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Prospective immigrants from all over the world choose Canada as their destination. This country offers ample education and work opportunities for people of all backgrounds. If you are considering applying for temporary immigration or Canadian permanent residence, you should reach out to a qualified Canada PR consultant for their services.

Why You Need a Canada Immigration Consultant

If you have never used an immigration consultant before, you may be wondering about the benefits of using their services. Some reasons to use Canada visa consultants include:

Getting Your Application Done as Quickly as Possible

The Canadian immigration process can be quite lengthy. Applicants must fill out a number of application forms, gather documents, undergo examinations, and then wait for Canadian immigration services to provide feedback on their application. Keeping track of all these items can be tricky, especially when you may have other obligations to focus on.

A qualified Canada immigration consultant can offer their guidance and help you complete your application as quickly as possible. They can inform you about which documents you should prioritize and when to start gathering each one.

Helping You Complete Your Application Correctly

Canadian immigration services are incredibly thorough at assessing each prospective immigration applicant. Their permanent residency application requires you to fill out forms with multiple sections in detail. You will need to fill out each section correctly to maximize the chances of your application being approved. However, you may have difficulty understanding what information to include.

The best Canada immigration consultants understand the ins and outs of the immigration application process and can guide you in filling out each section correctly. This is of vital importance as including incorrect or misleading information on your application may get you rejected or even barred from applying again for a period.

Insurance Against Financial Damages

Members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) also possess insurance for errors and omission. This protects immigration applicants from the consequences of application mistakes that result in financial damage. Such an arrangement helps protect both clients and the consultant in the event of a mistake.

Getting Assistance from an Ethical and Professional Expert

All members of the ICCRC are subject to the Code of Ethical Conduct that sets special procedures for them to follow. This code consists of strict rules regarding service quality, ethics, professionalism, and confidentiality. Any consultant that breaches these rules is dealt with by the ICCRC and faces severe consequences.

So if your Canadian immigration consultant is registered with the ICCRC, they have plenty of reasons to offer you high-quality and reliable services.

How to Choose a Reliable Canada Immigration Consultant?

If you are interested in using services from a Canadian immigration consultant, you should remember to choose the right person for the job. There are plenty of Canada PR consultants practicing in the country. However, finding the right one for your needs requires a bit of searching.

You should use the following steps to assess an immigration consultant before using their services.

Check If They Have an RCIC Number

As mentioned earlier, consultants registered with the ICCRC must offer high-quality services while following strict rules laid down by the council. You can check to see if your consultant is registered with the council by checking their unique registration number on the ICCRC website.

If you cannot find the consultant on the site using the number they provided, you should avoid using their services as they may be a fake consultant posing as legitimate.

Check If They Are In Good Standing

Immigration consultants registered with the ICCRC must maintain their service quality and follow their practices to the T if they wish to remain in good standing with the council. A consultant that hasn’t paid their fees or has failed to renew their registration will no longer be in good standing. This means they are no longer legally allowed to offer paid immigration services and should be avoided.

If you intend to use a consultant to represent you on your application, you will need to supply their name and registration number with your application. The Canadian Government will then check their credentials and verify whether they are in good standing.

Check If They Work for a Trustworthy Immigration Agency

An immigration consultant may claim to work for more than one immigration agency. This isn’t out of the ordinary. However, it would help if you verified that each agency they work for is trustworthy. You can accomplish this by looking up reviews specifically for each agency and learn if their past customers have had positive or negative experiences with them. You should also verify if the consultant works for this agency by calling them and asking.

After reading the above list, you will know there are many ways to choose a reliable Canadian immigration consultant to help you with your application. You should vet each consultant thoroughly if you wish to receive the best possible services from a professional.

Why Choose Elaar Immigration Consulting?

You can search for immigration consultants across Canada, but you won’t find any that offer the high-quality, reliable services we provide at Elaar Immigration Consulting.

An immigration consultant can help you fill out your application correctly.

We are led by Keshav Sharma, who is a regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant with a thorough understanding of Canadian immigration. He possesses extensive experience with immigration as well as business management. Please set up a meeting with our immigration experts to learn more.

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