BC PNP Entry-Level or Semi-Skilled Category

BC PNP Entry-Level and Semi-Skilled Category is a special immigration pathway for applicants who fall under the specific ELSS-eligible occupations list.

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The BC PNP Entry-Level and Semi-Skilled immigration stream is a special program in British Columbia’s Skills Immigration category. This provincial program offers an excellent immigration pathway for workers in specific entry-level and semi-skilled occupations. This immigration guide will offer an overview of the BC PNP Entry-Level and Semi-Skilled and its requirements.

What is the Entry-Level and Semi-Skilled Stream?

The Entry-Level and Semi-Skilled (ELSS) stream is a unique program that allows foreign workers working for British Columbia employers in specific occupations and industries to receive permanent residence. This includes tourism, hospitality, food processing, healthcare, and long-haul trucking occupations.

The ELSS BC PNP stands out because it offers an immigration pathway for people that may not be eligible for other skills-based immigration programs.

BC PNP ELSS Category Requirements

Prospective skilled worker applicants must meet the following requirements to qualify for the BC PNP ELSS stream:

1. General Requirements

These are the common eligibility requirements that apply to all BC PNP Skills Immigration categories, includes:

  • Intention to Live in BC
  • Economic Benefit to British Columbia
  • Minimum Language Requirements (CLB 4)
  • Valid Immigration Status in Canada

There are some additional requirements if you have a job offer.

Skills Immigration General Requirements

2. Job Offer

Applicants must possess a signed job offer letter for full-time employment in a National Occupation Code (NOC) level C and D occupation that also falls under the specific ELSS-eligible occupations list.

3. Education

ELSS applicants must have obtained a high school diploma from inside or outside Canada.

4. Work Experience

  • Applicants must have worked in an ELSS-eligible occupation for the employer supporting their application for a minimum of nine months.
  • Long-haul truck drivers applying through this program must have obtained two years of work experience in the last three years.

5. Proof of Minimum Income

Applicants must offer proof that they have earned income above a certain threshold in the past. This minimum annual income requirement is $26,426 CAD if their job is in Metro Vancouver Regional District. This requirement is $22,024 CAD if their job is in other parts of British Columbia.

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ELSS-Eligible Occupations

The occupations that qualify under the ELSS are listed below:

  • Travel and accommodation occupations
    • 6525 Hotel front desk clerks
  • Tour guides, recreational guides, and casino occupations
    • 6531 Tour or travel guides
    • 6532 Outdoor sports or recreational guides
    • 6533 Casino occupations
  • Occupations in food and beverage service
    • 6511 Maîtres d’hotel and hosts/hostesses
    • 6512 Bartenders
    • 6513 Food and beverage servers
    • 6711 Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers, or related occupations
  • Cleaners hired by hotels or resorts
    • 6731 Light duty cleaners
    • 6732 Specialized cleaners
    • 6733 Janitors, caretakers, or building superintendents
    • 6721 Support occupations in accommodation, travel, or facilities setting up services
  • Other service occupations hired by hotels or resorts
    • 6741 Dry cleaning, laundry, or related occupations
    • 6742 Other service support occupations
  • Food processing
    • 9461 Process control operators, machine operators, and food or beverage processing
    • 9462 Industrial butchers, meat cutters, poultry preparers, or related workers
    • 9463 Fish or seafood plant workers
    • 9465 Testers or graders, food, beverage, or associated products processing
    • 9617 Labourers in food, beverage, or related products processing
    • 9618 Labourers in fish or seafood processing
  • Long-haul truck drivers
    • 7511 Long-haul truck drivers
  • Occupations in healthcare
    • 3413 Nurse aides, orderlies, or patient service associates
    • 3411 Dental assistants

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Prospective immigrants who plan to immigrate to British Columbia through the BC PNP Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Category should contact Elaar Immigration. Our experienced team of Regulated Immigration Consultants understands the requirements for this program and can guide you through the application process.

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