Keshav Sharma is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant licensed by The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council authorized to provide strategic advice and representation to clients on all Canadian immigration matters.

Keshav Sharma has worked in the marketing and media business marketplace in both India and Canada for more than 20 years. It was when he went through his own immigration journey in 2010 that Keshav found a deeper passion – helping others with what can often be the biggest change in their life – immigrating to a new country.

With a Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Business Administration and a license to practise as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Keshav applies experience, critical thinking and compassion to help others realize their vision of coming to Canada. He experienced the complexity of the immigration process – even for well-educated, informed professionals – and wanted to simplify it for individuals starting a new life in a similar way to how he previously simplified marketing activities to make businesses successful.

Keshav uses his skills and experience to assess the wide range of programs available for immigrants to determine the best fit. It is a detailed and painstaking activity, but one Keshav is familiar with and passionate about. He knows each immigrant has a different story and he combines that personal information with his own expertise to ensure a successful process. Keshav and his team provide the full range of Canadian immigration services to foreign individuals, small and big enterprises.

With his keen interest in the immigration field, Keshav stays on top of changes and developments in the sector because he knows how deeply the ripple effects of the process run across a family. Through ELAAR Immigration Consulting, Keshav is able to impart his knowledge and extend his respect for the journey others take while helping them through it.