Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP)

Immigrate to NWT, Canada through Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP). Check eligibility by completing your free assessment now.


How would you like to live in a province that is as diverse as the topography and people who live there? With a population of over 44,000, the Northwest Territories (NWT) lie northwest of central Canada and are the second largest of the three territories. In urban centers, it’s easy to find others to share and communicate with, but a quiet, private experience isn’t far off from the cities and towns. Summer months, the average July temperature of 21C, provides residents with continuous sunlight for fishing, hunting, and trapping. The Northwest Territories is an open and welcoming area that has strong cultural diversity and support for residents’ traditions and practices.

The territory’s capital, Yellowknife, boasts the highest rate of employment in the country. While the primary driver of the economy is resource extraction, the production of diamonds and tungsten has become especially important to this ever-growing region. In addition to employment opportunities in the mining industry and tourism, the NWT has an international reputation for Inuit prints and sculpture. The highest in-demand jobs in the Northwest Territories are in construction (including most trades and machine operators), manufacturing and management.

If the beautiful diversity of the Northwest Territories is where you want to be in Canada, we can help determine which Northwest Territories PNP stream is best from the program’s three streams for immigrants to apply through:

  • The Northwest Territories-Express Entry Stream is for skilled workers in the Federal Express Entry System. The benefit is that wait times are expedited for those looking to reside in the Northwest Territories.
  • The Employer-Driven Program has two streams:
    • The Critical Impact Worker stream helps employers fill shortages for entry-level jobs when they cannot find a candidate locally or nationally. To be eligible, applicants must have worked in the same position for one year and be in good standing with the requirements of their temporary foreign work permit.
    • The Skilled Worker stream is designed to attract qualified individuals with a job offer in skilled occupations from an employer in the Northwest Territories. This stream helps employers fill shortages when they cannot find a candidate locally or nationally.
  • The Business Drive Program has the Entrepreneur Stream for those who want to immigrate to the Northwest Territories and either buy or start their own business. This stream is designed to attract business expertise in all economic sectors and these applicants are expected to help promote the economy of the Northwest Territories.