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Canada values international graduates who study at its educational institutions. After all, these international graduates go onto becoming skilled labour who contribute to its economy.

A significant percentage of international graduates apply for Canadian permanent residency after completing their studies and working in the country for a few years. They apply through the Canada Visa Express Entry system after meeting its requirements and typically receive permanent resident status within a year or two of applying. However, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted permanent residency applications for thousands of international graduates in 2020.

These disruptions can be attributed to the temporary border closures the Government was forced to make during the height of the pandemic. This left many applicants in the dark regarding their application status and forced some to leave the country when their temporary resident status expired.

The Government of Canada acknowledges the difficulties these international graduates faced in the past year and are introducing a new public policy to help them achieve permanent residency status.

This new public policy goes into effect on May 6th, 2021, and will run until November 5th, 2021, or until the Government receives 40,000 applications.

Public Policy Requirements for International Graduates

International graduates who wish to apply under this permanent residency public policy will need to meet certain requirements laid out by the Canadian Government. This includes:

Education Requirements

Applicants must have completed a study program at a Designated Learning Institution in Canada that is defined under Section 211.1 of the Regulations. This program should have been completed before applying for permanent residence and should not be before January 2017.

The education institution must be:

  • A public post-secondary institution. This could be either a college, a university, or a trade or technical school.
  • A private post-secondary institution within Quebec which operates under the exact same rules as a public institution in the province.
  • A private or public post-secondary education institution inside Quebec offers programs that are 900 hours or longer in length. These programs must lead to an attestation of vocational specialization or a diploma of vocational studies.
  • A private Canadian institution that is authorized to give degrees under provincial law.

Applicants should have been granted at least one of the following educational credentials after completing their study program from one of the above eligible institutions.

  • A degree for a program that is at least 8 months in duration. This could be an Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or a Doctorate degree.
  • A degree, or diploma, or certificate issued after completing a study program of any duration, as long as it leads to a skilled trade occupation listed in Annex A.

For applicants with one or more diplomas, certificates, or attestations, the following requirements must be met:

  • The study program must be at least eight months in length for each diploma, certificate, or attestation. The combined length for these should be equal to a two-year or 16-month program.
  • For attestation of vocational specialization or a diploma of vocational studies, each program should be a minimum of 900 hours in length. The combined length for the program should be at least 1,800 hours.
  • Only credentials received from January 2017 onwards are eligible.
Applicants must also be authorized to study in Canada.

Employment Requirements

Applicants who wish to apply under this new public policy should also be employed within Canada and must possess valid work authorization such as a work permit. This status must be present when the applicant has applied for permanent residency.

Applicants cannot be self-employed unless working as medical doctors with a fee-for-service setting under the Canadian health authority.

Language Requirements

Applicants must also meet certain language requirements. This includes achieving the language proficiency benchmark 5 in either English or French in the four language skill areas as mentioned under the Canadian Language Benchmark or Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens.

Applicants can demonstrate their English or French language skills by taking an evaluation such as a language test from an approved institute or organization that has been designated as such by the Minister. These evaluation or test results must also be less than two years old at the time of applying for permanent residency.

Residency Status Requirements

  • To be eligible under this new public policy, applicants must also be residing inside Canada along with a valid temporary resident status when their permanent residency application is received.
  • If you have lost your temporary resident status, you may still be able to apply if you are eligible to restore your status.
  • Applicants must also intend to reside in any Canadian province or territory outside of Quebec.

Permanent Residence Application Submission Requirements

All applicants must also have submitted a permanent residency application for this new public policy. This application should have been submitted using forms offered by the Government department implementing this new public policy. You must also meet all the eligibility requirements for your initial permanent residency application.

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