BC PNP Health Authority Program

Health professionals in British Columbia including physicians, midwives, or nurse practitioners can apply for permanent residency through the BC PNP Health Authority Category. Learn more in this detailed guide.


SI Healthcare Authority Category is a special immigration pathway launched by British Columbia to meet the demand for healthcare professionals. If you are qualified to work in public health, you can gain permanent residence in BC under this category. This guide offers an overview of the BC PNP Skills Immigration – Healthcare Authority Category and its eligibility requirements.

What is the BC PNP Health Authority Category?

The BC PNP Health Authority stream is a unique immigration stream for workers working under BC’s health authority. This includes physicians, nurses, and midwives. The BC PNP health authority program operates with the Express Entry system. Applicants nominated under this stream are eligible to receive extra points on their application when they apply for permanent resident status through one of the Federal immigration programs.

BC PNP Health Authority Requirements

Prospective skilled worker applicants must meet the following requirements to qualify for the BC PNP Health Authority category:

1. General Requirements

These are the common eligibility requirements that apply to all BC PNP Skills Immigration categories, includes:

  • Intention to Live in BC
  • Economic Benefit to British Columbia
  • Minimum Language Requirements (CLB 4)
  • Valid Immigration Status in Canada

2. Job Offer

Applicants must possess a signed job offer letter for full-time employment in a healthcare worker position under the BC Health Authority. This requirement is unnecessary for physicians, nurses, and midwives whom the Health Authority does not directly employ. The job offer may be for any NOC TEER occupation with a B.C. public health authority.

The province recognizes the following health authorities for this immigration program:

  • Fraser Health
  • Island Health
  • Interior Health
  • First Nations Health Authority
  • Provincial Health Services Authority
  • Vancouver Coastal Health
  • Northern Health
  • Providence Health Care

3. Work Experience

There are no fixed work experience requirements for this program. The Health Authority that has hired the applicants will state any such requirements.

4. Qualifications

Applicants must possess the training and certification required to work as healthcare workers in BC. They must possess these qualifications at the time they apply.

5. Special Requirements for Physicians and Nurses

Physicians and nurses who intend to work in British Columbia are required to possess a recommendation letter from a BC health authority. This letter must confirm the applicant’s position, show that they will be working in the province, and demonstrate that the health authority will be supporting their PNP application.

6. Special Requirements for Midwives

Midwives who intend to use this immigration program must have been working for an established medical practice group in the province for a minimum of six months before submitting their application. They must also provide a signed letter from the group that confirms the date they were accepted to practice with them.

7. Requirements for Express Entry BC Applicants

Applicants who intend to use the Express Entry BC route for immigration must ensure they have an active Express Entry profile and current Job Seeker Validation code. Both these items confirm that they meet the minimum eligibility requirements for one of the economic immigration programs run by the Federal Government.

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How can ELAAR help you?

Prospective immigrants who wish to apply for British Columbia’s BC PNP Health Authority should contact ELAAR’s immigration experts. Our experienced team of Regulated Immigration Consultants understands the requirements for this program and can guide you through the application process.

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