A Diverse Workforce in a Growing Economy


These work permits allow you to work for almost any employer in Canada. This is important because when one spouse or partner in a relationship is coming to Canada to work on a temporary work permit, the other may also want to work, but doesn’t yet have a job offer. This type of permit isn’t job-specific so it’s also applicable for international students in the post-graduate work program or the spouse of an international student.

For example, one spouse may have already received a job offer, but the other spouse has not applied for jobs in Canada or isn’t sure what kind of work they would like to do in the country when they re-join their family. It is known that international foreign workers are much more successful integrating into Canadian culture when their spouse accompanies them. This type of permit gives flexibility in terms of applying for a job upon arrival.

It is also ideal for spouses who are supporting an international student. These individuals may know they want to come to Canada to be with their partner and support them in their studies but have not determined what kind of work is the best fit.

Ultimately, the open work permit is ideal for those coming to Canada to be with family members but who don’t yet know what work they will prefer in Canada, want to take some time off before re-joining a workforce or haven’t yet determined their skillset and the type of work they are best suited for.

Dates on these permits generally align with those on the work or study permit of the spouse already coming to Canada on a study permit or temporary work permit.

To be eligible, you must be in one of the following situations which may require more documentation:
– Have applied for permanent residence in Canada.
– Are a dependent family member of a permanent residence applicant.
– Are a spouse or common-law partner of a Canadian worker or international student.
– Are a refugee, refugee claimant, protected person or a family member of such.
– Are a temporary resident permit holder,
– Are a young worker in a special program.