is expiring but IRCC didn’t contact

  • What if you don’t get an email from IRCC?
  • It means you are not eligible for your post-graduate work permit extension through this temporary policy and will need further review.
  • Although you can apply online to extend your work permit.

How to Apply for PGWP Extension 2023?

If you have already recieved an email of confirmation from IRCC you can simply follow the following steps to apply for Post-Graduate Work Permit PGWP Extension 2022:

1. Gather Documents and a Payment Card: You need to have all

  • The documents required for PGWP Extension include scanned copies of your valid passport, post-graduate work permit, proof that you paid your fees, a copy of postal or courier tracking information, a letter that says you’re applying for an open work permit under this Public Policy.
  • Also, you must have a valid debit or credit card to make application fee payment. Make sure to use a Mastercard or Visa card as AMEX  debit cards are not working properly with the system.

2. Fill out the application form

  • You have to fill out PGWP Extension form. You can follow these guidelines to fill the form carefully. Also, you must follow special instruction while you fill out the work permit application form:
  • Details of intended work in Canada section: “Open Work Permit”
  • Job title: “PGWP PP open”
  • Brief description of duties field: “Open work permit”

3. Pay application fees

  • Create an account if you haven’t already and login to and select Work Permit fee: $155 CAD
  • Please mote that you are exempt from paying the additional open work permit holder fee $100 CAD.

4. Start an online application

  • If you don’t have an online account, create one and click on “Start your application”  option.
  • After that click on “Apply to come to Canada”
  • Scroll down to “I do not have a personal reference code” option.
  • Click on the “Visitor visa/ study and/or work permit” option.
  • Complete and submit the application.
Post Graduate WOrk permit Extension Guide
PGWP Extension Guide
PGWP Extension Open Work Permit Fee Exemption

PGWP Spouse Open Work Permit Extension

For you spouse to be eligible for a spousal open work permit extension, you must meet the general requirements for the Spousal Open Work Permit. You as a principal applicant must have a skilled job in Canada and can show at least three payslips to demonstate this. If you can show this, you can apply for both your and your spouses’ open work permits at the same time.

PGWP Extension Paper Application

You can apply for PGWP Extension 18 months through a paper based application. But since the new online process is fast and reliable, you won’t need the paper application. So unless you are not able to apply online due to a disability, you must apply online.

PGWP Extension Passport Expiry (Renewal Process)

  • If your passport validity does not allow us to extend your work permit by 18 months, IRCC will send a separate email.
  • You will receive instructions by email on updating your mailing address and passport validity in your online account if you need to do so.
  • Your work permit must be extended online. If your passport expires, you can apply for a work permit extension or wait until your passport is renewed.

Restoration of temporary resident status

If your temporary status is expired, you must restore your status when apply online for PGWP Extension. Under these special measures, you are allowed to restore your status, even if it expired more than 90 days ago.

PGWP Extension Outside Canada

You can apply for a PGWP Extension even if your post-graduation work permit is expired or will expire in 2023, and you are not in Canada anymore. If you get a confirmation, you can return to Canada.

Open Work Permit for TR2PR Applicants

PGWP Extension Open Work Permit can also be applied for by candidates who are a member of the Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident (TR2PR) pathways and whose PR application has not yet been approved.

By taking this precaution, TR2PR applicants can continue to work while they await a decision on their application for Canadian permanent residence.

According to IRCC, “Those requesting for an open work permit may now receive one with an end-date of December 31, 2024, if their passport is valid through that date.” This is because it is anticipated that processing TR to PR applications may take some time.

Need help?

Our team has helped hundreds of PGWP applicants to get an open work permit for them and their spouses too. You can contact our experts here. Elaar immigration is led by an experienced immigration consultant, Keshav Sharma (RCIC). We will help you carefully apply for Post-Graduate Work Permit extension and take the benefit to 18 months of open work permit.

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  • Gabriel Invinzor Sibud says:

    Good Day,

    I received an email from IRCC last August 10, 2022 that I am eligible for an 18-month extension. Since I received that email, I did not do anything except to wait for another notification from IRCC on how to change my current mailing/residential address. It’s almost the end of the year and I still have not received any update from them. What should I do now? My PGWP expired last October 28, 2022 but I have the interim work authorization until May 31, 2023.

    Thank you for your assistance.


    Gabriel Invinzor Sibud

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