British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)

The British Columbia PNP offers various streams for skilled workers, healthcare professionals, international graduates, post-graduates and entrepreneurs who intend to live in BC province. Apply for BC PNP with licensed experts.

What is BC PNP?

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) is an immigration program offered by the Government of British Columbia. It has unique streams and categories to select and nominate foreign-skilled workers, international graduates, post-graduates, health workers and entrepreneurs. Each BC PNP Program has distinct eligibility requirements catering to different categories of immigrants willing to move to British Columbia. This comprehensive guide will cover all the streams under British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program.

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31 May 2023

BC PNP Latest Draw May 30 2023 ~ 196 Invitations

In the BC PNP Latest Draw, British Columbia invited 196 candidates under the General and Targeted draws, with minimum scores ranging from 60 to 107 based on occupation and other…

British Columbia PNP Streams

To apply for the BC PNP, newcomers can choose from three paths:

  • BC PNP Skills Immigration (SI): This stream is for foreign-skilled and semi-skilled workers in high-demand occupations.
  • Express Entry BC (EEBC): a fast track stream which connects BC PNP to Express Entry through points-based invitations.
  • BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration (EI):  a unique PR pathway for entrepreneurs having the required experience and investment amount to start a business in B.C.
  • BC PNP Tech: Fastest PNP program for tech workers who intend to live and work in BC province.
BC PNP Streams
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BC PNP Skills Immigration

British Columbia aims to attract skilled immigrants to the province through the BC PNP Skills Immigration category programs. The BC PNP Categories under this stream are suited for skilled foreign workers and international students (both graduates and post-graduates) who possess the skills, education, and/or experience to benefit BC’s economy. The programs under the BC PNP Skills Immigration Category are as follows:

BC PNP StreamRequirementsIs a job required?Application Fees
Skilled Workera BC employer's full-time, indefinite job offer in a NOC TEER Category 0, 1, 2, or 3, with wages commensurate with BC wage rates, and at least two years of relevant work experienceYes$1,150
International GraduateOffer of a full-time, indefinite position from a BC company in a NOC TEER Category 1, 2, or 3, at B.C. wage rates, and recent graduation from a Canadian post-secondary institution that qualifiesYes$1,150
International Post-Graduatecompletion of a BC Master's or PhD in a natural science, applied science, or health-related fieldYes$1,150
Healthcare AuthorityEmployment offer from a BC public health authorityYes$1,150
Entry Level and Semi-Skilleda qualifying NOC TEER 4 or 5 occupation and a full-time, indefinite job offer from a BC company, as well as at least 9 months of relevant work experienceYes$1,150

1. BC PNP Skilled Worker

The BC PNP Skilled Worker stream offers an immigration route to skilled workers in specific professions, technical, management, trades, and other occupations.

2. BC PNP Health Authority

The BC PNP Health Authority is a unique immigration stream for healthcare professionals working under BC’s health authority, including physicians, nurses, and midwives.

3. BC PNP Entry-Level and Semi-Skilled (ELSS)

The BC PNP ELSS stream allows foreign workers working for British Columbia employers in Entry-Level and Semi-Skilled occupations and specific industries to receive permanent residence.

4. BC PNP International Graduate

The BC PNP International Graduate stream is for individuals who graduated from a Canadian College or University and possess a job offer from a recognized Canadian employer. For this, an applicant must earn a degree, diploma, or certificate from an approved post-secondary school in Canada.

5. BC PNP International Post-Graduate

The BC PNP International Post-Graduate offers an immigration pathway to international students with a Master’s or Doctorate in an eligible program from a British Columbia University. This stream stands out because it does not require applicants to possess a job offer in BC.

  • Application Fee:  CAD 1,150 for processing. Additional CAD 500 for application review.
  • Processing time: approx. 4 months for general BC PNP Skills Immigration categories, 3 months for BC PNP Tech category
  • Minimum Requirements:
    • Full-time job offer TEER 4 or 5 (except International Post-Graduate Category)
    • A wage offer that is aligned with the provincial wage rate (except in the International Post-Graduate Category);
    • Applicants must be able to support themselves and their families
      (except for the International Post-Graduate Category)
    • Language requirements for TEER 2, 3, 4, or 5 must be CLB level 4 in all competencies.
    • Must meet any additional requirements specific to your category;
    • Also, employers must meet eligibility criteria (except for international postgraduates).

BC PNP Skills Immigration Process (Step by Step)

The general process for the Skills Immigration category is described below.

BC PNP Process Step by Step

1. BC PNP Registration

Applicants must first create their online profile using the BCPNP Online portal. This registration process is not necessary for Health Authority and International Post-Graduate category applicants.

