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Scenario 1: Amit Shah is an Indian cricket player representing India at national and international levels. He plans to retire and immigrate to Canada for a better future for himself and his family. Being an international cricket player, Amit is eligible to immigrate to Canada under the self-employed persons Canada immigration program as he can contribute to Canadians’ athletic life and economically. Being from an athletics or sports background, Amit does not need to qualify for the regular skilled worker category used by doctors, engineers, lawyers, marketers, teachers or other professionals qualified to immigrate to Canada. The self-employed Canada Immigration program is devised explicitly for creative or athletic professions which do not fall into the regular nine to five occupations. It will help Amit secure his future by obtaining Canada PR. Canada would get a sportsperson of international repute who can help Canadians in sports and contribute to the economy along the way. In this case, Amit can apply for the self-employed persons Canada immigration program and make his dream come true.

Scenario 2: Melissa is a Chinese professional international singer and performs at various international events organized by companies. As Melissa’s has been performing at the international level for the last many years, she intends to change her career by opening a music academy in Canada. It’s a vast market as a large number of Chinese immigrants are settled in Canada. Melissa is wondering if there is any specific program for artists such as herself who don’t fit into the regular skilled worker category of Canada Immigration. Here, Melissa can apply for Canada immigration under the Self-Employed persons immigration program to fulfil her dreams. Melissa’s plan to open up her singing academy in Canada will allow her to make a significant contribution to Canadian society in the field of music. Additionally, her academy will also contribute to the economy through direct or indirect taxes and the generation of employment. It’s a win-win both for Melissa and Canada!

singer self employed canada pr

Canada is a multicultural society with immigrants from all over the world, calling it their new home. As immigration in different occupations and trades is essential to keep the Canadian businesses and economy thriving, the Government of Canada also understands that certain occupations do not fit into the regular skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled jobs. Still, they are vital for the overall fabric of Canadian society. Hence, the Canadian Government has devised this specific program to encourage creative artists and athletes to immigrate to Canada. You can reach out to our licensed Canada immigration consultants to see if your occupation is eligible under this program.

The Self-Employed Persons Canada immigration program allows eligible candidates to immigrate to Canada and obtain Canada PR. These individuals should have relevant experience in athletics or cultural activities by which they can make a significant contribution to Canada’s cultural life or sports.

There are three essential components to this self-employed persons program:

  1. Attaining at least 35 points out of 100 to be eligible to apply for this program.
  2. Validating your experience in the given occupation or field is national/international through a comprehensive portfolio.
  3. Demonstrating through a proper settlement and business plan, how would you sustain yourself in Canada as a self-employed person.

Through the above components, one has to convince the visa officer that you will contribute to Canada’s economy by your cultural activity. The contribution depends on your occupation and the province you select.

Self-employed persons program is usually perceived as a business immigration program meant for individuals who run their own small-medium business, which is not valid. This program neither requires huge net worth nor any investment into a Canadian company.  Self-employed doesn’t mean that you have to establish your business in Canada and show massive capital for Canada immigration. That’s the misconception. Instead, self-employed here means the candidate can cover their expenses by their self-employed activity. Here, “their” means the candidate himself/herself, their partner and dependent children. This program is intended for writers, authors, photographers, directors, artists, musicians, athletes and so on who can immigrate to Canada and engage in any self-employment activity to sustain and grow with their family for a better life.

In both the above scenarios, the individuals have created a platform for themselves in their cultural/athletic field. For such individuals, applying under the self-employed persons Canada immigration pathway is the best way to immigrate to the country to utilize their skills and safeguard their future.

If your occupation is eligible under the self-employed program, you should contact a regulated Canadian immigration consultant to know more. Your profession may also belong to the list, yet you do not qualify for a self-employed program. Don’t forget to check the eligibility and selection criteria for the self-employed Canada immigration program.

The self-employed persons program is a federal immigration method, which means the candidate intends to settle in any Canadian province, except Quebec. The self-employed Canada immigration program is one of the most challenging Canadian immigration pathways. Hence, it would help if you have an expert regulated Canadian immigration consultant who will adequately present your case to the immigration officers in the right legal way. Contact Elaar immigration today to start your Canada immigration process.

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