ELAAR Immigration Consulting’s assistant, Kirpan Dhillon, originally came to Canada as an international student. Not only does she bring a wealth of personal and professional knowledge to the team, she also served as the Director – Student Life with the KPU Student Association which gives her specialized skills and clarity around the international student immigration process.

Kirpan took to Canadian life with excitement and gained work experience after her study period, then transitioned to become a permanent resident of Canada. She has literally taken the immigration journey many others hope to find themselves on.

With the complexities of immigrating to Canada, it’s Kirpan’s detail-oriented work experience combined with her diploma in criminology that make her the ideal immigration consultant assistant. She can see the gaps in an applicant’s information and works to ensure nothing is overlooked. She is also savvy in accounting principles and practices as well as social media which gives Kirpan a diverse exposure to areas of importance to potential immigrants.

As an immigration consultant assistant, Kirpan works closely, in a personable and professional manner, on each client’s application to ensure communication is clear, documents are accurate and clients have the easiest, most optimal, outcome.