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Canada has consistently been an incredible nation for providing opportunities to international business people and innovative individuals. To attract imaginative thoughts and incredible creative personalities, the Canadian federal and provincial governments have launched Business Visa Programs to make new openings and to support economic expansion.

With such vast numbers of extraordinary things about Canada, who wouldn’t have any desire to move to that nation? Something that makes Canada such an appealing country for numerous potential competitors is the economic conditions of Canada. The Canadian Government is inviting foreign nationals who need to enter the nation, settle down, and start their own business in Canada.

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply for immigration, and the Canadian Government makes efforts to promote and help them in setting the business. There is a win-win situation for the Canadian Government and the entrepreneurs applying for a business visa; the entrepreneur gets a wide range of money as well as investment-related help, the entire infrastructure, and access to a huge North American market through Canada. On the other hand, the entrepreneur is making genuine necessary employment for the local Canadian people and earning an income stream for the nation.

The Government of Canada is so anxious to acquire more entrepreneurs that they have come up with a different business visa and immigration programs to simplify and accelerate the visa processing time for the individuals who are willing to enter the country as entrepreneurs or start-up planners. The “Business Immigration Programs” allows them to migrate to Canada.


The Canadian Business Immigration Program intends to open new opportunities in the locality by inviting the persons having the skills and knowledge to help to develop it. Depending on the qualification and requirements, an individual can apply for a specific type of business visa.

Numerous newcomers who are eager to set up the business in Canada may accept that beginning the company is primarily related to innovative ideas. Your creative ideas and the proper business plan would help you to acquire a Canada business visa. One can either think of new business ideas or modify the current businesses before applying for a Canada business visa.

Establishing a business and obtaining a Canada business visa may appear to be overpowering. The procedure for Canada’s business visa is strict, so it’s better to move ahead by following the necessary steps. This guide helps to assist you in making your fantasy real about obtaining a Canada business visa.

The Canadian Business Immigration Program and Business visas aim to help advance and build Canada’s economy by inviting the business tycoons, industrialists, the independently employed, business persons and financial specialists who are not yet Canadian residents. There are multiple Business Visa and Immigration Programs accessible at federal and provincial level.


A business plan is perhaps one of the most crucial documents in your application for business immigration. Any mistake or misinformation in the business plan can lead to your application being refused, and you will need to re-start the process leading to loss of time, money and opportunity.

The main objective of a business plan for a business visa is to showcase that you have concrete plans to run a successful business venture. It is vital because it shows that any new business or investment that you are in charge of has a fair chance of also being successful. The plan should include your projections for the future. This will showcase your ability to take into account the financial and economic environment into which you are moving. It also must focus on what your plans are to contribute to the Canadian economy and generate employment for Canadians and permanent residents. The chances of getting business immigration to Canada are low if these two critical aspects don’t come out very strongly in your business plan. And this is where the business experts at Elaar Immigration come to your help with their professional business consulting, and a solid business plan apart from the immigration advice they provide throughout the process. It might seem that some of the details are small and seemingly inconsequential, but this is the kind of information if you miss or get wrong, it will make a massive difference to the outcome of your application.


  • Self Employed Program – This program concentrates on the individuals who are well – equipped for generating their businesses who are sufficient to contribute physically, socially or masterfully to Canada’s work showcase. Individuals with adequate assets and significant work experience can apply for the Self-Employed Program.
  • Start-up Visa Program – This is for individuals who aim to come into the nation, obtain capital and money related help from Canadian associations, and then start their new business when they settle in the country.
  • Provincial Business Immigration Programs – Each province and territory have devised their own business immigration programs to attract business owners and entrepreneurs from across the globe. Since their needs and sectors to be promoted are different, hence the programs being offered by each are also different.

These business programs are structured only for the individuals who intend to come to Canada, open their businesses, and begin making income for the nation. Which plan suits you the best? To know more, you should converse with a Canada immigration consultant who can properly direct you as to which business visa and immigration program will be more qualified for your business plan.


The qualifications for each business visa and immigration Canada program vary depending on the work experience, education, age, and so on.

Self Employed Business Immigration Plan – For this business visa type, it is essential to score the necessary points. More the points you gain, the chances are better, and the better your odds are of being drawn from the pool of applicants who apply.

To qualify the eligibility criteria for this business visa, an applicant has to fulfil the following points:

  • They should have a minimum of two years of professional experience with their ideal occupation within the five years of the date of utilization.
  • Validate the feasibility and independence of the proposed business.
  • Realistically show the techniques by which they will effectively add to Canada’s economy.
  • An elegantly composed business strategy with a specific business plan that displays the feasibility of a candidate’s proposed business can be a powerful resource when included with an application. Canada Immigration consultants help numerous business people to make their strategies and adequately specify their business plan.

Start-up Business Visa Plan – The Start-Up Business Visa Program joins fruitful candidates with private area associations in Canada who can give financing and their ability to set up and working a business in Canada. Candidates who are thriving under this new Canadian movement program will be allowed their permanent residency in Canadian.

The selection procedure is rigid as it requires a Letter of Support from an assigned Canadian funding firm, angel investors or venture capital firms. These associations finance new companies dependent on a fabulous and feasible idea for well -develop business strategy.

Canada’s Start-up Business Visa Program targets foreign national business owners with the abilities and potential to manufacture organizations in Canada which:

  • Should be imaginative and innovative;
  • Can generate jobs for Canadians; and
  • Can compete on a worldwide scale

To meet all the requirements for a Start-up visa program, you should:

  • Have a passing business or a solid business idea. If you have a solid business idea, then more associations will contribute to you.
  • Get a letter of support from an assigned association that is eager to put resources into your solid business idea.
  • There is a base degree of capital that you have to get your hands on before submitting the visa application.
    Meet the language requirements of CLB 5, which is a foundation for anyone moving to Canada.
  • Show that you have enough finance to settle and live in Canada before you bring in cash from your business and that you won’t be reliant on government offices to help you.

A letter of support is mandatory from an assigned association that demonstrates they are willing and happy to invest resources into and bolster your start-up. These associations include:

  • Funding Firms (Venture Capital Firms) – $200,000 investment;
  • Angel Investor Groups – $75,000 investment; and
  • Business Incubators.

Mandatory Pointers for the Start-up Business Visa Program:

  • Should have a qualifying business
  • Get a letter of support from an assigned association
  • Achieve the language necessities
  • Should have enough amount of finance for settlement

Provincial Business Immigration Programs

There are multiple business immigration programs being offered by Canadian provinces and territories and to determine which one is the best for you, an experienced and licensed immigration consultant might be of great help who can help you steer the eligibility criteria’s and the complex application process.


The Elaar Immigration consultants are knowledgeable in suggesting suitable business visa plan for every organization and association. If you are planning to get a business visa by investing resources in Canada, experts and immigration consultants at Elaar Immigration will ensure that your business visa documentation is submitted effectively and on schedule.

The Elaar immigration consultants will likewise advise you on the business visa choices most appropriate to your profile. Elaar Immigration has expert immigration consultants that can direct you through your business visa application and the immigration programs. Contact Elaar immigration today, and we will be happy to help.


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