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What is a Proof of Work Experience Letter for Candian Immigration?

A proof of work experience letter is a document that confirms your employment history. Your employer usually issues it, and it is integral to applications for visas or new jobs.

Suppose you submitted your Express Entry application and received an Invitation to Apply (ITA). In that case, your next move must be to complete and submit a permanent residence application and a letter of proof of work experience.

proof of work experience letter canada details
  • Your job role/position: What was your title, and what responsibilities did you have?
  • Dates of employment: When did you start and end your job?
  • Skills and experience gained: What did you learn and achieve during your job?
  • Overall conduct: How did you behave at work? Were you professional and reliable?
    Date of issue of the letter: When was the letter written and given to you?
  • Letterhead: The letter should be on the company’s letterhead (a special paper with its logo and details).
  • Company’s Seal: If the company doesn’t have a letterhead, the company’s seal should be present in the letter.
  • Other documents that prove your work experience include employment contracts, promotion letters, pay stubs, pictures of you at work, or sworn declarations from former colleagues.

What is a Proof of Experience Letter?

A Proof of Work Experience Letter for Express Entry demonstrates and elaborates on the work history claims you provided in your initial Express Entry application. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) require Canada PR Visa candidates to submit this letter to verify their work history claims and learn more about them.

Components of the Proof Of Work Experience Letter

Your proof of work experience letter must be printed on a document with the company’s official letterhead and contain a signature from your supervisor or a company HR representative. It should have details for the occupations you mentioned in your Express Entry application. These details include:

  • The company’s address, email, and phone number
  • Your starting and ending dates
  • Your weekly work hours
  • Your supervisor’s name and title
  • Each job title you held at the company
  • Your duties in each role you held
  • Whether you are still in a particular job
  • Your annual salary plus any benefits you received

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What if Some Components Are Missing?

Your proof of work experience letter should generally contain each information described above. However, you may be able to leave out certain things if they aren’t available.

For example, your employer may have forgotten to mention your annual salary in their employment letter. In this situation, you can provide your bank statement showing the company’s salary deposits into your account each month of the year, along with your PR application.

Proof of Work Experience for Express Entry (Sample Letter)

We have created a sample below to guide you through the Proof of Work Experience Express Entry process.

Subject: Proof of Work Experience Letter – Employment at Tata Consultancy Services

Plant #12, L B S Marg, Godrej & Boyce Industry Estate
Vikhroli West, Mumbai
Maharashtra, 400079, India)
(8th February 2023)

To Whom It May Concern,

I, Dhruv Patel, Head Manager at Tata Consultancy Services’ Telecommunications, declare that Nikhil Sharma has been a programmer since 15th March 2021. Mr. Sharma has worked in this full-time role throughout his employment at Tata Consultancy Services and works an average of 43 hours per week. I have personally supervised Mr. Sharma in his role for the last thirteen months. His daily duties include:

  • Writing and deploying code for programs
  • Correcting code errors
  • Securing company programs from cybersecurity threats
  • Updating programs and systems

Mr. Sharma receives an annual base salary of INR 2,000,000 plus 14 days of paid time off per year. If you require further information regarding Nikhil Sharma’s current employment at Tata Consultancy Services, please email me at or call 67789999 ext. 578.


Dhruv Patel

Head Manager of Telecommunications at Tata Consultancy Services

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The sample letter provided above should give you a clear idea of what your Proof of Work Experience letter should look like when you send it to IRCC with your PR application. Immigration.

Our team of experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants knows precisely what IRCC officers are looking for when they review Proof of Work Experience letters. They can guide you to ensure your letter hits the mark.

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