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In addition to the Federal Immigration Programs, Canada’s provinces and territories offer different ways to come to the country and enjoy the diversity offered from coast to coast and north to south. These are known as Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). As the world’s second-largest country, the regions within Canada are quite unique and different from each other. You’ll want to know more about each one before choosing a part of the country to immigrate to.

What are Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs?

Every province and territory in Canada participates in its own Provincial Nominee Program. Each program under this system is designed to help meet the province or territory’s unique immigrant requirements.

The Government of Canada sends out a certain number of invitations chosen from the pool of PNP applicants each year. These provincial programs are popular because they offer prospective immigrants a speedy route toward receiving permanent residency.

Prospective applicants may be able to apply through any of the 80+ provincial nominee programs offered in the country.

This is assuming they meet the eligibility requirements for each one. Successful applicants may eventually be eligible for Canadian citizenship after receiving their permanent residence.

All PNP Programs in Canada

The most popular PNPs offered by provinces and territories include:

British Columbia (BCPNP)

British Columbia’s Provincial Nominee Programs are suited for foreign nationals who possess the skills to become contributing members of the province’s workforce. The various programs include:

Candidates can consider applying through the BC PNP if they work in in-demand occupations such as healthcare professionals, truck drivers, tech workers, food processors, and similar low-skilled jobs.

Ontario (OINP)

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program serves as Ontario’s PNP to assist foreign nationals in obtaining permanent residency. It consists of the following categories and streams:

  • International Graduates:
    • Masters Graduate stream
    • Ph.D. Graduate Stream
  • Ontario’s Express Entry:
    • French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream
    • Human Capital Priorities stream
    • Skilled Trades stream
  • OINP Entrepreneur Stream: Candidates should consider applying through the OINP if they work in in-demand occupations such as plumbers, farmworkers, nurses, and managers. You can learn about each of these streams in more detail at our OINP Entrepreneur Stream page.

Alberta (AAIP)

The province of Alberta offers numerous Provincial Nominee Program streams. The first two are for foreign workers presently working in Alberta or those who wish to work in the province. These are:

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream
  • Alberta Express Entry Stream

Candidates should consider applying through the above streams if they work in in-demand occupations such as management, health, social sciences, art, recreation, sales, or trades.
Alberta offers three PNP streams for entrepreneurs who intend to live in the province and acquire or start a new business. These are:

You can learn about each of these streams in more detail at our Alberta Entrepreneur Immigration page.

Manitoba (MPNP)

Manitoba’s PNP consists of seven streams spread across Skilled Workers, International Education, and Business Investor categories.

  • Skilled Workers Streams:
  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba
  • Skilled Workers Overseas

Some of the in-demand occupations that fit the above streams include business, finance, administration, health, art, recreation, sales, and transport.

You can learn about each of these streams in more detail at our MPNP Business Investor Streams page.

New Brunswick (NBNP)

New Brunswick’s provincial nominee program was designed for foreign nationals who possess the necessary skills and background to contribute to the province’s economy. Its streams include:

Candidates should consider applying through the NB Express Entry Stream if they work in in-demand occupations such as civil engineers, aerospace engineers, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, social workers, and food service supervisors.

Saskatchewan (SINP)

Saskatchewan’s Immigrant Nominee Program includes the following three categories:

Workers in agriculture, health, hospitality, and transportations are in-demand in this province.

Newfoundland Labrador (NLNP)

The Newfoundland Labrador (NLPNP) nominee program consists of nine different streams. These are:

Managerial Occupations, Health Occupations, Sales and Service Occupations, Trades, Transport and Equipment Operators, and Related Occupation are among the in-demand workers in this Newfoundland and Labrador.

Nova Scotia (NSNP)

The Nova Scotia nominee program consists of nine different streams. These are:

Physicians, nurse aides, truck drivers, financial auditors, accountants, administrative assistants, and civil engineers are among the in-demand workers in this province.

Prince Edward Island (PEI PNP)

Prince Edward Island’s Provincial Nominee Program consists of the following streams:

Aerospace engineers, specialist physicians, university professors, social workers, mechanics, and sales executives are among the in-demand workers in this province.

Northwest Territories (NTNP)

Canada’s Northwest Territories offer two Provincial Nominee Program streams. These are:

Accountants, IT professionals, registered nurses, dentists, cooks, electricians, truck drivers, and farm workers are among the in-demand occupations in this province.

Yukon PNP

Yukon offers the following Provincial Nominee Program streams:

Accountants, bookkeepers, dentists, electricians, truck drivers, cashiers, and farm workers are among the in-demand occupations in this province.

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Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements for PNP vary from province to province. In addition, requirements are often unique to each stream within a particular province’s set of programs. Prospective immigrants should understand the requirements for their preferred province before applying through any of the provincial nominee programs.

These requirements are usually typically related to:

  • Work experience
  • Language skills
  • Education

Some streams may also require you to possess a minimum level of funds, a job offer, and/or intend to set up or acquire a business.

Applying for PNP Without Express Entry

Prospective immigrants can apply for their chosen Provincial Nominee Program via a paper-based process that does not involve the Express Entry system. To do this, they must first ask their province or territory for nomination by submitting an application. If they meet the eligibility requirements for their chosen stream, they may be contacted by the province or territory for a nomination.

Applicants can then submit their paper-based application to receive permanent resident status. This new application must be submitted to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Applicants are then required to complete other tasks such as a police check and a medical exam.

Applying for PNP With Express Entry

Applicants can apply for a Provincial Nominee Program via the Express Entry System using one of two possible methods:

Express Entry PNP Route #1

The applicant must first contact the province or territory and express their interest in receiving an Express Entry Stream nomination. Once the province has agreed to nominate the applicant, they will need to create their Express Entry profile and show proof of their nomination.

Express Entry PNP Route #2

The applicant must first set up an Express Entry Profile and inform the provinces and territories of their interest. Once a province or territory responds, they will provide a “notification of interest” that will be sent to the Express Entry Profile created earlier. The applicant will then contact the province directly and apply via their Express Entry Stream. Successful applicants should receive a nomination through their accounts. They can then accept it online.

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