A Land of Business Opportunities


Canada is a country of diversity whether it’s the people who live here, the geography or the opportunities – it’s a common theme across this land. Many immigrants have come here with hopes for a better future for themselves and their families along with a desire to make Canada their home and contribute to the country. From agriculture to tech, healthcare to hospitality, the options for starting a business in Canada are limited only by the imagination.


Canada welcomes business- minded immigrants to come and share their skills and expertise while becoming a contributing part of the country. A certain amount of work must be done before applying to the program to ensure the right funding and opportunities are available and we can help get the process started. Programs are offered both federally and provincially.


The Business Immigration program is available federally for establishing anywhere in the country (except the province of Quebec which has its own program) and offers three ways for immigrants to bring their dreams of operating a business to Canada. Through the Start-up Visa program, prospective immigrants with an innovative business idea and the skills to run their own business need a letter of support from the organization providing funds to get the business going. In the Self-Employed program, prospective immigrants who have purchased and managed a farm for at least two years or those who have achieved world-class levels in cultural activities or athletics are eligible. The Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program is for those who have significant net worth and the ability to contribute to the Canadian economy.


Each province and territory also offers a business immigration program within their Provincial Nomination Programs.


If you think one of these options is right for you, let us know.

Start-Up Visa

Immigrant Investor Pilot

Self  Employed

Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Program

Saskatchewan Farm Owner/Operator Stream

Alberta’s Self-Employed Farmer Stream

Yukon Business Nominee Program