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The B.C Tech Pilot program offers a speedy pathway for prospective immigrants with tech skills to settle in Canada. Program applicants should be registered in one of the province’s existing immigration streams and possess a job offer from a qualifying occupation to be eligible for this program. Securing a job offer for this program can be challenging for some applicants.

Here are some fantastic strategies to help you get a job offer for the B.C. tech pilot program.

1. Apply on job sites

The most straightforward approach to finding a job in British Columbia is through job sites. Websites such as Indeed and Monster are great for discovering new job postings in different industries. You can look up jobs in engineering or I.T., as these may fall under the list of approved occupations for the British Columbia Tech Pilot program.

Foreign nationals that apply for such jobs should have a good resume prepared beforehand. Such resumes are vital, as they will be competing against Canadian citizens and residents for these jobs. Such applicants may get a leg-up on others by possessing more experience in their field.

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2. Use LinkedIn

Many British Columbia job listings are also posted on LinkedIn. You can use this platform to find new job listings that qualify under the approved B.C. Tech Pilot program occupations. However, another advantage of using LinkedIn is that it allows you to connect with people at different companies.

For example, you can look up senior employees at companies you are interested in working at and offer to connect with them. You can then discuss any potential job openings at the company and ask them to forward your resume to their H.R. department. This approach is useful as it allows you to discover job openings that may not be listed publicly.

3. Check your network

If you know individuals that are already living and working in B.C., you can ask them about job opportunities in the province. This approach is best for people that maintain a large network in the province.

B.C. residents can connect you with potential employers or business owners that may require employees with your specific skill set. This can help you acquire a job relatively easily and bypass the process of sending your resume through the company’s job portal.

4. Use an Employment Agency

Many countries have employment agencies that specialize in helping clients secure jobs abroad. If you can find one of these employment agencies, they may be able to help you find a qualifying job in B.C.

If you intend to use this approach, you should ensure the agency understands the requirements that allow you to qualify for the B.C. Tech Pilot program. This will help them narrow their search criteria and ensure that it is eligible under the program.

Ready to start your Tech Pilot application? Check the BC Tech Pilot Program section for more info.

5. Get a Work Permit

This method doesn’t land you a job offer directly, but it can certainly help you. The truth is that few B.C. employers are prepared to give job offers to individuals without work permits. If you are currently residing in British Columbia, getting a work permit can significantly improve your chances of securing a job in the province.

You should note that it can be challenging to apply for a work permit without first securing a job offer. However, there are many situations where you may be eligible for an open work permit without already possessing a job offer.

Additional Tips

Securing a job offer in British Columbia isn’t easy. However, this process can be made much easier with the right preparation. This includes:

Possessing a Relevant Degree or Diploma

You may have noticed that the vast majority of occupations that qualify under the B.C. Tech Pilot programs are for engineers and technicians. This means your chances of finding a job that qualifies under this program are much greater if you possess an engineering degree or technician diploma.

Your chances of being hired will also be much greater if you received this degree or diploma from a recognized Canadian university or college.

Possessing Work Experience

Technical positions and those in the engineering field are often given to candidates with extensive field experience. Program applicants have a better chance of securing a job offer if they possess many years of experience in their field. Having lots of experience can also make you a more attractive candidate than Canadian citizens and residents applying for the same position with less experience.

A Well-Tailored Resume

It may also help to apply for each job posting with the right resume. Many job seekers tailor their resumes for each new position they are applying for. Such resumes list skills that are most relevant to the job, thereby making them more attractive to prospective employers.

Need help with BC Tech Pilot Program?

Plenty of foreign nationals are able to secure jobs for the B.C. Tech Pilot program using the strategies mentioned above. If you are able to find a job that qualifies under this program, you will need to go through the application process it entails. This application process can be long and complicated.

The great news is that the experts at Elaar Immigration can help you with your B.C. Tech Pilot. We have helped numerous applicants immigrate using this program and can assist you through this process. Please get in touch with us today to get started.

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