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Interested in moving to Canada in the near future?

You aren’t alone. Tens of thousands of people hope to settle in one of the greatest countries in the world. However, few understand how rigorous the permanent residence application process actually is.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is notoriously strict when assessing permanent residence applicants and is known to reject people who make application mistakes, miss deadlines, or fail to provide the right supporting documents.

So how does one avoid these issues?

You could spend dozens of hours studying IRCC’s rules and regulations to abide by each. However, this route doesn’t guarantee you will succeed. A simpler and more effective solution is to book a $150 consultation with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).

Let’s examine how an RCIC can help you on your Canada immigration journey.

What a $150 Worth Canada Immigration Consultation Can Get You?

A Canadian immigration consultant is a trained professional whose job is to understand Canadian immigration laws and regulations. They offer valuable insight into the immigration process and procedures, but you might not be able to book a full consultation with one of them.

In this situation, you can still benefit by booking a shorter $150 consultation. This consultation is valuable for the following reasons.

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1. Helping You Proceed With Confidence

You might have certain questions related to the permanent residence application process. This includes things such as, “Will my work experience in this role count toward my CRS score?” or “Can my spouse and I apply for permanent residence using a joint application?”.

Finding answers to these questions can be tricky if you aren’t familiar with IRCC’s regulations. As a result, you might not feel confident about applying for permanent residence. Booking a $150 consultation with an RCIC can be beneficial because they can address any questions you may have.

Case Study: Shivani Khera’s Study Permit Extension and Open Work Permit Extension

Shivani Khera, an Indian international student, had been studying at a Canadian University while her husband was employed at a local Canadian employer. The couple’s study permit and open work permits were set to expire in a few months, and they were concerned about being able to get them extended in time and avoid being forced to leave Canada.

Shivani booked a $150 consultation with Yukti, one of our experienced Regulations Canadian Immigration Consultants. She learnt about the application process and the documents they would need to gather for their applications. Under Yukti’s guidance, Shivani and her husband could complete and submit both applications swiftly and receive their study permit extension and open work permit extension in time.

2. Getting Your Application Evaluated and Optimized Affordably

Some people opt to complete their permanent residence applications themselves. Students often do this to save money on hiring an RCIC. However, they may still be interested in getting their application evaluated and optimized by a professional.

Suppose you can’t afford to hire an RCIC for a full consultation. In that case, you can still book a shorter $150 consultation where they review your application and point out any mistakes, inconsistencies, or concerning sections that may cause IRCC to reject you.

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3. Discovering Which Program Offers You the Highest Chance of Success

You probably felt overwhelmed the first time you Googled “Canada permanent resident programs.” After all, there are numerous Federal immigration programs and dozens of Provincial immigration programs. So which one should you use?

Most people have qualifications, skills, and other background factors that make them eligible for at least one Canadian immigration program. For example, people with work experience as aircraft assembly inspectors are well-suited to apply through the Federal Skilled Trades program. In some cases, you might find yourself in a position where you qualify for multiple programs.

So how do you know which one to choose?

An RCIC can assess your qualifications, skills, and background and determine which programs you are eligible for during a $150 consultation. They can then apply their knowledge and experience to recommend the program that offers you the highest chance of succeeding.

Case Study: W Ramzan

Mr. Ramzan, a healthcare professional from India, was interested in learning which immigration programs he was eligible for. He possessed work experience in India’s healthcare industry. He was unsure whether he should apply through one of the Federal immigration programs or one of the Provincial immigration programs that cater to healthcare professionals.

Mr. Ramzan set up a $150 virtual consultation with our head consultant, Keshav Sharma, seeking many answers. Keshav utilized his extensive knowledge of Federal and Provincial immigration programs and recommended Mr. Ramzan applies through British Columbia’s Health Authority Category stream. He also reviewed the application process and offered tips to improve Mr. Ramzan’s chances of succeeding.

4. Charting Out a Straightforward Immigration Plan of Action

Canada’s permanent residence programs include multiple steps, and you must follow each one in accordance with IRCC’s guidelines. For example, if you plan to apply for a Federal Skilled Worker program, you must complete an Education Credentials Assessment (ECA) before submitting your Express Entry profile. However, you might not have known about this requirement and how long it takes.

An RCIC can discuss the application process and timelines with you and create an actionable immigration plan during the $150 consultation. You can then follow these steps to ensure you complete each portion of the immigration process correctly and within the right timelines.

After receiving your Confirmation of Permanent Residence, you can book another $150 consultation with the RCIC and request another actionable immigration plan for settling in Canada.

Case Study: Beatrix Hagemann

Beatrix Hagemann, a working professional from Denmark, had applied for a work permit after receiving a job offer from a Canadian employer. Her application had been held up at IRCC for many months without any updates. Beatrix was concerned about losing her job offer due to the delay and reached out to Elaar Consulting for assistance.

Our Regulated Canadian Immigration consultants reviewed her case and deduced some possible reasons why IRCC had held up her application. They then created a simple plan of action to guide her in setting her application back in motion.

5. Guidance On Overcoming Inadmissibility Factors and Strengthening Your Application

Canadian immigration officers may consider you inadmissible to Canada for various reasons, such as having poor health or possessing a criminal record. An RCIC can assess your situation and guide you in overcoming these inadmissibility factors.

For example, if you are inadmissible for having a criminal history, the RCIC may recommend completing a criminal rehabilitation application. Alternatively, they may draft a legal opinion letter to convince IRCC officers why you shouldn’t be inadmissible to Canada.

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As you can see, prospective immigrants can benefit by consulting an immigration consultant in many ways. If you’re planning to immigrate to Canada in the near future, please consider booking a $150 consultation with Elaar Immigration.

Our experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants can help you tackle the various immigration challenges ahead of you and make your transition to Canada smoother.

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