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The Parents Sponsorship Canada or Grandparents Sponsorship Canada program offers a straightforward pathway for Canadians who would like their parents or grandparents to come live with them in Canada. This guide will provide the eligibility requirements and application process for this program.

What is the Parents/Grandparents Sponsorship Program?

The parents/grandparents sponsorship process falls under Canada’s Family Sponsorship Program. This program was introduced to help Canadian permanent residents and citizens bring their parents or grandparents to Canada after receiving permanent residence.

Prospective sponsors should note that sponsoring parents in Canada has become more difficult in recent years. Since 2021, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have been allowing only individuals with an official Invitation to Apply to sponsor their parents or grandparents.

Benefits of Parents/Grandparents Sponsorship

The parents/grandparents sponsorship program is great for Canadians who wish to bring their aging parents or grandparents to Canada and take care of them. This program is beneficial if the parents or grandparents do not have anyone to care for them in their current country of residence.

Requirements for Sponsors

Individuals who want to sponsor their parents or grandparents must meet each of the following requirements:

  • They must be invited to apply.
  • They must be a minimum age of 18.
  • They must reside in Canada.
  • They must be a Canadian permanent resident, citizen, or registered as Indians under the Canadian Indian Act.
  • They must possess enough funds to support the parents or grandparents they are sponsoring.
  • They must meet each requirement under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

Requirements for Parents or Grandparents

BC PNP SI International Graduate applicants must possess a signed job offer letter for full-time employment in a National Occupation Code (NOC) level A or B occupation. Applicants with a job offer that falls under NOC level 0 cannot apply through the International Graduate category.

  • They must be related to the sponsor by blood or adoption.
  • They must pass medical exams, police clearance, and submit biometrics.

Prospective sponsors should note that they cannot sponsor their spouse’s or partner’s parents or grandparents. They must also ensure their parents or grandparents are not inadmissible to Canada under IRCC’s current rules.

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Step by Step Application Process

The application process for the Parent Visa Canada and the Grandparent Visa Canada is the same and is summarized below.

1. Fill Out and Submit the Interest to Sponsor Form

Prospective sponsors must first fill out an “Interest to Sponsor Form” and submit it with IRCC. It should be noted that this form has been closed since November 2020 and will stay closed until further notice from IRCC.

Successful prospective sponsors who submitted this form before the closing date mentioned above and have received an Invitation to Apply can proceed to the next step.

2. Fill Out Both Applications

Prospective sponsors must then fill out a special Sponsor application, while their parents or grandparents must fill out a different permanent residence application. Not that both these applications must be submitted online at the same time.

3. Pay the Fees

The sponsor and their parents or grandparents must then pay application fees. This includes the following:

  • Sponsorship fees: $75 CAD
  • Processing fees for each parent or grandparent: $490
  • Right of permanent residence fees for each parent or grandparent: $515 CAD
  • Biometrics fees per parent or grandparent: $85 CAD

The fees mentioned above must be paid online.

4. Submit Fingerprints and Photos

Parents or grandparents will be asked to give their fingerprints and get their photos taken once they have submitted their applications.

5. Medical Exams and Police Clearance

Parents or grandparents will then be required to undergo medical exams and obtain police clearance certificates. If IRCC approves the application, they will receive permanent resident status and be allowed to come to Canada.

Processing Time

The processing time for sponsoring parents to Canada or sponsoring grandparents to Canada is approximately 20 to 24 months.

Is Parents/Grandparents Sponsorship the Same as a Super Visa?

The parents/grandparents sponsorship offers permanent residence for parents or grandparents, while the Super Visa is a temporary visitor visa that allows them to stay in Canada for periods of up to two years.

How ELAAR can help you?

Prospective sponsors who wish to sponsor their parents or grandparents for permanent residence through the above program should contact ELAAR. Our exceptional team of Regulated Immigration Consultants understands the requirements and application process for parents’ and grandparents’ sponsorship and can guide you through this process.

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