A Guide to BC PNP Entrepreneur Base Category

Immigrate to British Columbia with family as an entrepreneur or investor. Apply for BC PNP Entrepreneur Base Category to obtain Canadian PR through investment.

About the BC PNP Entrepreneur Base Category

The BC PNP program offers several pathways within the BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Stream for those entrepreneurs and investors who would like to obtain a Canadian PR through investment and settle in British Columbia with their families. One of them is the BC PNP Entrepreneur Base Category, aimed at people with high net worth and relevant experience in establishing and managing a business.

The BC PNP Entrepreneur Base Category offers an immigration pathway for experienced business people and entrepreneurs who plan to start a new business or acquire ownership over an existing one in British Columbia.

BC PNP Entrepreneur Base Category

BC PNP Entrepreneur Base Category Requirements

To qualify for the BC PNP Entrepreneur Base Category program, you will be required to meet the following personal, job, business and investment requirements and follow a specific process. Make sure you understand this process well and start getting ready for the application as early as possible to increase your chances.

Work Experience

  • Entrepreneur applicants must possess more than 36 months of work experience in a business ownership role.
  • Alternatively, they must possess more than 48 months of work experience in a senior management role.
  • A combination of 12 months of business ownership and 24 months of senior management experience is also acceptable.
  • Applicants must gain this work experience within the last ten years.

Net Worth

Applicants must possess a net worth of at least $600,000 CAD. It must include your own personal net worth as well as the personal net worth of any dependent children you may have. You must be able to obtain and verify your net worth lawfully.

Minimum Investment

Applicants must invest a minimum of $200,000 CAD. The proposed investment must be directed toward one business location.


  • Applicants must possess a post-secondary education credential such as a degree or diploma from a University or College.
  • They can bypass this requirement if they have worked as a business owner for three years in the last five years with 100% ownership of the business.

Business Proposal

Applicants must submit a business proposal if they wish to start a new business or acquire an existing one in British Columbia.

Business Ownership Amount

Applicants must possess a 33.3% or greater ownership share in the business.

Job Creation

The business must create one or more full-time jobs for Canadian citizens or Canadian permanent residents.

Language Proficiency

  • Applicants must demonstrate their fluency in English or French by scoring a minimum of CLB 4 in a language test.
  • They must submit valid proof of their language proficiency when they submit their Final Report.

Exploratory VIsit

Although it is not required for BC PNP Entrepreneur Program’s Base Category, it is highly recommended for better chances of application approval.

BC PNP Program

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Step-by-Step Process: BC PNP Entrepreneur Base Category

Applicants who meet the above requirements can begin the BC PNP Entrepreneur Base Category process using the following steps:

Stage 1

  • Research & Preparation
  • Registration
  • Receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA)
  • Application Assessment
  • Performance Agreement

Stage 2

  • Applying for a Temporary Work Permit Before Arriving in BC
  • Establishing the Business After Arriving in BC
  • Receiving a Nomination for Permanent Residence
  • Applying For Permanent Residence

Stage 1

1. Research & Preparation

Applicants must first determine their eligibility based on the British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration Base Category requirements mentioned above. Prospective entrepreneurs are encouraged to visit British Columbia and research the various business opportunities in the province. This visit also offers them a chance to make business contacts and learn how business operations are conducted in BC.

2. BC PNP Registration

Next, applicants must complete their registration for the BC PNP Entrepreneur Base Category. This involves creating a profile and submitting their registration online with the BC PNP. This registration form includes key details about the applicant’s work or business ownership experience, language proficiency, education, net worth, and information about the business being set up or acquired.

A non-refundable registration fee of $300 CAD will be charged at the time of BC PNP registration submission. A maximum of 200 registrations will be accepted every month by the BC PNP.

Applicants are then assigned scores based on their answers. These scores are divided into two sections; Self-declared and Business concept.

Self-Declared Scoring (120 points)

You can score up to 120 points in Self-declared scoring section:

  • Experience & Ownership: 24 points
  • Net Worth: 12 points
  • Total Personal Investment: 20 points
  • Jobs: 20 points
  • Regional District: 12 points
  • Adaptability: 32 points

Business Concept (80 points)

In this section you can score up to 80 points.

  • Commercial Viability: 30 points
  • Transferability of Skills: 20 points
  • Economic Benefits: 30 points

3. Receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA)

The most qualified candidates can apply for Canada PR under the BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration stream. Once you receive an invitation, you will have four months to prepare all the required information and submit your application through the BC PNP online system.

There are no set quotas for invitations from the BC PNP. The annual provincial nomination allocations are determined by the IRCC that defines the frequency and the number of invitations issued by the BC PNP. It also depends on their ability to process the applications.

If you do not get an invitation to apply, you can try to improve your registration score and re-submit your information again. You may want to suggest a new business idea or improve such components of your profile as age, Canadian work experience, English or French language level, etc. You can submit a new registration if you are not invited to apply within half a year since your first one.