BC PNP applicants will then be entered into a pool of candidates and chosen based on their Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) score. This BC PNP point system helps filter out the most desirable candidates.

2. Invitation to Apply

Successful BC PNP candidates will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) and will need to complete an application through the BC PNP Online System within thirty days, pay BC PNP fees, and submit supporting documents.

3. Nomination

The province will nominate successful candidates for permanent residence. They will also receive additional points for their Express Entry application.

4. Applying for Permanent Residence

  • Applicants can then apply for permanent residence through one of the Federal programs under the Express Entry system.
  • Applicants should note that the BC PNP processing time for the Skills Immigration category is approximately three months.

What is Express Entry BC?

Express Entry BC (EEBC) stream is for immigrants already in the Express Entry pool. It should be noted that applicants must also be eligible through one of the existing federal immigration programs to apply through Express Entry. These programs are the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class.

BC PNP StreamIs a job required?RequirementsApplication Fees
EEBC Skilled WorkerYesMust have at least two years of skilled job experience (TEER 0, 1, 2, 3)$1,150
EEBC Health AuthorityYesMust have a letter of recommendation from a Health Authority group in British Columbia and at least two years of experience as a doctor, nurse, psychiatric nurse, or other allied health professional$1,150
EEBC International GraduateYesMust have received a diploma from an accredited institution or university within the previous three years$1,150
EEBC International Post GraduateNoMust have completed a Master's or PhD programme in the natural, applied, or health sciences at a university in British Columbia$1,150
  • Application fee: $1,150 Canadian
  • Processing time: approx. 4 months for general BC PNP Skills Immigration categories, 3 months for BC PNP Tech category
  • Minimum Requirements:
    • must be in good standing in the federal Express Entry programme
    • must possess an Express Entry Job Seeker Validation Code
    • must have a full-time job offer (except for the International Post-Graduate Category)
    • must have a job offer that is in line with B.C. wage rates (except for the International Post-Graduate Category)
    • must be able to support your family and yourself (not required for the International Post-Graduate Category)
    • must fulfil the necessary language criteria (not required for the International Post-Graduate Category)
    • must fulfil additional criteria unique to your category
    • employer eligibility is also required (not required for the International Post-Graduate Category)
BC PNP Score Calculator

BC PNP Score Calculator 2023

Check your SIRS points using our Free BC PNP Score Calculator.


BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration

British Columbia aims to attract foreign entrepreneurs and business people who can invest in and operate businesses in the province through BC PNP Entrepreneur Streams. Such businesses help create jobs for Canadian citizens and permanent residents, benefiting the economy. This BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration category contains the following three streams:

BC PNP Entrepreneur CategoryMinimum RequirementsIs Job Offer Required?Application fees
Base Category
  • Experience in business or management

  • Minimum investment of $200,000 and Net Worth of $600,000

  • Own at least 33,3% of the company and add at least one new position

No$CAD 300 Registration
+$CAD 3,500 Processing
+$CAD 1,000 per key staff
Regional Pilot
  • Business or management experience, and min CLB 4 in English or French

  • Minimum investment of $100,000 and Net Worth of $300,000.

  • Own min 51% of the business, in an area with a population of 75,000 or less

  • Creation of min 1 new job

No$CAD300 Registration
+$CAD 3,500 Processing
+$CAD 1,000 per key staff

1. Base Category

The BC PNP Entrepreneur Base Category offers an immigration route for foreign entrepreneurs who intend to set up a new business or buy a pre-existing business in British Columbia and operate it. BC uses a points-based online system to choose the highest-ranked investors with the most economically feasible company ideas from the pool. You need CAD 200,000 to immigrate through this British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program.

2. Regional Pilot Program

BC PNP Regional Pilot is for foreign entrepreneurs who intend to set up a new business in specific regional communities of British Columbia with local support. This business must benefit the community’s economy and align with its development goals. You can immigrate through BC PNP Regional Pilot if you invest a minimum of CAD 100,000.

BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Process

The application process for the BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration stream is summarized below:

  • Make an exploratory visit to British Columbia
  • Register with the BC PNP and enter the pool of candidates.
  • Once you get selected, submit the application.
  • Obtain a work permit and come to BC to implement the business plan.
  • Receive a nomination after fulfilling the conditions and terms in the Business Performance Agreement.
  • Apply for permanent residence through IRCC.


Foreign tech workers and students can apply for permanent residency in the BC province and contribute to its economic expansion through the BC PNP Tech Program. It is an initiative introduced in 2017 to help meet the high demand for tech labour in British Columbia’s technology sector.

