BC PNP Veterinary Care Category

Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of animals? Do you have adequate educational qualifications and skillsets to pursue your dream job in veterinary care? Suppose you are passionate about animal care and want to continue a dream job in beautiful British Columbia. In that case, the BC PNP Veterinary Care Category allows you to settle in one of Canada’s most demanding and vibrant provinces.

Importance of Veterinary Professionals in British Columbia

In 2023, the British Columbia government doubled the number of subsidized seats for aspirants who want to train in animal care. Veterinary science is critical in the province primarily because of B.C. farmers and ranchers. There are also new business plans for animal health care centres to address the veterinary need for cattle and large animals.

Veterinary professionals in B.C. play a critical role in the welfare of animals, including cattle, domestic animals, and even pets. Veterinary science also contributes significantly to public health, food safety and the overall health of communities in the province.

Here are some key highlights of veterinary care in British Columbia:

  • Veterinary professionals in the province ensure the health and welfare of domesticated animals, including pets, livestock and zoo animals.
  • They are responsible for controlling the spread of diseases among animals. They manage the outbreak and biosecurity measures and minimize the risk of disease transmission.
  • Veterinary professionals also play an essential role in food security. They guide animal husbandry practices, inspect animal foods, and enforce regulations related to quality and food safety.
  • There is ample scope for research and development in the province. The aim is to create advanced veterinary medicines and improve animal health outcomes, animal nutrition, genetics and veterinary technology.

Veterinary Care Occupations & Requirements

In January 2024, British Columbia made headlines by launching targeted draws for BC PNP veterinary care jobs, a significant change from its regular draws that focus on childcare, healthcare, IT, and the construction sector. For those working in the veterinary care industry, this is a fresh opportunity.

Workers with job offers in the following occupations may benefit from targeted invitations:

TEER CategoryNOCOccupation Title
131103 Veterinarians
232104 Animal health technologists and veterinary technicians

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Opportunities in Veterinary Care

Priority occupations like these may receive targeted invitations upon registration submission, providing a unique avenue for individuals in the veterinary care field.

Qualifications for Veterinarians in BC Public Service

To practice a complete spectrum of professional veterinary work in the BC Public Service, veterinarians must:

  • Possess a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree or an equivalent
  • Be licensed by the British Columbia Veterinary Medical Association
  • Have graduated from an accredited university

Responsibilities of a Veterinarian

The responsibilities of a veterinarian in this field can include:

  • Investigating, finding, and preventing diseases of various livestock
  • Advising various organizations and agencies regarding animal health and husbandry
  • Conducting research and development in the field of veterinary care
  • Developing and maintaining a congenial relationship with fellow veterinarians, stakeholders, and various governmental agencies

Additional Roles of a Veterinarian

Moreover, the role of a veterinarian in this profession may also involve:

  • Involvement in special projects requiring particular expertise
  • Staying abreast of present veterinary practices, as well as all applicable acts and regulations

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