OINP Express Entry Stream

Ontario Express Entry is a collection of various immigration streams of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). It consists of three immigration streams, targeting foreign nationals with various skills, education qualifications, trade and job experience, etc. The main goal is to provide Canadian permanent residence to deserving candidates for their contribution to Ontario’s labour force.

Eligibility Requirements for OINP Express Entry Stream

The Ontario Express Entry Stream includes:

  • Ontario Human Capital Priorities
  • Ontario French-Speaking Skilled Worker
  • Ontario Skilled Trades

Before Application

  1. Profile Creation: Before applying, create a profile in the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s Express Entry system.
  2. Language Test: Take a language test and qualify for the intended program’s necessary Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB).
  3. Express Interest: Express your interest in immigration to Ontario by selecting either Ontario or All Provinces and territories.
  4. Accuracy of Information: Ensure the information provided is accurate. Misinformation will automatically lead to the rejection of the profile.
  5. Qualification: To qualify for the OINP Express Entry stream, meet the Federal Skilled Worker Program requirements or the Canadian Experience Class.

Notification of Interest

OINP finds eligible candidates from the Express Entry pool who may fulfil the criteria of one of Ontario’s Express Entry streams. If you are suitable for the program, they will send you a Notification of Interest (NOI) through your IRCC account. After that, you can submit an online application to the OINP.

OINP Express Entry Stream: Application Process

Post Shortlisting

  1. Notification of Interest (NOI): If your profile is shortlisted, you will receive a Notification of Interest (NOI). This means OINP has selected your profile and invited you to apply for nomination certification.
  2. Application Submission: Submit your application with all necessary documents for the intended program. This includes education certificates, work experience, proof of settlement funds, connection to the province, etc. Your application must match your Express Entry profile.
  3. Timeframe: Submit your application within 45 calendar days from the day you receive the NOI.

After Nomination

  1. Nomination Approval: If OINP selects your application for nomination, you will receive a nomination approval letter and certificate by email.
  2. Accept or Refuse Nomination: You have 30 days to accept or refuse the nomination.
  3. Additional Points: If you accept the nomination, you will automatically get an additional 600 points, which virtually guarantees you an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residence.
  4. Application to IRCC: You have 60 calendar days to submit your application to IRCC and the nomination approval letter.
  5. Residency Intent: You must demonstrate a solid intent to reside in Ontario.
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