  • Application fee: $1,150 CAD
  • Processing time: approx. 2-3 months
  • Minimum Requirements:
    • must meet the general requirements of BC PNP (mentioned later in this guide)
    • must meet the eligibility requirements for at least one of the categories under the Skills Immigration Stream
    • must possess a job offer in an eligible BC PNP Tech occupation in the technology sector.
    • an eligible employer must issue a job offer in the province, and for a full-time position, the offer must also be genuine
    • job offer must be more than a year in length will continue to be eligible for the Tech

BC PNP: Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS)

The Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) allows the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) to prioritize candidates for provincial nomination. It is similar to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) used for federal immigration programs.

By answering a few simple questions, you can use our BC PNP Points Calculator to determine your SIRS score. Currently, all BC PNP immigration categories subject to the SIRS require candidates to accept an offer of indeterminate, full-time employment from a BC employer.

Skills Immigration Registration System candidates can earn up to 190 points based on the following factors.

SIRS Score Breakdown (200 points)

The table below shows the maximum points an individual can get as per the SIRS for the BC PNP program.

Scoring FactorsScoring SectionsMax. Points
Hourly Wage of B.C. Job Offer55
Are within B.C.25
Directly Related Work Experience40
Highest Level of Education40
Total Points Available200

1. Economic Factors (80 Points)

Economic factors constitute the bulk of the points for the BC PNP program. These include factors related to the job offer, including annual wage, and the regional district of the job offer. Candidates with a job offer in certain districts receive higher points. There are also additional points if the candidate is presently working with the organization that has made the job offer.

1.1 BC PNP Wage Requirement (55 Points)

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) has wage requirements that applicants must meet. These requirements vary depending on the specific program or stream you are applying to within the BC PNP. The wage requirements are typically based on factors like the annual wage in British Columbia, the area of residence in British Columbia, the number of dependents, and the nature of the job offer.

Hourly Wages if the BC Job Offer

Hourly Wage of the B.C. Job OfferPoints
$70.00 and above55
$69.00 to $69.9954
$68.00 to $68.9953
$67.00 to $67.9952
$66.00 to $66.9951
$65.00 to $65.9950
$64.00 to $64.9949
$63.00 to $63.9948
$62.00 to $62.9947
$61.00 to $61.9946
$60.00 to $60.9945
$59.00 to $59.9944
$58.00 to $58.9943
$57.00 to $57.9942
$56.00 to $56.9941
$55.00 to $55.9940
$54.00 to $54.9939
$53.00 to $53.9938
$52.00 to $52.9937
$51.00 to $51.9936
$50.00 to $50.9935
$49.00 to $49.9934
$48.00 to $48.9933
$47.00 to $47.9932
$46.00 to $46.9931
$45.00 to $45.9930
$44.00 to $44.9929
$43.00 to $43.9928
$42.00 to $42.9927
$41.00 to $41.9926
$40.00 to $40.9925
$39.00 to $39.9924
$38.00 to $38.9923
$37.00 to $37.9922
$36.00 to $36.9921
$35.00 to $35.9920
$34.00 to $34.9919
$33.00 to $33.9918
$32.00 to $32.9917
$31.00 to $31.9916
$30.00 to $30.9915
$29.00 to $29.9914
$28.00 to $28.9913
$27.00 to $27.9912
$26.00 to $26.9911
$25.00 to $25.9910
$24.00 to $24.999
$23.00 to $23.998
$22.00 to $22.997
$21.00 to $21.996
$20.00 to $20.995
$19.00 to $19.994
$18.00 to $18.993
$17.00 to $17.992
$16.00 to $16.991
Less than $16.000
Maximum Score Available55

1.2 Area within B.C. (25 Points)

This factor aims to incentivize newcomers to settle in specific areas within British Columbia, such as regional areas that may require more population growth or economic development.

Area of employment within B.C.Points
Area 1: Metro Vancouver Regional District0
Area 2: Squamish, Abbotsford, Agassiz, Mission, and Chilliwack5
Area 3: Areas of B.C. not included in Area 1 or 215
Additional points:
Regional Experience, or10
Regional Alumni
Maximum Score Available25

2. Human Capital Factors (120 Points)

Human Capital Factors play a crucial role in determining a candidate’s eligibility and score. These factors are a key part of the scoring system used by BC PNP for selecting candidates.

2.1 Directly Related Work Experience (40 Points)

Individuals who want to apply for the BC PNP Program must show relevant industry experience. The applicant’s work experience should directly relate to the job offer. Fresh international graduates with no work experience are not eligible for the program. Applicants will receive additional points if they have resided in Canada for at least one year before applying for the British Columbia Program.

