While the majority of students coming to Canada to study will require a study permit, there are a few cases when an international student may be exempt. It’s an option for those looking for short-term programs, minor children as well as certain other individuals.

If you are looking at a program from a post-secondary institution in Canada that is less than six months in length, you do not need a study permit. You will need a Temporary Resident Visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization. Additionally, those who are family members or private staff of diplomats do not require a study permit, nor do members of foreign armed forces from certain countries.

Minor children who will be attending pre-school, primary or secondary school in Canada do not need a study permit when they are the children of temporary students or workers, Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

You may still want to apply for a study permit even if it isn’t a requirement. Why? Because you will be able to keep studying and renew your study permit while you are in Canada or because you are in Canada but can’t start your program without the permit.

Talk to us to determine if you need a study permit or not and we can help with all the application details.