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Six in ten students plan to pursue permanent residency in the country after their studies.

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    With some of the most enviable educational institutions in the world and diverse topics of study across the country, Canada has become a destination for international studies. From 90-year-old UBC (University of British Columbia) to the First World War-honouring Memorial University of Newfoundland and other top schools like University of Toronto, McGill University and McMaster University, there are plenty of options to choose from.

    Canada is the ideal study location for international students. This is because education costs, when compared to other options in North America are generally lower yet the level of education is often at a higher calibre. International students are loving their Canadian experience:

    • According to a 2017 survey by ICEF Monitor (an organization that measures international education), more than 90% of international students were satisfied or highly satisfied with their studies in Canada.
    • Most students surveyed chose the country because of the quality of its education system and the reputation Canada has as a safe and welcoming country.
    • Six in ten students plan to pursue permanent residency in the country after their studies.

    Given the large number of international students in Canada, it’s easier for a new international student to find someone to help them with the big transition to a new campus, in a new community, in Canada. Also because Canada student visas are relatively easy to arrange for the majority of students, taking advantage of the Canadian experience is made easier and most international students have found living in Canada to be a positive, life-changing experience.

    Additional benefits for international students also include the ability to work while studying in the country and to apply for permanent residence and Canadian citizenship in time. In fact, many of Canada’s immigrants came to the country as students and chose to stay because of the positive life they established.

    Before deciding to come, be sure to consider what living in Canada will be like. For many students, it is the first time away from home and the culture shock can be dramatic. Not only is Canadian culture different (although friendly) the climate is also different. We can help point you to specific resources to ensure you studying application is ready and that you are ready too – whether that means understanding what clothes to pack and buy, what you can do in your spare time, securing a place to live or understanding the communication systems so that you can reach out to those at home when you need to.