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The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) is an attractive pathway for individuals seeking to immigrate to the beautiful province of British Columbia, Canada.

To be eligible for the program, candidates must meet specific criteria and accumulate a sufficient number of points. These points are awarded based on the Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS), which is akin to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) used for federal immigration programs.

In this guide, we will delve into the SIRS and BC PNP points required by skilled workers and international students with a detailed breakdown of how these points are allocated.

BC PNP Points Required for Nomination

BC PNP Points System

The minimum score required for BC PNP programs can vary from draw to draw. To determine the latest score, one must follow the recent BC PNP draws. For instance, in the draw on August 22, 2023, a total of 169 candidates received invitations under the BC PNP, with varying scores based on the program they applied through:

Date Number of
Stream Minimum
August 22, 2023 169 BC PNP Skilled Worker 106 General draw
(includes tech occupations)
Express Entry BC Skilled Worker 106
International Graduate 109
Express Entry BC International Graduate 109
Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Category (ELSS) 88

SIRS Score Breakdown (200 Points)

The SIRS system allocates a maximum of 200 points to candidates applying for the BC PNP. These points are divided into two main categories:

Scoring FactorsScoring SectionsMax. Points
Hourly Wage of B.C. Job Offer55
Are within B.C.25
Directly Related Work Experience40
Highest Level of Education40
Total Points Available200

1. Economic Factors (80 Points)

The majority of points within the BC PNP program are allocated under economic factors. These factors are closely tied to the job offer and encompass aspects such as the annual wage and the specific regional district where the job offer originates. Notably, candidates who secure job offers in particular districts receive elevated point allocations. Additionally, candidates currently employed by the organization extending the job offer may earn extra points.

1.1 BC PNP Wage Requirement (55 Points)

Applicants must meet specific wage requirements, which vary depending on the program or stream within the BC PNP. These requirements take into account factors like the annual wage in British Columbia, the area of residence in the province, the number of dependents, and the nature of the job offer. Meeting these requirements is crucial for securing points in this category.

Hourly Wage of the B.C. Job OfferPoints
$70.00 and above55
$69.00 to $69.9954
$68.00 to $68.9953
$67.00 to $67.9952
$66.00 to $66.9951
$65.00 to $65.9950
$64.00 to $64.9949
$63.00 to $63.9948
$62.00 to $62.9947
$61.00 to $61.9946
$60.00 to $60.9945
$59.00 to $59.9944
$58.00 to $58.9943
$57.00 to $57.9942
$56.00 to $56.9941
$55.00 to $55.9940
$54.00 to $54.9939
$53.00 to $53.9938
$52.00 to $52.9937
$51.00 to $51.9936
$50.00 to $50.9935
$49.00 to $49.9934
$48.00 to $48.9933
$47.00 to $47.9932
$46.00 to $46.9931
$45.00 to $45.9930
$44.00 to $44.9929
$43.00 to $43.9928
$42.00 to $42.9927
$41.00 to $41.9926
$40.00 to $40.9925
$39.00 to $39.9924
$38.00 to $38.9923
$37.00 to $37.9922
$36.00 to $36.9921
$35.00 to $35.9920
$34.00 to $34.9919
$33.00 to $33.9918
$32.00 to $32.9917
$31.00 to $31.9916
$30.00 to $30.9915
$29.00 to $29.9914
$28.00 to $28.9913
$27.00 to $27.9912
$26.00 to $26.9911
$25.00 to $25.9910
$24.00 to $24.999
$23.00 to $23.998
$22.00 to $22.997
$21.00 to $21.996
$20.00 to $20.995
$19.00 to $19.994
$18.00 to $18.993
$17.00 to $17.992
$16.00 to $16.991
Less than $16.000
Maximum Score Available55

1.2 Area within B.C. (25 Points)

To encourage settlement in specific areas within British Columbia, candidates can earn additional points by choosing to reside in regional areas that require population growth or economic development. Selecting the right location can significantly impact your total points.

Area of employment within B.C.Points
Area 1: Metro Vancouver Regional District0
Area 2: Squamish, Abbotsford, Agassiz, Mission, and Chilliwack5
Area 3: Areas of B.C. not included in Area 1 or 215
Additional points:
Regional Experience, or10
Regional Alumni
Maximum Score Available25
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2. Human Capital Factors (120 Points)

Human Capital Factors are pivotal in determining a candidate’s eligibility and overall score. This category encompasses several key elements:

2.1 Directly Related Work Experience (40 Points)

Applicants must demonstrate relevant industry experience directly related to the job offer. It’s important to note that fresh international graduates with no work experience may not be eligible for the program. Additionally, candidates who have resided in Canada for at least one year before applying for the BC PNP may receive additional points.

Directly Related Work Experience in the
Occupation of B.C. Job Offer
60+ months
48 to 59 months16
36 to 47 months12
24 to 35 months8
12 months to 23 months4
Less than 12 months1
Additional points:
At least 1 year of directly related experience in Canada10
Currently working full-time in B.C. for the
employer in the occupation identified in the BC
PNP registration
Maximum Points Available

2.2 Education (40 Points)

Education credentials play a critical role in the BC PNP points system. The applicant’s education should align with the tech position they are applying for. Post-secondary education is typically required for BC PNP sector positions, and candidates can earn extra points for Canadian education, particularly in British Columbia. Additionally, points are awarded for educational assessments from qualified institutions and Industry Training Authority British Columbia (ITAB) certification.

Education LevelPoints
Master’s or Doctorate/PhD27
Post-Graduate Certificate or Diploma*22
Bachelor’s Degree15
Post-secondary Diploma/Certificate (Trades)**15
Associate Degree5
Post-secondary Diploma/Certificate (Non-trades)5
Secondary School (High School) or Less0
Additional points:
(NOTE: you can only receive additional points for ONE of the
Post-secondary education completed in B.C.8
Post-secondary education completed in Canada (outside of B.C.)6
Additional points for professional designation in B.C.5
Maximum Score Available40

2.3 Language (40 Points)

Suitable language proficiency in English or French is essential. The language requirements for the BC PNP program can change over time, so it’s crucial to stay updated on the minimum passing marks required to qualify for the program. A Canadian immigration agent can provide valuable guidance on language proficiency criteria.

Canadian Language Benchmark Level (CLB)Points
Below 40
No test0
Maximum Score Available40

BC PNP Points Calculator

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) uses a points-based system to assess and select candidates for immigration to the province. This system assigns points to various factors to determine a candidate’s eligibility for the program. Here is a simplified BC PNP points calculator for your reference:

BC PNP Calculator 2023 [Updated]

Need help?

The BC PNP employs a points-based system to assess and select candidates for immigration. Your BC PNP points are a crucial factor in determining your eligibility. To be considered, you need to meet certain minimum point requirements, and the more points you have, the higher your chances of receiving an invitation to apply for nomination.

At Elaar Immigration, we specialize in helping individuals like you navigate the BC PNP points system effectively. Our experienced team understands the intricacies of the program and stays updated with the latest requirements and regulations. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to ensure you maximize your points and enhance your chances of success.

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