Yukon Business Nominee Program

This Program allows individuals with proven businesses and entrepreneurial skills to immigrate to Canada.

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    Yukon Business Nominee Program

    Yukon Business Nominee Program (YBNP) allows individuals with proven businesses and entrepreneurial skills to immigrate to Canada. The business visa program is for entrepreneurs who can build and operate a company within the territory.


    Applicants must be willing to play an active role in establishing a business that will create jobs and boost the territory’s economy. Approved applicants become a nominee and receive a 2-year work permit from the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Nominees who establish the business successfully become eligible for Canada PR.


    Eligibility Requirements for the Yukon Business Visa Program


    Applicants must meet the minimum eligibility criteria for the Yukon business visa program. Here are the mandatory requirements that an applicant must meet to apply for Canada’s investor visa program.


    Nominee Assessment Grid


    Applicants must achieve at least 65 points, including at least six points in business investment, liquid assets, and personal assets categories.  Individuals receive points for different selection criteria, as shown in the table.


    Eligibility Criteria Maximum Points
    Age 10
    Education 20
    Net Worth 8
    Liquid Assets 8
    Business Investment 12
    Entrepreneurial/Management Experience 10
    Work Experience 10
    Business Location 5
    Language Skills 12
    Previous Visit 8
    Total marks: 103
    Required marks: 65




    The applicant’s age should be between 21 to 55 years to receive points that go towards obtaining a visa. Individuals between 21 and 49 years receive maximum points. The age mentioned in the application should be as per the date of birth on the applicant’s passport.


    Age Points
    21 to 49 10
    50 to 51 8
    52 to 53 6
    54 to 55 4




    Applicants also receive points based on the years of education. Individuals have to show documented proof of educational credentials. Individuals receive maximum points for a doctorate or masters’ degree.


    Degree  Education Years Points
    Masters or Doctorate 18+ 20
    Bachelors 17 to 18 18
    Two-year post-secondary program 14 to 16 16
    One-year post-secondary program 12 to 13 12
    Secondary school 12 10


    Net Worth


    Candidates must show personal worth of at least C$500,000 to be eligible for the business visa. Individuals with personal assets worth more than C$750,000 receive maximum points.


    Income Points
    $751,000+ 8
    $500,000 to $750,000 6


    Liquid Assets


    Liquid assets refer to cash, demand deposits, current account, and other investments readily traded in the market. The minimum cash requirement for the entrepreneur visa program is C$300,000.


    Liquid Assets Points
    C$451,000+ 8
    C$300,000 to C$450,000 6



    Business Investment


    Candidates must invest a minimum of C$300,000 out of the liquid assets in a business in Yukon. The investment can be in a new business or an existing business in Yukon territory. The applicant needs to have at least 33.33 percent (or one-third share) in the company.


    The business must be actively managed and not be a passive investment. The investment should be in a strategic business area, such as manufacturing, IT, value-added processing, tourism, forestry, agriculture, energy, mining, cultural, film, and video production.


    Business Investment Points
    C$751,000+ 12
    C$401,000  to  C$750,000 8
    C$300,000  to  C$400,000 6


    Entrepreneurial/Management Experience


    Individuals who want to apply for the Yukon entrepreneur visa program must demonstrate that they have experience setting up and operating a business. The applicants must have at least three years of management or business ownership experience.


    Experience Points
    6+ years 10
    3 to 5 years 8


    Work Experience


    Applicants also receive points based on the documented proof of related work experience. The work experience must relate to the proposed business as per the National Occupational Classification (NOC) 0 (management) or A (professional).


    Work Experience Points
    8+ years 10
    5 to 7 years 8


    Business Location


    The business must be in one of the strategic sectors in Yukon. Individuals who establish a business in rural areas receive maximum points.


    Business Location Points
    In rural areas 5
    In urban areas 0


    Language Skills


    Applicants must show English or French language proficiency to be eligible for the Yukon Business Nominee stream. The visa applicant should pass IELTS or TEF for English and French languages, respectively.


    Language Skills Points
    IELTS 7/TEF 5 and above 12
    IELTS 6/TEF 4 8
    Lower than IELTS 6/TEF 4 0


    Previous Visit


    Applicants who provide proof of the last visit to Yukon also earn points. The points an applicant receive depends on the number of days spent in the territory. Maximum points are for a stay of more than 11 days.


    Previous Visits Points
    11+ days 8
    7 to 10 days 6
    3 to 6 days 4



    How to Apply for Yukon Business Nominee Program


    Individuals who meet the eligibility criteria have to fill an application to apply for the Yukon business nominee program. The application should be completed using accurate information.  Entering wrong or inaccurate information will result in rejection of the application.


    Yukon immigration authority will process applications that meet the eligibility criteria of the Yukon Business Nominee Program. The application process time is about six months.


    The candidates may also have to attend an interview in Yukon.


    Successful candidates will obtain a 2-year work permit to set up the business in the territory. They must establish themselves, their family, and the company within this period.


    Candidates have to sign a performance agreement with the Yukon government for receiving a nomination for the business visa. The contract specifies the business performance during the 2-years to get the nomination for permanent residency.


    Individuals who meet the business performance targets will receive the nomination from the Yukon government. Nominees who obtain the final approval letter can apply to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for permanent residency.


    Contact our licensed Canadian immigration professional to explore your options. We can assess your eligibility criteria for the Yukon business visa program. Our immigration consultants will help you through every step of the process.