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Another all-program Express Entry draw round #227 held on July 20, 2022, invited around 1,750 candidates to apply for Canada’s permanent residency.

The new cut-off score for this round was 542, 15 points less than the previous all-program express entry draw’s score of 557.

As of July 20, 2022, there are a total of 239,631 Profiles in the Express Entry Pool.

Here are the details of the latest Canada Express Entry draw:

  • Express Entry Round: #227
  • Draw date: July 20, 2022
  • CRS score cut-off: 542
  • No. of candidates invited: 1,750
  • Tie-breaking rule: Dec 30, 2021

Express Entry System and CRS Score

For those who are completely new to the Express Entry system, it is an online system that manages the pool of candidates for the three main economic-class immigration programs in Canada:

Comprehensive Ranking System

CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) is a scoring system for candidates in the Express Entry pool. The higher the CRS score, the higher rank you achieve and thus better your chances of getting above the cut-off score.

The CRS scores are based on a variety of factors, such as the candidate’s age, educational credentials, work experience, and language proficiency (English or French).

CRS Calculator: Check your CRS Score

What is an Express Entry Draw?

In a typical Express Entry draw invitations are sent to candidates with high CRS scores to apply for Canadian permanent residence. The regular all-program Express Entry draws normally take place every 2 weeks but were paused due to the pandemic. Canada resumed regular express entry draws on July 6, 2022, where 1,500 candidates received invitations to apply (ITAs).

Latest Express Entry Draw July 2022 Results

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New Express Entry Processing Times

IRCC’s official website indicates an application processing time of 6 months for Express Entry programs as of July 20, 2022.

In June 2022, Express Entry processing times were 11 months, 26 months and 43 months for the Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Program and Federal Skilled Trades Program respectively. Finally, IRCC has updated the regular 6-months processing time for EE applications.

Express Entry latest Processing Times

Latest Express Entry Pool Breakdown

Check out the latest Express Entry pool breakdown as of July 20, 2022.

Express Entry Draw July 20 2022 Breakdown

What are the alternatives for candidates below 500 CRS score?

Here are six alternatives for candidates having CRS Scores below 500:

1. A Valid Job Offer

When candidates receive a job offer from a Canadian employer, they can increase their chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) by maximizing their points in the Comprehensive Ranking System. CRS points are awarded when the candidate has a job offer which is:

  • full-time
  • at least 1 year in duration
  • NOC Level 0, A, or B
  • include a positive LMIA (not required if LMIA-exempt)

Learn more: How to get a job offer from outside Canada?

2. Study Permit to Permanent Residence

This pathway is recommended for candidates with CRS scores lower than 470. Despite lower cut-off scores in future express entry draws, getting an ITA with a CRS score below 470 will still be difficult. On the other hand, getting a Canadian study permit is comparatively easier. You can work as an international student, gain Canadian experience and then apply for Express Entry from inside Canada.

3. Visitor Visa to Work Permit

Another option for candidates below 500 CRS Score would be Visitor Visa to Work Permit pathway. It is legal to come to Canada on a visitor visa and apply for jobs during your stay. You can obtain a work permit from a Canadian employer and obtain 1 year of work experience. This way you don’t have to wait for CRS score to come down and you can apply for Express Entry with more CRS points. But it is not as easy as it sounds, you are advised to take the help of regulated immigration consultants like ELAAR.

Learn more: Visitor Visa to Work Permit in Canada

4. PNP Immigration

Most of the candidates with CRS Scores above 500 have applied for Express ENtry aligned PNPs. This is because Provincial Nominee Programs can add up to 600 points to the base score.

For example, if a candidate applies for British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program, and has a score of 350 in the Express Entry profile, even with such a low CRS score, the candidate can get an ITA.

Also, many provinces are going to enhance their PNP programs to attract skilled workers, which they might lose due to new bill C-19 changes. So, the candidates can expect more program PNP pathways.

5. French Language

French-speaking individuals get your extra CRS points. Although if your score is too low, it would not be that helpful if you are just a few points short then French will make a huge difference and enhance your Express Entry profile.

6. Bill C-19

Many candidates choose PNP because of its in-demand occupation-based pathways as opposed to Express Entry which is purely based on CRS scores. With the introduction of C-19, there are chances that many candidates will be able to get an invitation based on their occupation, not their CRS Scores.

More about Bill C-19

Need help?

Our team has helped hundreds of Express Entry candidates to get Canada’s permanent residence. You can contact our experts here. With many years of experience as a Canadian Immigration Consultant, Keshav Sharma (RCIC) leads our team. We will stay with you throughout the entire immigration process and help you obtain permanent residency.

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