Home Child Care Provider Program Canada (HCCP)

Immigrate to Canada through the Home Child Care Provider Program Canada (HCCP) for nannies and caregivers. Find out if you qualify as a childcare provider and come to Canada under the Home Childcare Provider Pilot.


Many of Canada’s working professionals have demanding jobs that require them to be away from home for much of the day. Such professionals typically hire nannies or other child care providers to look after their children while they are away. However, there aren’t enough people in these roles to satisfy the growing demand for these services.

The Canadian Government has therefore set up a special program called the Home Child Care Provider Pilot (HCCP) that allows foreign workers with childcare experience to come to Canada and potentially obtain permanent residence.

Who Should Apply for the HCCP?

The HCCP Canada program is open to foreign workers with work experience under the National Occupational Classification NOC TEER Code 44100. This code covers workers such as:

  • Nannies
  • Babysitters
  • Parent’s helpers
  • Child care live-in caregivers
  • Child care providers in private homes

Home child care providers perform various duties as part of their jobs. This includes looking after children and assisting with household duties. These workers aren’t required to live in their employer’s homes, unlike live-in caregiver program workers.

There is a limit on applications allowed in this category. Only 2,750 applications get approved for the Home Child Care Provider, Pilot every year. As of January 1st, you can apply under the 2023 caps for the Home Child Care Provider Pilot.

Home Child Care Provider Pilot

Home Child Care Pilot Eligibility Requirements

People who want to apply under the HCCP program must meet the following requirements:

  • Completing one year of post-secondary education inside or outside Canada.
  • Scoring CLB 5 or higher in an English language proficiency exam
  • Possessing one year or more of work experience under NOC TEER Code 44100
  • Having a valid job offer in Canada

Employer Requirements

The employer who intends to hire a foreign child care provider must meet the following requirements:

  • Demonstrate there is a genuine need for a caregiver. For example, providing proof that there is a newborn that needs caring for.
  • Pay the worker a wage that matches the prevailing wage in their province or territory.
  • Possess the financial ability to pay the worker the wage they have specified

The job position must also be:

  • Full-time, which amounts to 30 hours or more per week
  • Located outside Quebec
  • Non-seasonal
  • In a home child care provider role

Home Child Care Provider Pilot Intake Cap (2,750 Applications)

  • Gaining Experience Category: Maximum 1,650 applications
    • 1,500 online applications
    • 150 alternate format applications
  • Direct PR Category: Maximum 1,100 applications
    • 1,000 online applications
    • 100 alternate format applications

Application Process: Home Child Care Provider Program

The application process for Home Child Care Provider Program Canada (HCCP) is simple and straightforward and summarized below:

  • Obtain an Offer of Employment from an employer that qualifies under the HCCP
  • Submit a completed work permit application under the HCCP
  • Come to Canada under a work permit and work for the employer
  • Apply for permanent residence once the applicant has gained one year of work experience (as of April 30, 2023) working for their employer in Canada

Need Help with Home Child Care Pilot Program?

The Home Child Care Provider Canada program is a great program for anyone with home child care provider work experience. If you plan to apply for this Canadian immigration under this program, you can contact our experts. Our skilled team of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants understand the HCCP Canada requirements and can assist you with your application.

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