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How to increase chances for admission to the top Canadian schools.

By 29 November 2023February 8th, 2024No Comments

Why do some international students with strong academic marks fail to be admitted to some of the top Canadian universities, while students with mediocre grades are able to secure an offer? McGill University, University of Toronto, Queen’s University, University of Alberta, University of Ottawa, and McMaster University are some of the well-known universities in Canada. Even though they like strong academics, they also prefer students with diverse backgrounds and experience. Grades and language proficiency are foundational, and the application is strengthened with other components such as award history, employment experience, and practical experience. Being involved in extracurricular activities related to the area of study is crucial. Canadian schools highly value students’ ability to use practical skills, especially in graduate program applications. If the applicant has interned or worked at a recognized company, the admission panel will think the applicant has gained sufficient work experience to understand the subject in a real-world setting. Other activities that will earn points and leave an impression include showcasing any research publications or any artistic portfolios especially for students interested in applying to art school.

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