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Is your immigration to Canada hindered due to a low CRS score? Thousands of applicants are facing this issue waiting in the express entry pool for Canada immigration. Their poor results and failure to meet the requirements for a PNP program forces them to drop this dream. 

If you’re one of these people, then we’ve got great news for you! 

You can get a second chance to qualify for the express entry selection or any other immigration program if you study in Canada.

How is that possible? In our experience, you can effectively rectify your bad CRS score by applying for a study permit. Contrary to normal perception, this also applies to experienced professionals who have long education gap. The study permit doesn’t just fill in the gap in your education background, but it brings with it a string of other benefits. The biggest benefit of them all is boosting your chances to become a permanent resident of Canada. 

This article hopes to explore your prospective journey from a student in Canada to a full-fledged citizen.

Let’s have a look: 

The Solution: Why Is Studying in Canada a Great Option?

Getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for the Express Entry program can be a struggle for some. You can also not always guarantee that a work opportunity in a Canadian firm will come through for you. There are numerous reasons as to why it happens. 

However, our primary focus, for now, is on filling in this gap by applying for a relevant study program in Canada.

Perks of Being an International Student in Canada

International students in Canada are deemed as the most eligible candidates to acquire Canadian citizenship. It’s because they’re seen as culturally aware and well-integrated members of the community because of their college years. Besides this, a respectable Canadian education and work experience grant them a stronger footing in their professional life.

It’s why you should opt to study in Canada if you find it difficult to come here through a Canada PR opportunity.

What’s more? Canadian study permits open up avenues for your family too. This ensures that they can accompany you when you head over to Canada for your education.

Let’s look at how this works:

  • International students can bring your spouse/common-law partner to Canada. Spouses or partners of international students are eligible for an open work permit. This gives spouses a chance to work in Canada under any employer while you’re studying.
  • Your children get access to free Canadian education until grade 12. (This benefit is only applicable to minors in the family)
  • International students can gain financial security by working on a study permit. (Full-time during breaks and part-time during the semester).

Overall, the pathway helps you and your family to settle in Canada on a temporary basis. In the meantime, you get a chance to improve your CRS score with Canadian education and experience.

The Plan: How Will This Work?

For starters, like any other high school or college graduate from around the world, you need to first enroll in a study program.

Let’s look at the major steps for this pathway: 

  • Step 1: Choose your field of interest and seek Canadian colleges or universities that offer degrees related to it. 
  • Step 2: Apply in a designated learning institution. Then use your acceptance letter as a ticket to obtain a study permit in Canada.
  • Step 3: Apply dependent visa for your spouse and/or children and open work permit for your spouse. (Terms and conditions apply.)
  • Step 4: Apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) after you’ve graduated.

That’s it! In four simple steps, you’ve managed to score more points for your CRS score than any other pathway. Then after graduation, you get a chance to start the next phase of your immigration process.

The Aftermath: What Happens Next? 

Once you’ve graduated and qualified for a PGWP, you become eligible for one of the many immigration programs in the country.

Here are our top picks:

  • Express Entry: Skilled workers and practitioners with Canadian education and experience may become eligible for economic class programs i.e. Federal Skilled Worker Program & Canadian Experience Class. 
  • Provincial Nominee Program: Once recruited by regional industries that are on the lookout for specific skills, you may qualify for the PNP program of the respective province where you are employed. 
  • Quebec’s Class Immigration:  This program allows international students that have graduated from Quebec to apply for permanent residency.  It is only possible if you’re proficient in French and meets the requirements of their set criteria.

Do you wish to know more? Find out more about Canadian immigration programs from here.

The Bottom Line 

In a nutshell, taking an educational route to enter Canada is a good way to go. The study permit gives you a chance to experience the country’s diversity, local life, and professional life all at once. You’re also allow

ed to bring your family for set time duration.

Apart from that, you’ll notice that your CRS score increases significantly when you continue studying and working during these years. This advantage makes your pursuit of securing permanent residency in Canada more fruitful. 

All you need is the will to improve your CRS score and seek assistance from knowledgeable immigration consultant.

Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? So don’t waste any time and take the initiative to study in Canada right away.

How Can We Help? 

Elaar Immigration Consulting Inc is a leading immigration consultancy company in Canada and our principal consultant Keshav Sharma is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. We can help even if you are an experienced professional with long education gap to boost your CRS score. We optimize this process by handing you a shortlist of best colleges/universities, managing your paperwork, and doing our best to boost your CRS points. With us by your side, you and your family will be moving to Canada in no time. As they say, we  make the complex simple. 





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