Direct Related Work Experience

Directly Related Work Experience in the
Occupation of B.C. Job Offer
60+ months
48 to 59 months16
36 to 47 months12
24 to 35 months8
12 months to 23 months4
Less than 12 months1
Additional points:
At least 1 year of directly related experience in Canada10
Currently working full-time in B.C. for the
employer in the occupation identified in the BC
PNP registration
Maximum Points Available

2.2 Education (40 Points)

The education credentials of the applicant should also relate to the tech position. BC PNP sector positions generally require post-secondary education. The degree must be directly related to the profession.

Candidates will receive additional points for post-secondary education in Canada, particularly in British Columbia. Moreover, there are additional points if the candidates have received an educational assessment from a qualified institution. Individuals with Industry Training Authority British Columbia (ITAB) certification also get additional points.

Education Points Breakdown

Education LevelPoints
Master’s or Doctorate/PhD27
Post-Graduate Certificate or Diploma*22
Bachelor’s Degree15
Post-secondary Diploma/Certificate (Trades)**15
Associate Degree5
Post-secondary Diploma/Certificate (Non-trades)5
Secondary School (High School) or Less0
Additional points:
(NOTE: you can only receive additional points for ONE of the
Post-secondary education completed in B.C.8
Post-secondary education completed in Canada (outside of B.C.)6
Additional points for professional designation in B.C.5
Maximum Score Available40

2.3 Language (40 Points)

The applicant should demonstrate suitable language proficiency in English or French. The mark requirements and criteria for the BC PNP program change over time. Contact a Canadian immigration agent to learn about the minimum passing marks to qualify for the Tech program.

Language Points

Canadian Language Benchmark Level (CLB)Points
Below 40
No test0
Maximum Score Available40

General Requirements for BC PNP

Prospective applicants who intend to apply for immigration through a BC Provincial Nominee Program should thoroughly understand the BC PNP requirements. Each program has distinct requirements, so prospective candidates must ensure they meet them before applying.

1. Intention to Live in BC

Applicants must intend to reside, work, and settle in British Columbia. This evidence could include the following:

  • the length of any prior and/or ongoing residence in British Columbia;
  • work, education, or familial ties to British Columbia; and/or
  • a list of any steps done to settle in British Columbia, such as getting a job or a place to live.

2. Provide Economic Benefits to BC

The applicant’s presence in British Columbia must economically benefit the province. They can meet this requirement if they:

  • help maintain or create jobs for Canadians
  • transfer their skills and knowledge to Canadians
  • support new product development
  • contribute to the workforce for a significant project

3. Valid Immigration Status in Canada

The BC PNP will not nominate a candidate if:

  • the candidate is living in Canada out of status.
  • illegally working in Canada
  • have an unresolved refugee claim in Canada
  • is under a removal order in or outside of Canada or requires Authorization to return to Canada.

4. Language Requirements

Applicants must possess a minimum language proficiency score of CLB 4 on a recognized language test if their job offer is for an occupation that falls under NOC TEER 2, 3, 4 or 5. No language proficiency requirement exists for applicants whose job offer is for an occupation under NOC TEER 0 or 1.

Additional requirements apply to all BC PNP Skills Immigration categories that require a job offer:

5. Signed Job Offer Letter

Most BC PNP Skills Immigration and EEBC categories require to submit of a signed job offer letter
from an eligible B.C. employer.

  • your occupation must be eligible under the category you selected.
  • the job offer must be full-time employment (30 hours per week, year-round).
  • the job offer needs to be signed and dated by a BC Employer or a person who is authorized to hire employees in the company.
  • the offer letter must be signed and dated by the candidate confirming the acceptance of the job offer.
  • the candidate must be appointed on a continuous basis.

6. Income Requirements

Applicants must earn a minimum annual income of $26,426 CAD if their job is in Metro Vancouver Regional District. This requirement is $22,024 CAD if their job is in other parts of British Columbia.

7. Wages

Applicants must be offered a wage rate that is comparable to the wages paid to Canadian citizens and permanent residents with similar education, experience, and training.

8. Qualifications

The applicant must be qualified to perform the duties for the occupation their job offer is in.
If the offered employment requires obligatory certification, licensing, or registration, you must submit proof to the BC PNP at the time of application. You will have to demonstrate that you fulfill these requirements, or that you will achieve them soon.

9. Employer Requirements

A candidate needs the support of an eligible employer to come to Canada through the BC Provincial Nominee Program’s Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC streams. Your employer will have to meet specific requirements to be able to maintain your application.

Check all BC PNP Employer Requirements here.

BC PNP Score Calculator

BC PNP Score Calculator 2023

Check your SIRS points using our Free BC PNP Score Calculator.


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