Saskatchewan Express Entry

If you are already in Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) Express Entry pool, fulfilling all necessary eligibility for Saskatchewan permanent residence, the Saskatchewan Express Entry program will help you to settle successfully in the province and be a part of the province’s labour market.

Eligibility Requirements for Saskatchewan Express Entry

As a potential candidate for permanent residence in Saskatchewan under the Express Entry pool, you must be eligible for one of the three federal immigration programs:

The Saskatchewan Express Entry stream is aligned with the Federal Express Entry System. The programs under this stream are like the federal system, and eligibility requirements are more or less similar.

The government nominates candidates based on multiple factors, including working skills, experience and, more importantly, how a candidate’s experience could benefit Saskatchewan’s labour market.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

You must have fulfilled the below criteria to be eligible for the SINP’s International Skilled Worker -Saskatchewan Express Entry Sub-category.

  • Legal Status: You must produce a legal status if you are currently living in Canada.
  • Express Entry Profile: You must be accepted in the Federal Express Entry pool with an Express Profile Number and Job Seeker Validation Code.
  • Language Ability: You must demonstrate your language ability by producing test results from a designated testing agency that match the language criteria mentioned in the Express Entry eligibility requirement.
  • Education: You must demonstrate at least one year of post-secondary education comparable to the Canadian education system. It could be a degree, diploma, certificate or trade certificate.
  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA):  You do not need to submit an ECA if you have finished trade or vocational training as a part of your high school education. However, you must apply for Saskatchewan Licensure.
  • Work Experience: · You must have minimum work experience in your education or training domain. The requirements are:
    • At least a year of experience in the past ten years in skilled employment (trades).
    • At least two years of experience in a skilled trade within the past five years.
    • At least a year of experience in Canada in the last three years (trades or non-trades).
  • Professional Status or Licensure: If you are in regular employment with an organization based in Canada or Saskatchewan or received a professional certification standard, you must provide a professional status or licensure if required by the SINP.
  • Letter of Invitation: You must demonstrate a letter of invitation in your skilled trade from the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship & Trade Certification Commission if you have received your trade experience in the province.
  • Settlement Funds: You must show proof of sufficient settlement funds that meet the new requirements of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) as of April 25, 2023.
  • SINP Points Assessment Grid: Your score should be at least 60 points out of 110 on the SINP point assessment grid.

How to Apply for Saskatchewan Express Entry?

To apply for the Saskatchewan Express Entry, follow these steps:

  • Create an Express Entry Profile: Create a federal Express Entry system profile. This profile will include your skills, work experience, language ability, education, and other personal information.
  • Enter the SINP EOI System:  Register an Expression of Interest (EOI) with the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). Your EOI is not an application but a way to indicate your interest in applying to the SINP.
  • Meet the Criteria:  Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria, such as having a valid Express Entry Profile Number and Job Seeker Validation Code and scoring at least 60 points on the SINP point assessment grid.
  • Language and Education: Have language test results that meet federal requirements and post-secondary education comparable to Canadian standards.
  • Work Experience: Possess relevant work experience in your field of education or training.
  • Apply: If you receive an invitation, submit a complete application to the SINP with all required documents and pay the application fee.
  • Await Nomination: If your application is successful, you’ll receive a provincial nomination from Saskatchewan.
  • Finalize with IRCC: Apply for permanent residency with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) using your provincial nomination.

How Does ELAAR’s Experts Help You?

We have the expertise and necessary experience in the Saskatchewan immigration program and help deserving candidates reach their goals. Immigration documentation is a comprehensive process, and we help you with all kinds of documentation and online submission for the International Skilled Worker: Saskatchewan Express Entry category. We have the latest updates and know the subtleties of the immigration process. Moreover, we work with integrity, transparency and ethical practices.

FAQs: Saskatchewan Express Entry

These are some frequently asked questions about the Saskatchewan Express Entry Program.

Do I need a job offer to apply for Saskatchewan Express Entry?

No, a job offer is not required to apply for this stream. However, you must have work experience in a high-skilled occupation not on the SINP Excluded Occupation List.

What are the language requirements for SINP Express Entry?

Applicants must meet the federal Express Entry language requirements, typically demonstrating proficiency consistent with Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 7 or higher.

What education qualifications are needed for the Saskatchewan Express Entry?

You need at least one year of post-secondary education or comparable training in the Canadian system. Additionally, you require a diploma, certificate, or degree related to your intended occupation.

Is work experience important for the application?

For immigration to Canada, skilled professionals need at least 1 year of work experience in the past 10 years, while skilled tradespeople need 2 years of work experience in the past 5 years. For the Canadian Experience Class, 1 year of work experience in Canada in the past 3 years is required.

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