A Guide to Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)

Immigrate to Nova Scotia, Canada through Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP). Check eligibility by completing your free assessment now.


The province of Nova Scotia is filled with sturdy tradition, clean air, natural beauty, no traffic, a sense of family and strong relationships. As one of Canada’s three maritime provinces and one of the four Atlantic region provinces, Nova Scotia is located on the eastern seaboard of Canada and is the second smallest province. Halifax and Sydney are the major urban centers of Nova Scotia where the vast majority of the population speaks English. The mighty Atlantic Ocean is generally within a half-hour drive from most locations and is a magnet for the Canadian tourism industry, in fact, Nova Scotia is often called Canada’s Ocean Playground. It’s a blend of urban and natural inputs with great amenities but also many small cozy spaces. This province may have balance figured out better than any other region.

The land and sea are vital sources for the province’s economy with agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining and power making use of natural resources. Other industries include manufacturing, services, finance, transportation, and telecommunications.  In-demand jobs in Nova Scotia are in business and finance, computers and IT, health care, education, and services.

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) allows prospective immigrants with the skills and experience targeted by the province to receive a Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Certificate, which speeds up the overall immigration process. There are five immigration streams:

  • The Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry uses the federal government’s Express Entry immigration selection system in order to select candidates. This stream is for highly-skilled individuals with a post-secondary education and qualifications that will help them successfully settle in Nova Scotia. There is a list of 29 eligible occupations for this stream.
  • The Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry also uses the federal government’s Express Entry immigration selection system in order to select candidates for this stream, which provides a pathway to permanent residence for highly skilled applicants who have worked for a Nova Scotia employer for at least one year.
  • The Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities stream selects candidates in the federal Express Entry system who meet provincial labor market needs to apply for nomination. Only candidates who receive a Letter of Interest from the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration may apply.
  • The Skilled Worker Stream is for individuals who have received a job offer from a Nova Scotia employer. Workers in skilled, semi-skilled, and low-skilled occupations may be eligible to apply.
  • The Entrepreneur Stream is designed to attract individuals who wish to start or acquire a business and settle permanently in Nova Scotia.
  • The International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream is open to graduates who have completed at least two years of full-time study from a recognized Nova Scotia university or Nova Scotia Community College, have operated their own business in Nova Scotia for at least one year, and intend to settle permanently in Nova Scotia.
  • The Physician Stream is open to internationally-trained general practitioners, family physicians and specialist physicians with a signed employment offer from Nova Scotia’s healthcare authorities.

If the work-life and urban-rural balance is right for you, talk to us about the best program to apply under to live in Nova Scotia.