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On February 02, 2023, Canada invited the Express Entry Latest Draw, in which candidates received 3,300 invitations. IRCC once again shocked candidates with two back-to-back Express Entry Draws. This draw was special as it was only for Federal Skilled Worker Program candidates. IRCC has already invited 15,193 Express Entry candidates in 2023.

Another great news is that the latest cut-off was reduced to 489. The candidates were invited from Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) category only. On Feb 1, 2023, IRCC invited 893 PNP candidates in a targeted draw.

Around 239,415 Express Entry Profiles are in the pool as of February 1, 2023.

The Latest Canada Express Entry Draw Results:

  • Express Entry Round: #240
  • Draw Date: February 02, 2023
  • CRS Cut-off Score: 489
  • No. of invitations: 3,300
  • Tie-breaking rule: March 29, 2022

The Latest Express Entry Pool Breakdown

This is the pool breakdown after this Latest Express Entry Draw as of February 1, 2023.

Express Entry Latest Draw Pool Breakdown Feb 2, 2023

What happened to Bill C19 and NOC-Based Targeted Draws?

After Bill C-19 receives royal assent, the way Express Entry works will probably change. The new law gives the immigration minister the power to extend invitations to applicants to satisfy Canada’s economic priorities and address critical labour shortages. Instead of granting ITAs based only on CRS ratings, it is anticipated that IRCC would start holding draws that focus on particular criteria.

IRCC just concluded public consultations on the potential design of the new attribute-based categories. Candidate characteristics include career, education, work history, or language proficiency. New categories will be revealed before the draws, according to the department.

Canada’s immigration department also mentioned that targeted Express Entry draws could start in the spring of 2023, most likely in March.

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5 Ways to Get Invitaton in the Next FSW Draw with a Score Below 470

Here are the five ways to get an invitation in the next Express Entry Draw, even with a low CRS:

1. Get a PNP Nomination

Most candidates who are currently scoring 600 or above are those who get nominated by one of Canada’s provinces or territories. Entrepreneurs, international students, and qualified professionals can take advantage of opportunities offered by the Canadian Provincial Nominee Program. Candidates can increase their CRS points by 600 through the PNP.

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2. LMIA Job Offer

LMIA Job Offer is the simplest and quickest way to enter Canada. Candidates who have a job offer from a Canadian company and a favourable Labour Market Impact Assessment are more likely to immigrate to Canada with a work permit. Once they have accumulated enough experience in Canada, they can seek permanent residency.

Learn more: How to get a job offer from outside Canada?

3. Get a Study Permit and PGWP in Canada

Another easy option to obtain permanent residency in Canada is through the Canada Study Permit Visa. The Study Permit to PR route is frequently used by applicants who lack the necessary CRS points. Candidates for this programme enrol in a course in Canada and are given a work permit for graduates. Once they have enough experience in Canada, they successfully apply for PR through CEC Express Entry.

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4. Visitor Visa to Work Permit in Canada

While in Canada with a visitor visa, applicants may legally submit a job application. An authorized Canadian company can only offer a work permit. They can also find employment in Canada with their friends, family, or other connections.

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5. French Language

The IRCC has designated a share of more than 4% in the most recent Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2023–2025 for the immigration of Francophone people. An excellent grasp of French can get you 50 points for your profile. However, people with a respectable score between 450 and 470 can benefit from this.

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