A Diverse Workforce in a Growing Economy


In many cases, Canadian employers are having a hard time finding the talent they need to run and advance their business without looking outside the country. With many current labour immigration programs, there are ways to fill the gaps being experienced by your business whether it is temporary or permanent work. The process of hiring immigrant workers may well be easier than you think as the government of Canada has recognized shortages in many areas and has streamlined the hiring process.

When hiring foreign workers, you will need to determine if you are looking for temporary or permanent workers and what program you want them to apply under. In many cases, employers identify who they want to hire and have submitted a job offer to the prospective employee.

While we at ELAAR do not recruit for employers, we can help with the LMIA process and ensure work permits are in place for potential foreign employees.

If you already have a worker you wish to employ, we are able to help you determine the best program for their work permit and can even assist in ensuring the job offer is correct. You may also need to have your potential employee’s internationally-obtained education and work experience credentials assessed for certain occupations. Federal and provincial/territorial bodies require these assessments prior to a foreign worker coming to Canada to work. Those employees in fields such as engineers, healthcare, electrical, plumbing, and others may also need to establish additional certification in order to work in their field in Canada.

We have helped employers start the process in obtaining the workers they need and would be happy to discuss the process and options with you.