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The VACs in San Francisco and Seattle are now Open for Biometrics

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The good news for applicants applying for Canada immigration is that the VACs in San Francisco and Seattle are now open for biometrics. The U.S. residents can now submit their biometrics at any VACs to complete the Canada immigration process.

On 23rd November 2020, the VACs in San Francisco and Seattle, Washington opened up their services only for biometrics. Applicants can carry the rest VAC services in the centres located in New York and Los Angeles. Candidates can give biometrics at any of these four centres. They can likewise submit biometrics to the 131 Application Support Centers situated in the U.S., as long as they have their Biometrics Introduction Letter.

vac SF

The San Francisco and Seattle centres will be open for a time of one year. They are selected to make it more advantageous for those affected by Covid related service closures. Candidates for Canada immigration can submit biometrics for their new or currently progressing applications.

U.S visa holders get few exemptions, such as they don’t have to give biometrics. Different exclusions include kids under age 14, candidates over age 79 and not applying for asylum, heads of government, diplomats, individuals who previously gave biometrics, visa-exempt international nationals dropping by, and Canadians.

It is mandatory to submit biometrics or photo and fingerprints if you are applying for the mentioned Canada visas –

  • Canada Visitor visa
  • Canada student visa (Unless they are U.S. residents)
  • Canada Study visa (Unless they are U.S. residents)
  • Asylum or refugee
  • Extension for work or study permit, or
  • Extension on visitor records, legal status

Individuals in Canada applying for temporary resident at present are excluded from biometrics temporarily. This measure was set up because of the pandemic. It applies to individuals who are applying to expand their stay in Canada. It includes students, workers, or tourists, just as the individuals applying to re-establish their status. It additionally covers individuals who are applying for their visa or permit in Canada.

As a component of the temporary COVID-19 measure, candidates having Canada PR don’t have to give their biometrics again if they have submitted in the last ten years.


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