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    Individuals interested in settling in Canada as a skilled worker can apply through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee program. We offer immigration services to help prospective immigrants make the right decisions during their application process and offer assistance each step of the way. At Elaar consulting, our immigration experts possess several years of experience assisting clients via the various British Columbia immigration programs.

    What is the B.C PNP Skills Immigration Program?

    The BC PNP Skills Immigration program is a stream of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program. It provides a route for prospective immigrants with the right skills, experience and qualifications to settle in B.C.

    This includes individuals who fall into any of the following categories:

    • Skilled Workers: This category is for managers, skilled tradespeople, or other professionals.
    • Healthcare Professionals: This category is for physicians, healthcare workers, or registered nurses that are employed within the province’s health system.
    • International Graduates: This category is for individuals that possess a degree or diploma awarded by a Canadian university or college.
    • International Post-Graduates: This category is for individuals that possess a master’s degree or a doctorate related to health sciences, natural sciences, or applied sciences from a university in British Columbia. Applicants in this category do not require a job offer.
    • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Workers: This category is for individuals employed as workers in the tourism or hospitality fields, those employed by food processing companies, those employed in long-haul trucking, or entry-level or semi-skilled workers residing in B.C.’s Northeast Development Region.

    B.C PNP Skills Immigration Program vs. B.C PNP Express Entry Program

    The B.C PNP Skills Immigration program should not be confused with the B.C PNP Express Entry program, as the latter is aligned with the Federal Express Entry System. This means prospective immigrants applying through the B.C PNP Express Entry system must be eligible for any one of the federal immigration programs such as the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades or Canadian Experience Class before they can register. The B.C PNP Skills Immigration Program does not include this requirement, so applicants can apply for it directly.

    The B.C PNP Skills Immigration Program also includes categories for Semi-Skilled and Unskilled Occupations that fall under NOC C & D skill levels, whereas the B.C PNP Express Entry Program does not offer these categories.

    General Requirements for B.C PNP Program

    Prospective immigrants must meet each of the following requirements if they wish to be approved or nominated for immigration via the B.C. PNP. While each program has its unique requirements, some general requirements include:

    Offer of Employment

    Applicants must have a job offer from a B.C. employer. This offer should also be full-time and in an eligible occupation inside B.C. This condition is not required for applicants in the International Post-Graduate category.

    Some additional employment conditions include:

    • Applicants must be qualified to work in the offered position.
    • The job wage should be competitive with the wage rates in B.C. for the same occupation.
    • Suppose the occupation falls under NOC skill levels B, C, or D. In that case, applicants must demonstrate their proficiency in French or English at CLB Level 4 in the listening, reading, speaking, and writing categories.
    • Applicants whose occupation falls under NOC skill levels A or 0 are not obligated to submit their language test results. The exception is if they wish to claim points for language skills in their application.
    • Applicants or their spouses must not hold or have held combined ownership or equity stake exceeding 10% in the B.C. company providing their employment in the five years preceding their application.
    • Applicants will be required to pay an $1150 application fee along with their online application to have it processed.

    Minimum Income Requirements

    Applicants applying via any of the streams outside of the International Post-Graduate stream are also required to meet a minimum income threshold to be eligible for the B.C. Provincial Nominee Program. This income is determined through:

    • Their annual wage in the province of British Columbia.
    • Local address in British Columbia.
    • The number of dependants.

    An applicant’s family income is measured by adding their gross annual wage from the B.C. employer sponsoring their application to their spouse’s or their common-law partner’s yearly gross wage in the province.

    The minimum family income requirements are shown in the following table.

    Minimum Family Income Based on Family Size
    Family size (# of individuals) Within Greater Vancouver Area Rest of British Columbia
    1 $22,804 $19,006
    2 $28,390 $23,659
    3 $34,902 $29,087
    4 $42,376 $35,316
    5 $48,062 $40,054
    6 $54,205 $45,175
    7 or more $60,350 $50,296


    Language Requirements

    Applicants whose occupation falls under the NOC skill levels B, C, or D are required to submit results of a valid language test and demonstrate that they meet the minimum score of benchmark 4 or higher from the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB).

    Applicants whose occupation falls under the NOC skill levels 0 or A are not required to include language test results during registration. It should be noted that the B.C PNP may ask applicants in this category to provide language test results under special circumstances.

    The benchmark score of 4 qualifies as “basic proficiency”, meaning the applicant can:

    • Efficiently communicate their basic needs and experiences.
    • Follow along with basic conversations.
    • Understand a set of simple written instructions.
    • Communicate through written messages, notes, postcards, or directions.

    Language test results are valid for a total of two years from their date of issuance. The minimum language test score thresholds are shown in the following table.

    Minimum Language Score Requirements
    Listening Reading Writing Speaking
    IELTS 4.5 3.5 4.0 4.0
    CELPIP 4 4 4 4
    TEF 145 121 181 181


    Check Your Eligibility for the B.C PNP Skills Immigration Program

    You can check your eligibility for the B.C PNP Skills Immigration Program by using our B.C PNP SIRS (Skills Immigration Registration System) Points Calculator here.

    Optimize Your Immigration Application with Elaar Immigration

    At Elaar immigration, we offer services for applicants applying through any of the BC PNP Skills Immigration streams mentioned above. Our immigration professionals have assisted numerous prospective immigrants with their applications. We work closely with each and every client to optimize applications according to their unique backgrounds and needs.

    Please contact our immigration experts to get started with your BC PNP Skills Immigration application today, or visit the pages below to find out more about each BC PNP Skills immigration program.

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