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It’s a big decision to come to Canada to study.

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    It’s a big decision to come to Canada to study. For many students, it’s the first time they have been away from their home country. It can be challenging to determine the best options, that’s why we work with Canadian post-secondary schools and prospective international students to understand their needs and differences to present various options to students through our international team.

    Our breadth of involvement with colleges and universities on the national stage positions us as a leading education immigration firm designed to work with leading private and public post-secondary institutions from a consulting standpoint. Here we are able to provide the complete suite of services needed from exploring admission application into the right program, in the right school and the right location and following the important acceptance letter through to a study permit.

    Students have a lot of considerations when coming to study in Canada, and as is the case with all of our clients, our educational consulting works to make the process easier for both the educational institution as well as the student.

    Because we live and work in Canada, we know the distinctions between colleges and universities in Canada and can help students make the right choice for which school is the right fit. Most importantly, once that student has had a taste of Canadian life and has completed their studies, our team of regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants can help these graduates become permanent residents of Canada and in time obtain Canadian citizenship. One of our employees has made this journey from international student to Canadian citizen and is able to walk both schools and students through the processes.

    If you have questions about studying in Canada, contact us for more information.