4. Application

After getting selected to proceed with application, BC PNP will want to review the candidate’s personal net worth and verify proof of funds you claimed to have when submitting your registration information.

Certain applicants may also be required to undergo an in-person interview in Vancouver. If the BC PNP approves the application, the applicant will be asked to sign a “performance agreement”. This agreement describes several requirements the applicant must meet if they wish to be nominated.

Net Worth Review

BC PNP will want to review your personal net worth and verify proof of funds you claimed to have when submitting your registration information. An authorized accounting firm will conduct a financial review by assessing your supporting documentation. Read and follow the instructions provided by the chartered accounting professionals in your invitation to apply. When the assessment is completed, BC PNP and you will receive a report.

Processing Fee

You will be required to submit the requested documentation to support your registration profile and pay a non-refundable $3,500 CAD processing fee at the application stage.


BC PNP may also invite you for an in-person interview to discuss your business plan in further detail and assess your business and work experience. The final opinion regarding your application will be made based on your application, business plan and interview.

Performance Agreement

If the applicant’s BC PNP EI Base Category application is approved, they will be asked to sign a Performance Agreement. This is a list of terms and conditions the applicant and their business must abide by to receive a permanent residence nomination. This performance agreement may include:

  • A description of business you will own and operate and its location.
  • Eligible investment amounts.
  • Information on the Canadian jobs the business will create.
  • Active management requirement.
  • Residency requirements
  • Timeframes regarding any commitments.

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Stage 2

5. Applying for a Temporary Work Permit Before Arriving in Ontario

Once the application has been approved, applicants can apply for a work permit. This work permit allows them to work in Canada and perform different activities related to establishing or acquiring their business.

This includes making investments, creating jobs, and hiring workers. An applicant’s spouse or common-law-partner may apply for an open work permit during this stage if they are accompanying them to Canada.

6. Establishing the Business After Arriving in British Columbia

You will need to build your business according to the terms and conditions of the Performance Agreement you signed with the provincial government.

The BC PNP will issue you a letter of support, which you can use to apply to the IRCC for a Canada work visa for a 365 days (12 months). Your dependents can move to BC with you.

Building the business

Within a given period of up to 20 months, you will be expected to implement your business plan in BC. You should demonstrate that you can actively operate your business and meet all the requirements set for you by the BC PNP. Within the period of 18 to 20 months, you will need to submit your final report to BC PNP.

Submitting the Final Report

You must submit a final report to the BC PNP between 550 to 610 days (~18 to 2 months) after the issuance date of your valid work visa.

Work Permit Extensions After Arrival

  • In case your work permit gets expired within 120 days (approximately four months), you must
    contact en.imm@gov.bc.ca to request a work permit support letter.
  • It will allow you to apply to IRCC to extend your work permit.
  • The BC PNP may request evidence to confirm you are meeting the terms of your signed performance agreement.

7. Receiving a Nomination for Permanent Residence

Applicants who meet all the BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Base Category requirements can then submit a special “Final Report” with the BC PNP. The province will then review the applicant’s performance and assess if they have met the terms and conditions of the performance agreement. Successful entrepreneurs will then be nominated for permanent residence.

8. Applying For Permanent Residence

Once the applicant has been nominated, they may complete and submit an application for permanent residence with IRCC. The confirmation of nomination is valid for 180 days (~ 6 months).

You must apply for permanent residence prior to the expiry date on your confirmation of nomination. The applicant’s common-law partner or spouse and dependent children can also apply for permanent resident status during this final step.

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FAQ: BC PNP Entrepreneur Base Category


1. What are the general requirements to receive a nomination?


• The applicant’s business must be beneficial to the economic development of British Columbia.
• There must be a strong intent to permanently settle and become economically established in the province.
• The information mentioned in the application must be complete, accurate and reliable.
• The candidate must be an active part of the management of their eligible business from within B.C.

2. What will be the personal net worth?

You must have a minimum of $600,000 in personal net worth, which includes the personal net worth of your spouse or common-law partner, and your dependent children, if applicable.

3. If a franchise is considered as an eligible business?

If the proposed franchise is well-established, good financial track record and operational for a minimum of five years, it may be considered as an eligible business.

4. What are the businesses in regulated industries in B.C?

There are certain industries demand significant regulatory requirements in B.C. If the candidate does not properly address the regulatory requirements of the proposed industry, the BC PNP will not approve the application. Some of the highly regulated industries are:
• Agriculture, agri-food & aquaculture
• Cannabis, tobacco, and alcohol production, distribution or retailing
• Child care, schools and educational institutions
• Financial services and trading
• Forestry and mining
• Healthcare and life sciences
• Oil and gas
• Passenger transportation
• Pharmacology
• Residential care facilities
• Telecommunications

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