To be eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residency under the Federal Skilled Worker program, you must meet the following minimum requirements:

Work Experience:

  • An applicant must have a minimum one year continuous paid work experience, full time or equal amount of part time, (1,560 hours) in the last ten years.
  • Work experience must be set out under Skill level 0, Skill level A or B of the National Occupation Classification (NOC) 2011.
  • Applicant must have performed both the actions described in the lead statement and a substantial number of the main duties listed in the NOC description of the occupation under which he or she is applying.

Language Requirements:

  • Applicants must meet the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of at least level 7 in all categories i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
  • Language test results must not be more than two years old at the time of application.
  • Language proficiency tests can be taken in one of Canada’s two official languages: English and French, and must be from a designated institution approved by IRCC.

Education Requirements:

  • A Canadian secondary (high school) or post-secondary diploma or degree.OR
  • A foreign secondary or post-secondary diploma or degree with an educational credential assessment (ECA) report from an IRCC approved agency which shows that the foreign education credential is equal to Canadian educational standards.
  • The ECA must be less than five years old on the date of application.

Settlement Funds:

  • Applicants must show proof of sufficient settlement funds to support themselves and their dependents once they arrive in Canada. Applicants under this program are NOT required to show the proof of settlement funds if:
  • They are currently able to legally work in Canada, and they have a valid job offer from an employer in Canada.

Once the minimum requirements are met, Federal Skilled Worker program applicants will be further assessed against the point system and they must obtain at least 67 points out of 100 on Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) six selections:

  • Education: Up to 25 points for formal education.
  • Language Skills: Up to 28 points (24 first official language, 4 second official language).
  • Work Experience: Up to 15 points for paid skilled work experience in the last 10 years, but at least 9 points required to qualify.
  • Age: Up to 12 points.
  • Arranged Employment (Valid Job Offer): Up to 10 points if the candidate has a valid job offer in Canada.
  • Adaptability: Up to 10 points for a number of factors to show that the candidate is adaptable to successfully settle in Canada.

You must be admissible to Canada


Once it has been determined that the candidate meets the eligibility and points requirements for federal skilled worker program, he or she is eligible to enter their profile in the express entry pool. If you aren’t sure if you meet the eligibility or the points requirements, we can help assess your fit in this program and others to find the best way for you to make your dreams of coming to Canada a reality.